Making sense of the current 27″ 1440p ~144hz IPS segment

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      Hey, after the release of the review at rtings I just bought this monitor and I’m currently testing it at home – there are dynamic ‘interlace pattern artifacts’ most noticeable at 60 Hz, however they are almost invisible at 165 Hz, but still present.

      Other than that I’m pretty impressed, good contrast and almost no IPS glow, I’m continuing testing.


        radosuaf– To be clear here, MarzoK was specifically picking up on information contained in that quote posted by that user on RTINGS and you responded to him. So the whole conversation is linked to that specific quote, whether you will find the AOC fine and whether somebody else will find it fine is a different matter. The comparison with the Gigabyte, which MarzoK was again picking up, does not make much sense based on that quote you shared. Of course there are subjective elements to motion performance, but the M27Q Rev 2.0 should be objectively significantly faster between the two models and there is no reason why anybody would find it subjectively slower, including when specifically assessing Test UFO as given in that example. Perhaps they were testing side by side and the monitor wasn’t correctly running at the refresh rate they thought it was. I look forward to Monitors Unboxed take on it including proper pursuit photography and measurements. 🙂

        Momchil – thanks for the update, I’m glad you’ve been impressed by the G2724D overall.


          @ PCM2 – fully agree regarding the movement. That’s why it’s better to have “harder” data like response time charts, where it’s clearly visible. How do people perceive it is another matter.


            There are only so many ways you can perceive Test UFO performance. The beauty of pursuit photographs, taken properly, is that they very accurately capture a snapshot of what you or anybody else should see when observing the monitor in person. There’s no subjectivity with that test when used properly, especially not with extreme differences as there should be here (in favour of the Gigabyte). They might’ve even been using MBR on the AOC and nothing of the sort on the Gigabyte for all we know, it’s unfortunate they didn’t take any pictures to support or refute what they were saying.


              Of course, the result is not subjective. Subjective is if somebody finds this motion handling off-putting or not. It’s like with the spiciness. You can objectively say something is spicy but if it’s not enough spicy, too spicy or acceptably spicy is up to personal taste.
              Having compared ASUS VG249Q I’ve had for some time with AOC 25G3ZM that I had for a few months, if motion handling on AG275QXN is comparable, that is of a far more concern to me than backlight bleed or IPS glow. I just hope there will be no significant gamma shift as I don’t like it much either. If that’s the case, I’ll chase for an IPS panel and will be back with more questions :).


                As I said in my reply in the other thread, I have no doubt you’ll be just fine with the AG275QXN’s motion performance given similarity with the 25G3ZM. 🙂


                  Some good discussion on the Dell G2724D has been moved over to its own thread.


                    PCM2 i believe its a small mistake in your VX2728J-2K review.
                    In 60Hz UFO picture you’ve put accidentally Reference (M27Q) in 120Hz.


                      Oops. You’re right – thanks for spotting that, now corrected.


                        Good afternoon guys, can you please tell me a good monitor without glow effect with minimal glare and a good bright matrix, about 300-350 dollars, preferably 2k ips 1ms, 144+ hz? thank you, because I was scratching my head with compromises and many nuances everywhere..


                          You’re looking for something that doesn’t exist. An IPS model without ‘glow effect’ isn’t available and even VA models have a degree of ‘glow effect’. You’ll need to vastly increase your budget and consider an OLED model like the 27GR95QE (that may not count as “good bright matrix” – how bright do you actually need though, that’s subjective) or accept that all monitors have their compromises and choose from one of the models covered in this thread or clearly recommended.

                          With respect to ‘IPS glow’ you can minimise it by improving your room lighting, including having lighting behind the monitor (e.g. bias lighting) if the room is otherwise dim. It also helps to reduce the screen brightness as much as you’re comfortable with and is practical and increase your viewing distance if possible.

                          P.S. Don’t use the term ‘2K’ to describe the 2560 x 1440 resolution as it vastly undersells it.


