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    Where is my post?

    The first post each user makes on the forum may undergo moderation before it is live on the website. We realise that you aren’t notified of this after posting. Don’t worry, your post doesn’t vanish into the ether but it does have to be checked for spam and duplicate content before it is published. Subsequent posts by each user will go live automatically. We may also merge your thread with an existing thread or move your post elsewhere, so be mindful that if these similar threads do suddenly resurface then it’s likely your post is there.

    How do I get an avatar?

    Unlike other forums you may be used to our one doesn’t use locally served avatars. This means you won’t be able to upload an image to use as your avatar (displayed beneath your name when you post).

    Instead, avatars on our site are served as Gravatars which are ‘globally recognised avatars’ linked to your email address. All you need to do is go to the Gravatar website and setup a free account using the same email address you are registered on our forum with.

    It is a very quick and easy process (you just need to give your email address to get started) and will allow you to personalise your avatar not just on the forum but also for any comments you make elsewhere on the website.

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