Making sense of the current 27″ 1440p ~144hz IPS segment

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        BTW, @ vonvorter, since you have tested the G2724D – did you notice any interlace pattern artifacts at lower refresh rates (60 Hz – 100 Hz)?

        “On some monitors, particularly but not exclusively those with high refresh rates, interlace patterns can be seen during certain transitions. We refer to these as ‘interlace pattern artifacts’ but some users refer to them as ‘inversion artifacts’ and others as ‘scan lines’. They may appear as an interference pattern, mesh or interlaced lines which break up a given shade into a darker and lighter version of what is intended.”

        Thank you.


          No, I haven’t at all.


            Thought I would add a useful update in here:

            As stated, I’m coming from a U2417H. I received the G2724D, and unfortunately found the uniformity noticeably poor in comparison (dark sides, corners). My thinking is 27″ exaggerates this? Do Ultrasharps use more uniform panels? Also, the srgb preset on my Ultrasharp is noticeably better looking than the one on the G2724D. To be honest, I think 27″ is too large for me, yet I still want something like an Ultrasharp with fast response time (4 ms will do!) and 120 hz to match content better.


              As I always says, uniformity varies between individual units – and you may have got a poor sample of the G2724D. But some models are more prone to uniformity issues than others based on the panel used and monitor construction etc. In my experience larger models can be more likely to suffer in this regard as well – and Ultrasharps are by no means immune to such things and I wouldn’t say they’re particularly “special” in that respect. In fact I used to spend a lot of time recommending the U2719D to people and uniformity complaints were rife with that model.

              You may also be observing some ‘vignetting’ due to some viewing angle weaknesses, which won’t vary between units. Try observing the monitor from further back but keeping your head central to see if you can still observe the darker areas. If you can still see a problem it’s a uniformity issue, if not it’s viewing angle related. It could be a bit of both.


                Ah okay, I was just hoping the G2724D might overlap in the ways I was looking for.


                  @ Jarrett84, so you are returning that monitor?


                    Our review of the ViewSonic OMNI VX2728J-2K is now available. It’s a good budget option in my view – vibrant colour output, reasonable contrast performance, decent build quality, competent repsonsiveness with ‘single overdrive mode experience’. So a good all-rounder really. 🙂


                      The Dell G2724D seems to be on offer at the minute in the UK for a really cheap price. It is kind of tempting, but, I’d rather hold out for some proper in-depth reviews.

                      I believe the rtings review of the AW2724DM should be out soon too?


                        The RTINGS review of one of the AW2724DM “variants”. Should be able to see which one based on the screen surface. 😉 They’ll also be testing the G2724D.


                          Their review of the G2724D is now live. Impressive contrast for the panel type (~1400:1) and good all-round performance with well-calibrated sRGB setting and a native gamut which will please those wanting a bit of extra vibrancy beyond sRGB, but nothing too strong. Not a true single overdrive mode experience based on their testing, but it’s subjective because the ‘Fast’ setting appears to provide a decent experience throughout the range.


                            Cheers for the update. So, arguably, the G2724D is as good (Better in some cases) than the AW2724DM


                              The G2724D is the first monitor I’ve seen really that seems extremely comparable to my Acer Nitro XV272U KV. The bump in contrast is nice. Love that. Would have liked to see 180hz, but it’s honestly negligible. The only place the G274D seems to fall behind the XV272U KV is the HDR Color Gamut/Volume when reviewing the RTINGS comparison. But you don’t really buy these monitors for HDR.


                                Wider gamuts are also appreciated by some under SDR as they provide a more vibrant and saturated look to things. Indeed, earlier in this thread the Dell not being quite vibrant enough for their taste. But that is entirely subjective, their preference.


                                  Good point. I definitely like a hint of saturation, specifically in greens. And now that I read further, it explicitly states that the greens are undersaturated. 😛


                                    good stuff…just ordered it.
                                    Don’t know why RTINGS said that there isn’t a “true single overdrive” mode since the “Fast” is very good at all refresh rates even though technically not the best.
                                    They even mention that all 3 modes perform similar at all resolutions with VRR enabled.


                                      RTINGS didn’t technically say that, this was just my interpretation of their data. They show (with VRR enabled) that the optimal setting depends on the refresh rate – for example at 165Hz you can use ‘Extreme’ with minimal overshoot and that is faster than the ‘Fast’ setting for example. You’d need to dial it back for lower refresh rates to avoid moderate overshoot. But they don’t show extreme overshoot under VRR at 60Hz even with the ‘Extreme’ setting, so you could probably stick to that. And equally the other settings (even ‘Fast’) appear quite decent so some people can stick to that for a very low overshoot experience with still good pixel responsiveness.

                                      Please share your thoughts when you’ve had a go with the G2724D. 🙂



                                        will do. I will only get it on Monday evening apparently so will share my thoughts towards the end of next week prob.
                                        Coming from a really old VA panel (Iiyama XB2783HSU) I am hoping it will feel like a decent upgrade.


                                          Looks like very good monitor especially at £209, but why doesn’t have audio jack!?😱
                                          This is very annoying for some people who use PC+Console, and speakers connected to audio jack.
                                          They also said that the monitor works with HDMI Forum VRR, so very useful for PS5.
                                          I thought this was only possible on HDMI 2.1?


                                            The G2724D does have HDMI 2.1, or ‘HDMI 2.1 lite’ if you prefer with HDMI 2.1 VRR but restricted to HDMI 2.0 bandwidth

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