Which 4k UHD monitor?

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    If I were to narrow my requirements and only be looking for a monitor on which I plan to do work, ie text editing of one sort or another, and primarily be concerned with crisp picture (so the text isn’t blurry), being able to scroll the text without it blurring, and being able to display the same text on at least part of the screen for hours on end without burn in, am I still out of luck with with the big ones, or would that be workable?


    As I said in my original reply, I feel you’re becoming overly concerned with “burn in” as it certainly isn’t a universal problem on the likes of the BDM4350UC. Coupled with the strong 60Hz pixel responsiveness, it remains a good choice for such usage.


    Hi I saw your review of Philips BDM4037UW on youtube and see that you are BIG expert and enthusiast in monitor topics 😊

    Could you test LG 43UD79-B and compare your feelings with BDM4037UW …The biggest quiestion is if this screen not over burn and how it handle with work this type:
    – graphic work for web (very rarely for print): adobe photoshop
    – video: adobe premiere, after effects
    – programming
    – web use
    – I practically do not play (very rarely a strategy or browser game)

    For now I use: LG W2453V-PF and I want update it to big 4k and first I looked at Philips (they have 3 big screens: old BDM4065UC and 2 new BDM4350UC, BDM4037UW) but over burn issue in BDM4350UC and lag in BDM4037UW just kill this idea and then suddenly LG show this 43UD79-B.

    Does this model also suffer from over burn BDM4037UW ?

    Thank you for you hard work and any support 😊


    Hey There!
    I’m planing on buying a 4K monitor along with the new xbox scoprio that is coming out this year. The monitor i’ve been considering is the LG 27ud69. Even though it doesn’t have hdr, it seems like best choice for me. My only concern is that the previous model (lg 27ud68) had some problems with high input lag at 4k using an hdmi 2.0 cable, This was also mentioned by somebody else in this thread before. Is there anyway to know if LG had fixed this problem on this new refreshed model?


    @ heroesv5

    We have no immediate plans to review the LG 43UD79-B. We have quite a backlog at the moment and last time we checked LG didn’t have a sample available here in the UK and didn’t think they would have any time soon. I can confirm, though, that it uses a variant of the same panel as used on the Dell P4317Q. And it’s exactly the same story with that as with the Philips BDM4350UC; burn-in affects some units/users but not others.

    I can only stress this again – it isn’t a universal issue and it actually affects a minority of users. That doesn’t make it any less annoying, but if you look through some of my other recent replies in this thread you’ll see that I wouldn’t be discouraged by such reports on the BDM4350UC as long as you can buy from somewhere with a good returns policy. With respect to the BDM4037UW, I’m not specifically aware of any burn-in issues. That doesn’t mean they won’t ever occur, although the panel technology is completely different with that one and it isn’t something I’d worry about.

    @ PeterOzz

    The only way to confirm that would be with proper testing. But be aware that individual sensitivity to input lag varies greatly and even if it does suffer the ‘issue’ it doesn’t mean it’s going to be an issue for you in the first place. I’ve received some good feedback from very happy users of the LG 27UD68 who have used it for gaming on the PS4 Pro.


    I’ll probably have to get one myself then. Hopefully it will be fine because i had the 27UD68 last summer and it was one of the best monitors I’ve seen picture quality wise. I had no issues using it with my PC.


    Excellent, if you do end up going for it your feedback is very welcome here.



    I need a smaller display (preferably, 15-17″ and lower)

    Is there such a thing?



    Hi junky,

    For PC monitors the smallest ‘4K’ UHD monitors currently are 23.6″. The only exception I can think of is the LG 22MD4KA (21.5″), but that’s designed for Mac systems and hasn’t really been given a very warm reception by users. Anything smaller is currently reserved for portable computers – laptops or tablets etc.


    Bummer. Thanks


    In terms of viewing comfort it is difficult to say why the U2715H would have caused you issues. It might have been that you simply didn’t get on with the backlight, which sounds strange but is something that can happen in some sensitive individuals. The P2715Q does have a different backlight, but whether you’d find that comfortable or not is something you’d have to see for yourself.

    You’d definitely benefit immensely in terms of pixel density on the P2715Q, though. I can personally use 27″ UHD models like that without scaling, which gives a tremendous amount of detail. But I actually still prefer using a little scaling or application-specific zoom on text and I’m sure most users are the same. So the benefit isn’t quite as pronounced as when going from Full HD to UHD without scaling, but is still very much there. This is covered on our ‘4K’ UHD experience article.


    Been using the Dell P2715Q paired with a low profile Nvidia 1050Ti ( to get 60Hz) for the past 4 days and I find my eyes more comfortable with this setup. It is the A005 version built May 2017. Nice crisp display although I need to use scaling of 200%.

    A word of warning to anyone using a SFF PC. The Low profile 1050Ti has a plastic covering which overhangs at the end. I had to cut so it slightly to make it fit.

    Now playing around with the profiles to get optimal settings.


    It’s good to hear you’re finding the monitor comfortable, hopefully you find your ‘settings sweet spot’ as well. 🙂


    Unfortunately I spoke too soon. The problem with eye strain (right eye) that started my mission to replace my old monitor has come back. Went for eye test today with no issues found.

    Re connected my old NEC LCD1990Fxp and was pleasantly surprised that with the Nvidia 1050Ti I could increase the refresh rate form 60Hz to 75Hz. Looks a bit better.

    I think one my problems was getting used to a bigger monitor i.e 19″ to 27″.

    In my search I learnt a lot thanks to your hard work and I’m looking forward to finding the correct settings for this NEC.


    What viewing distance and brightness setting did you settle on with the Dell?

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