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      I posted a few weeks ago about replacing my Dell S2719DGF , an older TN panel. I settled on the Dell G2724D after a big price drop they ran, Β£209 UK , reviews from other outlets showed it seemed to perform well and be a good price albeit without any frills or features which suited my use case. I’m by no means an expert in monitors and have limited comparisons but ill offer my thoughts and if anyone has questions do let me know.

      Incredibly fluid and handles motion with Gsync very well, in CS2 , Apex and Doom Eternal its a dream to zip around at 165hz (if i can get that high fps with a 2080) I don’t see any ghosting or white ‘powdery trails’ that the TN panel had.

      Great colours, a massive step up in this area. Apex does not let you use an ICC profile it being source 1 engine but I don’t need one now, it’s far better balanced and its not grey/green flat wash out.

      No dead pixels

      Out of the box settings are pretty awful, I also found the SRGB mode to not be satisfactory, this is entirely subjective of course but I dialled back the Green/Yellow tint it had massively and dropped the brightness down to a more comfortable level.

      IPS backlight bleed/ glow. I thought I would be ready for this but it was a bit shocking, IPS panels are meant to have good viewing angles but the way it handles blacks off centre horizontally and vertically does rob dark areas with greyish tint (lower left side in my case) Also the edges If I was spending Β£400 + it would be a dealbreaker and would return it. The TN panel was far more consistent in this regard. I read that this can improve over time.

      Some additional thoughts….
      In Nvidia control panel you can enable 10 bit colour which windows recognises, might be placebo but looks better
      Give HDR a try! I wasn’t expecting to like this however even with its always on local dimming and other issues it can look fantastic in Doom Eternal, again you lose dark area consistency vs light but at times its draw dropping.
      Viewing straight on with eye level in the middle is the best experience, with the TN I had the top of the monitor line at eye level.


        The G2724D is the first monitor I’ve seen really that seems extremely comparable to my Acer Nitro XV272U KV. The bump in contrast is nice. Love that. Would have liked to see 180hz, but it’s honestly negligible. The only place the G274D seems to fall behind the XV272U KV is the HDR Color Gamut/Volume when reviewing the RTINGS comparison. But you don’t really buy these monitors for HDR.


          @ Roostyla

          Thanks for your feedback on the G2724D, I’m glad you’re enjoying it in some ways and hopefully can get used to its deficiencies (such as the ‘IPS glow’, which will take some getting used to) in time. I’d also recommend you minimise this by setting the brightness as low as you’re comfortable with, which you may have already done. And optimising room lighting or place lighting behind the monitor (bias lighting) to aid perceived contrast. It won’t work miracles, but it will help. Enabling 10-bit in an 8-bit environment will make no difference whatsoever, so that will absolutely be “placebo” πŸ˜‰ . Try getting somebody else in the household to randomly switch it over, you won’t notice.

          @ Bruizer

          Wider gamuts are also appreciated by some under SDR as they provide a more vibrant and saturated look to things. Indeed, earlier in this thread the Dell not being quite vibrant enough for their taste. But that is entirely subjective, their preference.


            Good point. I definitely like a hint of saturation, specifically in greens. And now that I read further, it explicitly states that the greens are undersaturated. πŸ˜›


              good stuff…just ordered it.
              Don’t know why RTINGS said that there isn’t a “true single overdrive” mode since the “Fast” is very good at all refresh rates even though technically not the best.
              They even mention that all 3 modes perform similar at all resolutions with VRR enabled.


                RTINGS didn’t technically say that, this was just my interpretation of their data. They show (with VRR enabled) that the optimal setting depends on the refresh rate – for example at 165Hz you can use ‘Extreme’ with minimal overshoot and that is faster than the ‘Fast’ setting for example. You’d need to dial it back for lower refresh rates to avoid moderate overshoot. But they don’t show extreme overshoot under VRR at 60Hz even with the ‘Extreme’ setting, so you could probably stick to that. And equally the other settings (even ‘Fast’) appear quite decent so some people can stick to that for a very low overshoot experience with still good pixel responsiveness.

                Please share your thoughts when you’ve had a go with the G2724D. πŸ™‚



                  will do. I will only get it on Monday evening apparently so will share my thoughts towards the end of next week prob.
                  Coming from a really old VA panel (Iiyama XB2783HSU) I am hoping it will feel like a decent upgrade.


                    Looks like very good monitor especially at Β£209, but why doesn’t have audio jack!?😱
                    This is very annoying for some people who use PC+Console, and speakers connected to audio jack.
                    They also said that the monitor works with HDMI Forum VRR, so very useful for PS5.
                    I thought this was only possible on HDMI 2.1?


                      The G2724D does have HDMI 2.1, or ‘HDMI 2.1 lite’ if you prefer with HDMI 2.1 VRR but restricted to HDMI 2.0 bandwidth


                        Ok, that make sense, but what about AW3423DW and AW3423DWF.
                        On Reddit some people claim that 1440p 120Hz VRR works on PS5.
                        These monitors only have HDMI 2.0, but I also know that few Samsung TVs from 2019 can do VRR on PS5 and Nvidia GPUs.




                          HDMI VRR is very much non-standard for HDMI 2.0 monitors, but it can be added. Some TVs and a few monitors like the AW3423DWF you mentioned and a few from MSI come to mind as examples. It’s an add-on feature in that case, much like you can get so-called ‘DP 1.2a+’ monitors which have a DP 1.4 feature (HDR) ported over to them. The AW3423DW supports it in the same way as other models with a ‘V2’ G-SYNC module – none of them support HDMI 2.1, but they support HDMI VRR which also allows you to use G-SYNC via HDMI.


