Making sense of the current 27″ 1440p ~144hz IPS segment

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      If you type HP OMEN 27q into the search bar in the footer, you’ll see it’s definitely covered. Not only in this thread, it even has its own thread (which is pointed out at the bottom of page 11 of this thread as well).


        Hey, my review of the msi mag274qrf-qd after 20 days:

        Since the ViewSonic OMNI VX2728J-2K isnt available in my country I chose this monitor.


        sRGB: Turns out I dont like oversaturated colors for videos or gaming, so I turned on sRGB mode but it was still oversaturated. However after using the novideo_srgb program it finally fixed that problem, sRGB works.
        HDR: Even on lowest setting HDR its still too bright, however it looks good in movies and games tho it couses black smudge on darker scenes. Using HDR mode also fixes the monitor black crush issue.
        Reading: Good for reading I didnt have any noticable eyestrain while reading long articles etc.


        Black crush: It has noticable black crush, which is unfortunate since it also got strong contrast. Also watched comparison pictures and reddit post about this. Increasing the brightness does not fix this.
        I used this test:
        The first 7 squere is almost invisible while on my old LG full hd monitor its clearly visible. Watched some videos too and the MSI black crush is annoying.
        To fix the black crush you have to use HDR mode.

        White color temperature: All the whites look too warm or too dark. I probably prefer cooler white, with this warmer white nothing really pops out. I set the color tempeture to R85,G85,B100 which made it better but its still way off. None of the settings could fix this.

        So far I dont really enjoy this monitor. I will problably return it, if you got any settings recommendations I will try it.


          Thanks for sharing your feedback on the MAG274QRF-QD, west. It certainly isn’t normal that the first 7 squares are “almost invisible”. On an LCD with appropriate ‘2.2’ gamma tracking, the first 2 should be difficult (maybe impossible, depending on contrast) to distinguish from the background, even in a very dark room. The 3rd and to a lesser extent 4th may be quite well-blended. It’s not normal for the first 7 blocks to be “almost invisible”, assuming you’re observing in a dark room. The gamma tracking of the MSI is known to be ‘wonky’ and can vary between units, so there could certainly be some issues there.

          I’m also assuming you’re not using the ‘sRGB’ setting of the monitor and GPU-level sRGB emulation (novideo_sRGB) at the same time and that the behaviour on Lagom applies with factory default settings? You could also try raising gamma in the graphics driver, but that can have negative consequences for medium and bright shades as you’re just shifting the curve rather than correcting it at all points.


            Yea, im observing in a dark room.
            Im using the novideo tool with the monitor “User” OSD setting not the sRGB mode.

            Here are some pictures:


            I also got the same results with the DP3 and Adobe RGB setting on full brightness as the sRGB mode.

            Only the first 3-4 invisible in Office mode but that makes lighter colors blend into a bright white backround so thats unusable.

            Only the first 2 is invisible in Movie mode but only after I turn off the HDCR setting. It also unlocks the brightness setting. This might be the best setting for this monitor. I will play with the gamma aswell.


              Thanks for the answer, I tried the nvidia gamma control settings, I had to set it to 1.3 but it doesnt look good, it washes out all the colors.
              Turns out the reason Movie OSD setting looks good and fixes black crush is becouse it activates MSI Night Vision A.I. OSD mode:


                I still think in the current market the Dell G2724D or the Gigabyte M27Q V2 are the best out there.


                  The VX2728J-2K is an excellent and well-rounded choice, if available. And the MAG274QRF-QD remains a versatile choice which really scratches the vibrancy itch for some in a way that the other models simply don’t. The imperfect and variable gamma handling can affect any of these models and that certainly includes the G2724D. There is also additional uncertainty with what you’re actually getting given they appear to interchangeably use multiple panels. I’m really not a fan of manufacturers doing that.


                    Hi. I’m torn between the Dell G2724D for €300 and the MSI MAG274QRF-QD for €400. Is the MAG274QRF-QD still worth it at that price? I noticed that the Dell is new, while the MSI is from 2020.

                    I’m also interested in the software that allows you to automatically apply color profiles depending on the application you’re using. I tried the LG 27GP850, but I returned it because it was straining my eyes. Additionally, the software for automatic profile switching was quite slow and would slow down my PC every time I turned on the monitor in Windows.

                    I think the MSI software is controlled via a USB cable and is faster, but I’m not sure about the Dell’s software.


                      Don’t let its age fool you, there’s no real development that has been made in IPS panel technology between then and now. It remains a unique model and MSI haven’t discontinued it for a reason. The MSI is only marginally faster than the Dell, if you use a mode which gives a bit more overshoot. But they’re both absolutely fine in that department and it’s not a good point to use to separate them. The main difference is the colour gamut support and level of vibrancy that can yield, which is covered extensively in this thread (including in this post which is linked to in the recommendations section). Whether that’s worth paying more for depends on whether you actually want or intend to use such a wide gamut.


                        Hi there,

                        Good day everybody, I am new here. I’m currently in a dilemma between choosing the Acer Nitro XV272URV and ViewSonic OMNI VX2728J-2K monitors, as they both fall within my budget. I somehow found their panels and made a comparison here, based on this reddit post. What are your thoughts on the display quality, color accuracy, and overall performance? Any particular features that stand out for either model? Your input will greatly help me make an informed decision. Thanks in advance!


