RULES, READ BEFORE POSTING: Where is my post? And avatar?

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      Where is my post?
      Posts on the forum undergo moderation before they are live on the website. All posts are checked for spam, duplicate or unwanted content before they are published. We like the content to be of great value to others reading the forum, not just the original poster. This selectiveness is important to maintain the quality level we strive for on both the forum and website more broadly. We may also merge your thread with an existing thread or move your post elsewhere, so be mindful that if these similar threads suddenly resurface then it’s likely your post is there. You can confirm this by checking your user profile page ( and clicking ‘Replies Created’ on the left hand side.

      Be friendly, respectful and mindful of the level of dedication that goes into this resource. You’re more likely to have a post accepted and receive a detailed response if you provide a well-constructed first post. Please familiarise yourself with the following key points:

      1) Direct or substantial duplication of content that has already been posted elsewhere is not permitted.

      2) We’ll happily provide monitor buying advice. But this is not a free technical support forum (additional context in post below) or place for “should I return the monitor” type queries.

      3) Users must not link to or mention retailers other than Amazon, with which we are affiliated. Also be mindful of how you can support our work. 🙂

      4) Simple “is A or B better”, “is this a good monitor” or “does anybody have experience with” type posts with no embellishment are unlikely to be accepted and responded to.

      5) Threads where the initial post is short enough to fit in a single Tweet (X post) are unlikely to be accepted.

      6) Please use the forum search facility in the footer to check if any models you’re considering have already been discussed. Post in or acknowledge existing threads where possible. New threads listing monitors already discussed (in the same context) are unlikely to be accepted.

      We take a zero-tolerance approach towards users who break the above rules. The capital letters “RULES, READ BEFORE POSTING” and yellow highlighting are designed to help this post stand out, that’s by design. Remember that this forum operates in a very different way to most and thrives on original thoughts, questions and content. We thank everybody for following the rules and posting etiquette and helping to build up this unique resource.

      How do I get an avatar?
      Unlike other forums you may be used to our one doesn’t use locally served avatars. This means you won’t be able to upload an image to use as your avatar (displayed beneath your name when you post).

      Instead, avatars on our site are served as Gravatars which are ‘globally recognised avatars’ linked to your email address. All you need to do is go to the Gravatar website and setup a free account using the same email address you are registered on our forum with.

      It is a very quick and easy process (you just need to give your email address to get started) and will allow you to personalise your avatar not just on the forum but also for any comments you make elsewhere on the website.


        To expand on what is meant by this forum is not a free technical support service. The primary reason for this is that I simply don’t enjoy dealing with such queries and they’re usually to assist with a purchase already made rather than an upcoming purchase. If I don’t enjoy dealing with such queries and there’s no incentive to do so, it’s not a good use of my time. Questions to aid purchase decisions and feedback you wish to give about monitors you’ve purchased (e.g. ‘user reviews’ with specific model names mentioned) are very welcome, of course. 🙂

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