Which 4k UHD monitor?

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    Yeh I had my sights set on the PD3200U after the holding off on getting the BL3201PT, that was until I read the review here.

    Did consider LG’s newest HDR monitor, though I’ve since given up on it, Windows doesn’t play well with it and not enough content, plus I got an LG OLED TV for that on my PS4/Netflix.

    As alternatives i’ve heard decent things about the 328P6VJEB, though I only trust reviews posted here or at TFT, every other reviewer always seems to ignore the screen surface.


    Hi everyone! I am new to the forum so my question could be a bit trivial 🙂
    I am thinking about buying a large 4K monitor, and so far LG 43UD79-B looks like the best option available. Matte screen is a one of the buying factors for me, so low haze Philips models and ViewSonic VX4380-4K aren’t too appealing to me, even being sold for a considerably less money.
    However, as 43UD79-B is getting quite a mature model already, I am wondering if anyone knows about other 40+ monitors being expected to be released soon?


    Hi sts_pro and welcome,

    Not a trivial question at all, a perfectly decent one. There is nothing in the pipeline for the near future that I feel would be of interest to you. That’s based on press information available to us, what is shown off at trade shows and also manfuacturer websites. If you’re interested in a large ‘4K’ screen with matte finish then I feel the LG 43UD79 would be a good bet.

Viewing 3 posts - 106 through 108 (of 108 total)

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