Looking for a budget 165+ Hz flat VA 27″ 1440p panel

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      Yes, it’s contained on the EDID.


        I saw an interesting discussion here: https://forum.pcmonitors.info/topic/hdr-sdr-switching-issues-and-icc-profiles/

        This monitor is HDR400 certified, so I know it’s not real HDR (no local dimming, low peak brightness etc.), but if have the colorimeter anyway, it would be nice to calibrate for HDR as well. As I understand, the i1Display Pro + i1Profiler combo are not able to calibrate HDR properly at all?


          Calibrating HDR “properly” would require hardware calibration support on the monitor itself, though some useful adjustments could be made even without that and the right software. The i1Profiler software can’t do that.


            Looks decent? 🙂

            calibration results

            results continued


              Yup, looks like a solid profiling!


                Last question, really, I’m sending the colorimeter back today :). Are these “decent” measurements or not really?

                Test results

                Sorry, I switched to Polish in the meantime but I think the results are quite understandable. Is there a way to somehow improve it (by physical intervention in the monitor, like bending it or something) or is it better to leave it as is?


                  There’s absolutely no point in obsessing about uniformity readings, they aren’t going to be something you can change significantly by calibrating the central region of the display. And I wouldn’t recommend trying to physically pressure the display to change them as you might just end up making things worse. Plus, with the VA colour consistency inconsistencies measured readings are only part of the equation.


                    Alright, I’ll be just having fun with what I have. Lower right corner increased brightness is a bit visible, but only on a dark background. With edge lit panels I guess there’s not much you can do anyway.

                  Viewing 8 posts - 81 through 88 (of 88 total)
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