                            I understand you, regarding the glow, I meant the minimum glow effect, at a brightness of 350+ OLED is of course better, but this is twice or even more, the budget needs to be increased, if it doesn’t bother you, please tell me just a good 2560 x 1440 resolution, 144Hz + , 1ms, good panel, no ghosting effect? Regarding the glare, I realized that it would be 100% a question of how much..


                              Again, my recommendations are clear with further recommendations given throughout the thread. The ViewSonic VX2728J-2K is the main one to consider with your budget in mind and also with good anti-glare properties.


                                Sorry, but this model “ViewSonic VX2728J-2K” is simply not available in my region, there is “VX2780-2K 27” and I don’t really trust this brand, it seems to be more focused on the Asian market, my options were “Gigabyte 27” G27Q “or “Gigabyte 27″ M27Q” or “Samsung 27″ Odyssey G5 S27AG500NI (ips)” judging by what I read here, gigabyte 2 revisions have a lot of problems, so I have no idea at all, there are also msi, acer, tuf, all controversial reviews, I approach my choice very meticulously, I study a lot, and I can’t come to the conclusion that there are some risks everywhere, now it seems that in order to choose a monitor you have to spend 1 thousand dollars and then only a more or less normal product will be available, we survived..


                                  @ fozzen543 I’ve been looking for a monitor for over an year now.
                                  Dell G2724D is a really good IPS monitor at this budget range.

                                  It’s bright enough ~400 cd/m² (could be a bit less, but more than 350 cd/m² for sure). It can go dark enough ~36 cd/m².
                                  It has minimal backlight bleed and IPS glow.
                                  The anti-glare coating could be better in terms of reducing the reflections, but in a moderate bright room does it’s job very well.
                                  The biggest downside to me are the inversion artifacts at lower refresh rates.
                                  My suggestion is to try it with an option of return, if you don’t like it.

                                  The same goes for the AOC AG275QXN/EU (Flat VA panel).
                                  It’s fast VA panel and it doesn’t have black smearing or ghosting.
                                  The biggest downsides to me are VA gamma shift / color inconsistency and the inversion artifacts at lower refresh rates, of course.


                                    ViewSonic is very much a global brand and they have their HQ in California, so they actually have less of an “Asian” focus than many brands. If you look at any monitor brand and who owns them plus supplies their panels, you’ll find you can’t avoid the “Asian” focus at a core level of their operations. I’m not sure why you have a bias against the brand, but that’s really more of a “you” problem than an actual issue with the brand itself. I’ve mentioned those models elsewhere in the thread and I’m not going to repeat myself just because you can’t be bothered to read through the thread – frankly that’s a very disrespectful misuse of my time. You can also use the forum search facility in the footer, but note that the Samsung model you mentioned has the preferred shorthand designation ‘S27AG50’ – the rest is unnecessary code including region-specific information.

                                    I agree with Momchil that you should consider the Dell G2724D depending on regional price and availability as well.


                                      I found your option, Dell is not bad in terms of characteristics, I haven’t looked at the reviews yet, but what did you mean “The biggest downside to me are the inversion artifacts at lower refresh rates.” Is this when the frame rate is not high? I haven’t heard of this effect…


                                        They’re a common occurrence on models in this segment, but not everyone notices them or finds them bothersome.


                                          You probably misunderstood me, just by searching for ViewSonic I see mostly reviews from Asian bloggers, that’s why I decided so, and in my region in the EU it’s not that popular, but I didn’t say that it’s bad, I just don’t know and I haven’t come across this, so of course there are concerns, because the brand is not well-known, so to speak, but it’s quite possible that it’s like the eminence grise of monitors, and better than many in the shadows))

                                          Sorry, I’ve been reading and studying a lot lately on your forum, I just wanted to know an alternative, I don’t want to waste more of your time than necessary. I’ll choose from what’s available, thank you.


                                            What about HP Omen 27q ? dont see any info here..

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