                          Thank you. I think I’ll give the MAG274QRF-QD a chance. Also, I’ve read that the Dell G2724D might have a nano IPS panel, and that panel causes discomfort to my eyes, or at least that’s what happened with the LG 27GP850.


                            @ burgerhong

                            Hi there. Our recommendation for the VX2728J-2K is clear, it’s simply a strong all-round performer without any significant weakness, beyond the usuals for the panel type (like contrast – which is as specified). I don’t have experience with the Acer or user feedback to share, but a common issue with Acer models is poor overdrive tuning. Or more specifically, poor overdrive flexibility and a focus on a ‘Normal’ setting which is optimised well for the maximum refresh rate of the panel but poorly much below that. And generally with Acer models the overdrive function is locked to that normal setting under VRR. This contrasts with the ViewSonic which offers a ‘single overdrive mode experience’ or at the very least allows you to switch overdrive modes as you please under VRR. AUO panels typically have ‘lighter’ matte screen surfaces than the BOE panel used on the ViewSonic (amongst others) – though the Acer XV272U RV uses an AUO Advanced Reflectionless Technology (A.R.T.) panel which could be more similar to the BOE offering when it comes to glare handling.

                            @ Xares

                            The G2724D uses the AUO M270DAN08.C as covered in our news piece. But it seems they interchangeably use another panel. It’s possibly an LG Display panel, but it isn’t ‘Nano IPS’ – they’d have 98% DCI-P3 and the Dell is nowhere near that. Either way, the QD backlight that’s a rarity in this market and seen on the MAG274QRF-QD does provide nice spectral balance and generally people report finding the monitor very comfortable to use.


                              only for information: The newer models of the HP X27q get a LG Panel again…….for a long time, only the BOE Version was available. I´am not sure, if it is the same Panel like in first revision of it. Maybe its the newer SSB3, which is used in the newer OMEN 27q.


                                I am looking for a new 27″ WQHD / 1440p gaming monitor and my budget is somewhere in the range of 350€-450€. My PC is equipped with an Intel i5 13600K and my GPU is a RX 7800 XT.

                                I have followed the disussions in this thread and seen a lot of recommendations.
                                It seems like the MSI MAG274QRF-QD is one of the most mentioned recommendations in that price segment. I could buy it for ~400€ in my country.
                                On the other hand I am also peeking at the Gigabyte M27Q X (with 240Hz) which I could get for ~425€ including some Cashback from Gigabyte.

                                I know that the Gigabyte is not in the ~144Hz segment but in terms of price range it’s comparable to the MSI.

                                Is it worthwhile going for the Gigabyte with 240Hz or is the MSI just better although it “just” has 165Hz?


                                  It’s very subjective, you might find my second paragraph of this reply helpful. The MSI has a wider colour gamut so can be more vibrant and the quality control seems a bit tighter, it’s also a bit better built in my opinion. It’s really up to you which would be the better option.


                                    Are there any reviews of the LG 27GR75Q-B? Is it as good as the LG 27GP850? What about the MSI G274QRF-QD E2? I’ve seen reviews of the original model and it’s great, but the original model isn’t available anymore, only the new model is. I’m now deciding between the LG 27GR75Q-B and MSI G274QRF-QD E2, the LG monitor is considerably cheaper, but i’m hesitant to buy it as there are no in depth reviews of it online. The 27GP850 is out of my budget and it has pretty poor contrast ratio, so I’m considering the cheaper model instead.


                                      Hi bonta,

                                      I can’t shed any light on the 27GR75Q-B. It doesn’t appear to have any suitably detailed reviews and given how utterly useless LG UK is on the PR front, it isn’t a model I have been able to test out myself. MSI’s gaming monitors have generally been pretty solid all-rounders and well received.

                                      I assume you’re referring to the MAG 274QRF-QD E2? There is no “G274QRF-QD E2”. I’d expect this to be a capable monitor and I’d expect the contrast ratio to also be reasonable for an IPS panel, consistent with their other offerings. It shares a similar very generous gamut QD-LED backlight solution to its predecessor (~150% sRGB) and I’d expect the pixel responsiveness to have slightly improved as well. It is or will be priced relatively high in the segment, like its predecessor.

                                      If you’re looking for a solid all-rounder that’s priced very competitively you should also consider the ViewSonic VX2728J-2K which we recommend and have reviewed in detail.


                                        What is the contrast ratio on the Viewsonic VX2728J-2K monitor? Is it as good as the MSI model? LG monitors are usually pretty good in most areas except contrast ratio.


                                          Contrast is covered in the review. So the maximum recorded value of 1127:1 is a bit shy of the MSI models but firmly beyond the weaker Nano IPS levels which can sit closer to 800:1 . The contrast experience with the ViewSonic is not going to be appreciably different to a model with ~1300:1 ‘maximum’ static contrast.


                                            I can’t keep waiting and need to get a new monitor.
                                            My preference still relays in the 27″ 1440p segment with 144hz or more, although I would be open to get a 4k one.

                                            VX2728J-2K really suits me but it’s not available to purchase where I live. The MSI MAG 274QRF QD E2 seems available but the price seems quite high. I don’t feel comfortable spending more than 400EUR in the MSI brand.
                                            For that same price I found the Gigabyte M27Q X.

                                            Does anyone know anything about it?

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