Looking for a budget 165+ Hz flat VA 27″ 1440p panel

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      @ PCMuser Dimming is really distracting at 165Hz to 75Hz.


      On this video dimming look much worse than what I see personally. I think my camera isn’t good enough to capture this properly.
      I tried Twitter website with dark background and again 165-75Hz grey text is dimming.
      I didn’t notice this problem straight away because I focused to much on UFO test, gamma shift and viewing angles, and I was only testing white text on black background.
      With overdrive ‘strong’ this dimming is gone even at 165Hz, but replaced with overshoot. Now grey text is getting brighter when you move the window. 😉
      Adam should know how Samsung Odyssey Neo G7 handle this dimming situation.
      I feel like fast VA panel even this one from AOC, but with variable overdrive, or better tunning should be able to eliminate this problem.

      Also Iiyama GB3467WQSU should be much, much faster than the AG275QXN.

      I’m actually checking right now how to return monitor to Amazon, because I never did that before, and looks like I have to send it by myself and they will refund up to £4.75 in return postage costs once receive the item.
      The biggest problem is that I can’t find courier that will actually cover pc monitors😱
      How I suppose to send this back risk free???


        That’s a good demonstration of the darkening effect (and potential flickering with certain movement patterns). Whilst the Neo G7 wasn’t perfect in that respect, it was more subtle than that for sure.

        If I recall correctly UPS should cover monitors for compensation, but I’m not 100% sure. I send monitors quite often, though if it’s a sample sent to me that I’m returning then the burden of compensation lies with somebody else. If it’s a monitor I bought that I’m sending, I might simply take the risk. To be honest, I’ve only had one issue with a damaged monitor during transit and that was sent internationally and sent over to a Polish courier who didn’t handle the package appropriately.


          I think that Va panel almost need to have tiny bit of overshoot to compensate for that darkening.
          Medium overdrive in this AOC isn’t aggressive enough. Even at 60Hz there is tiny bit of that dimming visible on Twitter website, where my Sony VA TV doesn’t have that at 60Hz.

          BTW 27GR95QE-B is only £680 from Amazon.de😝


            I agree, they need to apply selectively aggressive acceleration to speed up the slowest transitions (inevitably giving some overshoot), without ‘over-accelerating’ other transitions. This naturally works best if the panel itself has at least a decent level of responsiveness. Some are beyond help and will either give obvious ‘smeary’ trailing or overshoot, regardless of how well-tuned the overdrive is.


              There is good test for that dimming behaviour on
              Just experiment with ‘Pixels Per Frame’ speed. For me on AG275QXN at 165Hz even with slow speed vertical line almost disappear completely.


                Ah yes, good call – medium grey against a black background will be perfect for demonstrating this. 🙂


                  Actually it’s medium any color 😉
                  I tried all medium shaded and for example 140,0,0 dims the same.
                  Monitor is already in the box, but last night when I was testing that Twitter page it was actually funny to see only location icon to dim and flicker because it’s medium blue.


                    Well yes, “medium grey” in the monitor world refers to a medium grey value, which could indeed involve a medium intensity of R, G or B (or some mixture of those). Not literally a ‘colourless’ grey shade.


                      Silly me🤦‍♂️ anyway it was interesting experience, but I think I’m done with VA panels. I’m gonna wait for black Friday and probably go for 27GR95QE-B, aw3423dwf or GP27Q IPS with 576 Local Dimming Zones🤔


                        Not silly at all, “monitor language” is just different to “English language”. 😀


                          Thanks for suggesting UPS.
                          Parcel from NI to England £10.84+£5 extra for insurance up to £1000.


                            @ djkrisdee Thank you for taking the time to do this Kris!It looks like VA may not be for me too,I owe you one.

                            I did not expect this much dimming ,even though you say it is not quite as bad in person.Still it is enough to make you send this puppy back.The foliage flickering,in particular,looks very distracting and I imagine would look even worse when using a mouse,as that would increase movement intensity compared to a controller.

                            I am a noob but I also have the feeling that this panel is fast enough from a hardware perspective and that all that this monitor needs is something similar to Samsung’s secret software sauce.Maybe this is beyond AOC’s skillset,I don’t know.I am a bit surprised to hear that even the mighty G7 dimmed a little.It looks like VA’s biggest strength is also it’s biggest weakness.

                            That Iiyama looks crazy fast for a VA,they seem to have figured it out,but it’s curve and the fact that it is an ultra-wide make it a dealbreaker for me.As much as I hate their contrast I think I will look at an IPS for now,maybe buy a cheap placeholder model until those glossy 16:9 OLEDs hit the market and get some proper reviews.I want to try one out eventually to know if my sensitive peepers can handle their flicker.

                            I have not dealt with Amazon where I live but I hope you find a way to return the monitor safely to them and get yourself another model that can give those dark games the contrast they crave without any of the drawbacks of this AOC.Cheers!


                              @ PCMuser No problem mate. At least i have learn something new, that UFO test isn’t enough to test pixel responsiveness.
                              With Iiyama GB3467WQSU looks like they pushed overdrive to the limits, but still it isn’t variable, so that means you have to tweak it for different refresh rates, and it’s also problematic for VRR.
                              Some people don’t care for VRR at all and just run everything at max refresh rates for lowest possible input lag and to avoid flickering.
                              I’ve put slightly ticker folded papers in corners of my Philips IPS because bottom frame stretched a little bit over time, and now black uniformity from 80+cm is perfect and absolutely no backlight bleed. With 0-10% brightness(80-100cd/m) and some ambient light it is kinda useable in dark games.


                                I decided to give it a go and calibrate the Agon… As far as I can see, the cheapest calibrator available for 3 days lease is X-Rite i1Display Pro… Is that a good one and is the process itself easy enough for a complete amateur like me?


                                  Yes, it should work well. It’s a straightforward process using the standard software.


                                    After reviewing more options, there is also X-Rite i1Display Pro Plus & Datacolor SpyderX Pro available at decent price. Any of these or the X-Rite i1Display Pro is enough?


                                      You should find this thread helpful. The ‘Pro Plus’ can simply record >1000 nits, which you don’t need.


                                        Thanks for the reply. I did also some research and it seems people are leaning more towards i1Display Pro & DisplayCAL combo, will borrow the i1Display Pro and we’ll start from there. I guess there will be more questions coming :).


                                          Be aware of the forum rules; this isn’t a free technical support service. So I won’t be offering further assistance beyond what I already have. DisplayCAL has their own community who should be willing and able to assist, but be aware of what I said in that other thread. You were looking for good results and simplicity and are probably going to be served well by the ‘bundled’ X-Rite software which is more straightforward. Plus you’re only renting the colorimeter for a one-off calibration. Things shift over time so there’s absolutely no point in obsessing about getting anything more than a ‘good’ calibration.


                                            OK, clear, I guess brightness, contrast and RGB gain settings are most important anyway.

                                            One more thing is wondering me – when switching to HDR mode in both Cyberpunk 2077 and Deathloop, they both defaulted to peak brightness of exactly 417 nits. Is this info written somewhere (ICC profile, EDID)?

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