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Buying a monitor? Please refer to this post before purchasing.

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    Since the April update for the PS5, can the Acer XB253Q GP finally be used to do 1080p 120hz?


    HI Jerk48,

    I haven’t received confirmation either way, but I’m working on the assumption it can’t. Which is why we don’t list support for that in our gaming monitor recommendations section. And suggest a workaround in the review (end of ‘Features and aesthetics’ section). That workaround should work very reliably if it doesn’t work out the box. It basically just creates a 1080p @120Hz resolution in the correct format for the PS5. Alternatively I’d suggest the EX2510 which is compared to the Acer in this thread – primarily from a PC gaming perspective but a lot applies to console gaming as well. Or indeed its bigger brother, the EX2710.


    We’ve just published our review of the Acer XV282K KV, which is the first model we’ve looked at with HDMI 2.1. I really enjoyed the high refresh rate experience on that model as a PC user, but when asked whether I’d recommend it purely for console gaming on YouTube it gave me pause for thought. I agree that having HDMI 2.1 and 120Hz ‘4K’ UHD support can be nice in theory for the consoles. Yet in practice, you really need the content to be targeting good high frame rates as well. Which is difficult to achieve on some titles. But it can also be nice to have the ability to drive native ‘4K’ at 60Hz, whilst having the option to run lower resolutions at 120Hz for those more demanding titles. You can’t do that on 60Hz ‘4K’ monitors and lower resolution monitors don’t give you the same experience when running downsampled ‘4K’. So I think HDMI 2.1 can be a nice thing to have and the Acer could well give you a really nice and flexible experience there.

    On the other hand, HDMI 2.1 will eventually be very widespread. It will be found on models of different sizes and superior HDR capabilities. And some of these will ultimately be more affordable (the Acer is $900 USD currently). As covered in the review I didn’t find the monitor well tuned for lower refresh rates, either. If you run the monitor at a static 120Hz as a console user (no VRR) the overshoot would be reasonable. But at significantly lower refresh rates, which could occur when frame rate dips under VRR or simply a static 60Hz, the overshoot becomes quite strong. The way some console gamers are looking at HDMI 2.1 is as something aspirational that would be nice to have eventually. But they’re happier sticking with more cut down models at the moment, without the same resolution and refresh rate combination. High refresh rate WQHD (1440p) or 60Hz ‘4K’ UHD models such as those we recommend here and in this thread, for example. Without HDMI 2.1, though, you won’t get any VRR support on the PS5 (if or when Sony finally enables that feature) and I know this can be make or break for some users.


    Hey there I am interested the Acer XV282k monitor. 🙂

    If you run the monitor at a static 120Hz as a console user (no VRR) the overshoot would be reasonable. But at significantly lower refresh rates, which could occur when frame rate dips under VRR or simply a static 60Hz, the overshoot becomes quite strong.

    I’m not sure what you mean — does this monitor not adapt to whatever refresh rate is appropriate? It’s not clear to me, given my slim level of knowledge, whether this is a drawback of this specific monitor or a commentary on refresh rates in general. Is it not the case that this monitor, if the source is 4k/120 on ps5 or xbx, it will adapt. If it’s 4k/60, it will also adapt. Therefore, I am not sure that the relevance is of overshoot. :))

    Thanks for all the sweet info.



    Hi goodroot,

    Monitors have certain tuning for the voltage surges used for their pixel overdrive or grey to grey acceleration, which affects the pixel response behaviour. The level of voltage (level of ‘acceleration’) required is reduced as refresh rate decreases. Many monitors, including the Acer, have their pixel overdrive tuned with high refresh rates in mind – the monitor does not adjust this if it’s running at a lower refresh rate like it ideally would, because it lacks variable overdrive. So with these strong voltage surges designed for higher refresh rates still being used at lower refresh rates, some pixel transitions end up ‘overshooting’ their desired end point. Leading to a different shade than intended being displayed. One that can be much brighter for example and might stand out for that reason. That’s the issue this model has at lower refresh rates. This behaviour is specifically explored in the review (both video and written review) in the appropriate section on VRR. And also in the responsiveness section if you look at how the monitor behaves at 60Hz in the pursuit photos.

    P.S. If you’re not familiar with the terminology used I’d also recommend looking at our responsiveness article which covers this sort of thing.


    LG 32UL750-W 32″ UHD 4K Monitor with VESA Display HDR 600

    ^ the monitor I might buy for my PS5

    Hi, I’ve made a post about the monitor above asking if it is suitable for PS5 gaming, I didn’t get an answer. My post just disappeared. Could you take a good look at it and see if it is compatible with the PS5?



    Your post disappeared because you failed to follow the rules. The 32UL750 includes HDMI 2.0 so it will run at 3840 x 2160 @60Hz on the PS5. It’s discussed elsewhere on the forum including in this thread, but note that you can just refer to it as the 32UL750 – because the ‘W’ simply refers to the fact it has a white rear.

    Edit: I see you attempted a follow-up post after my own reply (this post), without acknowledging the reply. Asking about the EW3270U – which is discussed elsewhere in the forum. Including in this thread where it is explicitly covered alongside the LG model you mentioned. My time is precious and I don’t appreciate people wasting it by failing to follow forum rules, failing to use the forum search facility or failing to read existing posts placed prominently in the very thread they’re posting in.

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