                            Hello, at the moment I’m really confused. Dell G2724D looks like a solid option if it wasn’t for the interlace pattern artifacts, which are >80% deal breaker for me.

                            I know not all people notice such artifacts, but this post by Nicholas Di Giovanni got me thinking, could my be an isolated case?

                            Should I be contacting Dell’s customer service? And what should I tell them?


                              As I’ve said in previous comments, they aren’t an easy thing to assess because sensitivity to them varies wildly. That reviewer not noticing them doesn’t mean they were absent. Some models and usually particular panels are prone to them, in that they’ll always exist on a given model. They can vary in intensity, though, and it’s possible some G2724Ds have them less intensely than yours. You could simply tell Dell your monitor has some artifacts which you don’t believe it should have and they might offer a replacement (which may or may not be better).


                                I don’t think it looks more intensely than the other two high refresh rate monitors I tested – LG 27GN800-B and AOC AG275QXN/EU.
                                I asked my father to sit in front monitor and try to see the artifacts and he couldn’t see them. He is not too old or something, just can’t see / notice them.

                                About the artifacts of the Dell G2724D:
                                At 24Hz visible only on dynamic content.
                                At 30Hz you can clearly see them on a static image.
                                At 60Hz visible only on dynamic content.
                                At 120Hz are more subtle and at 144Hz/165Hz I do notice them only when I’m playing CS 2, because I really focus / sit closer to the screen.

                                In more demanding games I can keep the refresh rate at 165Hz to avoid the artifacts, but not the frame rates, since I don’t have such a powerful graphics card, so the motion at ~60FPS/165Hz will not be as smooth as for example 60FPS/60Hz with G-Sync on.

                                Or I can use manual low frame rate compensation: for example to set in game FPS to 55, which multiplied by 3 = 165FPS/Hz, but that is still far from great, because of the ghosting/overshoot (trailing behind moving objects).
                                I’m planning to do an upgrade, so then I might reach at least 144FPS at reasonable graphics quality.

                                Other than that I really do like this monitor… and that makes it even harder to choose PA278QV over this.


                                  @ PCM2, are you planning to review the Dell G2724D?


                                    As it isn’t available from, it gets knocked down the priority list I’m afraid.


                                      @ PCM2

                                      It’s quite strange it’s hard to find in the USA when it’s widely available on and, and across retailers in Europe in general. I’m really looking forward to this panel as a European, since most information I’ve found about it has been very favorable, even if some people claimed the RTINGS review is somehow skewed due to a cherrypicked sample. I wonder, will it set a new standard for the 27β€³ 1440p ~144hz IPS market?


                                        Indeed the lack of availability in the US is strange. RTINGS purchase their monitors rather than it being sent from a manufacturer or a PR company working for them, so it may have been a particularly good sample but shouldn’t have been specially selected in any way. Although in my experience (in the UK at least), Dell certainly doesn’t cherry pick their monitor review samples anyway. If the performance RTINGS got in areas such as contrast is representative of what the monitor achieves more broadly, it certainly sets something of a benchmark which others will be compared against in my view.

                                        I’d personally like to see a model which can match that price and performance with a wider gamut, as that remains a point of separation between the G2724D and quite a few of its competitors. Though some will actually favour the Dell because of its non-extreme and only slightly wide gamut. πŸ™‚


                                          I think the unit I bought matches the RTINGs review. Maybe I got lucky and that’s why I want to keep it, with the exception of the artifacts thing of course.


                                            so I’ve had a couple of days to test the G2724D. here are my thoughts (coming from an older 60 Hz VA panel):

                                            – colours are so much better, they pop. they actually look a bit oversaturated to me with the different presets, sRGB looks good but after seeing the other presets I kinda like the richer colour. I will prob try to find something in between sRGB and Standard for example, I just have to figure out hot to get there :).
                                            It also looks a bit colder than what I am used to and the Warm preset is too warm. Again have to find something in-between.

                                            – it looks very sharp, not as hazy. I am guessing this is due to the diff coatings. speaking of which reflections are worse (but not bad) as in they are sharper, my old one diffuses bright lights better. again I am guessing diff coatings

                                            – blacks: not as deep as on the VA but greys are darker? like more saturated? i know grey is not a colour but does that make sense? (like the Notepad in a dark theme in Windows for example). I was afraid of the “grey darks” of the IPS panel but it is much better than I expected and like I said the difference is only noticeable if you are staring at a mostly pitch black. Every other colour/shade looks so much better on the G2724D.

                                            – motion: I couldn’t find any faults, fired up some games, UFO test and there is no comparison, the VA was smearing in the UFO test and in very specific scenarios in a handful of games over the years

                                            – IPS glow is a thing but I don’t find it bad

                                            – backlight bleed: very little, it is very faint and only noticeable on a full black background, in the top and bottom left, in a pitch black room

                                            – there is a pretty nice Display Manager app if you prefer that to messing around with the buttons on the monitor

                                            – a minor cosmetic/build annoyance: it has no “external” bezels but there are black bars around the top and sides behind the glass. I would’ve preferred actual bezels

                                            – HDR: I didn’t even bother. I don’t think it is realistic to expect anything at this price and specs.

                                            so long story short everything that is not pitch black looks significantly better and blacks look moderately worse if you have them side by side

                                            I also have a couple of questions if anybody can answer:

                                            I can set 10 bit colours in Windows (8+FRC?). Should I use 8 or 10, does it even make a difference?

                                            Did anybody mess around with the “Sharpness” setting in the OSD? The image looked a bit too sharp initially but now I am getting used to it…not sure.

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