Which 4k UHD monitor?

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    Hi and thanks for the quick reply! Sorry for messing up the logs, had some trouble with my other email account 🙂

    And yes, I’m quite familiar with the individual temperament of these units; one of my U2711s had to be exchanged twice before I finally got a good one… And come to think of it, most of the monitors I’ve had over the years haven’t been acceptable on the first try. So I’ll also need to weigh in the manufacturer’s RMA exchange policy and the dealer’s return terms. Almost makes me loath the buying process enough to stick to my old displays a little longer.

    I know from experience that Dell’s been pretty good with their service policy. But haven’t heard how’s it with BenQ? Was also interested in BenQ’s 27″ inch option, the BL2711U at some point, but while seemingly pretty good, it’s over three years old model now. And in the worst case scenario they might send me some three+ year old “refurbished” replacement if something went wrong. Luckily both the PD3200U and U2718Q are rather new models. The prices seem to go up and down quite a lot, at least here in Finland, so I might have to wait a bit and see if I can catch a good bargain from some reputable dealer.


    Dell are indeed excellent with their customer service and their replacement policy. BenQ are alright as well. Not up to the same level as Dell, although I don’t hear many complaints from users and have heard some stories of their processes being pretty efficient. I wouldn’t be put off going for a BenQ for fear of poor service, anyway.

    I’d look back over this thread for some thoughts I have on the BL2711U. In short; it’s decent if you can tolerate the screen surface. How did you find that on your U2711?


    The BL2711U might indeed be an option too – at the moment you could buy three of them cheaper than two of PD3200Us… Though it’s not really optimal for multi-monitor setup due to the large bezels. That said, I don’t mind the bezels on my U2711s that much, and the AG coating has also been ok for me. How’s the surface in BL2711U compared to these? I also have a pair of Dell U2412Ms, where the AG seems to be a little too coarse to me – but they are hard to compare with the U2711s as they have a lower dpi, which also contributes to the fuzziness.


    The BL2711U’s screen surface texture (i.e. smoothness) is similar to the U2711s which is why I brought that up. From memory, though, it’s also similar to the U2412M. But then again ‘from memory’ so is the U2711… You’re correct that the pixel density influences how grainy things appear, you may find the BL2711U okay in that respect. It is also a ‘very light’ matte surface, unlike the Dell models mentioned, so it doesn’t appear as a sort of thick layer of graininess either.


    Hello PcMonitors! I purchased the cf591 a year ago, unfortunately I broke the lcd 🙁 I was a very good monitor, and gladly will purchase it again, but now I’m leaning towards 4K tech for future proof. Under your consoles recommendations I found the 27UD68, I need it for console gaming only, but looking at some reviews from Amazon I read it incompatible with consoles, so I decided to read your in-depth review about this model, but I couldn’t find. Are you sure it’s 4K compatible with consoles?
    Any other model you recommend me over this model for 4K console gaming under $500? Too bad Samsung don’t have a gaming 4K VA :/ (..I guess)

    My priorities: Picture quality/fast response, equally important


    Which games console are you talking about, specifically? The LG 27UD68 supports HDMI 2.0, so there is no reason why it wouldn’t run correctly on 4K-capable games consoles. There is a setting called “HDMI ULTRA HD Deep Color” in the OSD that needs to be enabled/ set appropriately so that could catch people out who don’t FTFM.

    P.S. I’m sorry for your loss (of a monitor you enjoyed).


    Yeah, I should work, maybe It was plugged to hdmi 1 or was non sense comment on Amazon. anyways, I’m about to purchase the U32H850 or the U32H750, not sure what’s the difference between them though or if you recommend it


    Refer to the news article, which your post has prompted me to update (thanks! 🙂 ). As noted, it uses the same panel (same CELL with different backlight) as the AOC U3277PWQU, so that review will give you a decent idea of what to expect. Be prepared for a slightly grainy screen surface and some weaknesses in pixel responsiveness. If you sit some distance from the screen and aren’t too sensitive to these issues, the monitor could well be decent. The Samsung has a more tame colour gamut as well, which helps as this was a key issue I had with the AOC. The UH750 is just a slightly tweaked variant with slightly newer firmware (not clear what differences there are in that respect). Samsung just provided this re-brand for some retailers because people were confused by the fact there was the U28H750 and U32H850 when they were intended to be in the same series.


    Well, I give my vote for a review of this Monitor. Hopefully the pixel response is better than AOC U3277PWQU, and on par with other Quantum dot models like cfg70, crossed fingers


    I think a lot of weaknesses were down to the panel when it came to pixel responsiveness, so let’s not get carried away thinking responsiveness will be on par with models using completely different panels… We won’t be reviewing the monitor as Samsung doesn’t have any samples. They’re being very selective at the moment about which models they offer for review.


    I am looking for a 4k display to my pc, i want it to have the most vivid image that there is for pc monitors, mainly for movies and some video editing.
    If i would be able to game with this monitor it would be great but it is not a must.
    Thanks for the help 😀


    Hi gbnd,

    This thread covers the topic, so I’ve put your post here. The recommendations section is also worth a look. It would also help if you had a budget and size in mind.

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