LCD screens causing face irritation and 'burning'

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    Posting so I can watch this topic. It has been 3 years now – fall/winter is much worse than summer. Chemical/fragrance sensitivities – linalool sucks . When I spend long periods of time infront of monitor (~3′ distance) my face develops a burn – quite read. Painful. Laptop usage at close distances can actually cause the skin to raise up/swell. Moisturizers, oils (coconut e.g.)….cause a burning sensation.
    Staying 100% away from monitors is not possible due to my role in high tech development. ARG! I would rather be a canoe tripping guide ;>
    Static – could correlate to the time periods I have issues. I am going to check this angle out with the help of an EMI expert friend. I will also look at LED versus LCD
    Look forward to hearing your personal findings!!! Video tan is a reality…..a painful reality!!!


    Sorry to hear you’re having such a rough but necessary ride with your monitors. Doesn’t sound at all pleasant. 🙁

    I’d certainly be interested to hear any improvements you or others are able to make at reducing static etc. Note that ‘LED’ monitors are just LCDs with a different backlight – whilst that could influence what you’re feeling, I seem to recall others found CCFLs and LED backlights equally obtrusive. At least manufacturers are now dipping their hands into OLED screens. They lack a backlight entirely so could potentially improve things, although they’re still a little way off becoming truly mainstream. Do you have any devices using OLED screens out of interest (perhaps a phone, or tablet)? And what about e-readers like a Kindle with e-ink displays?


    I believe it’s the radiation the computer screens give off.
    you tube has a person using a radiation meter and shows up.
    I just don’t understand why this has been such a discovery.
    Shouldn’t this have been addressed before providing to public?


    Don’t be unnecessarily worried by the term ‘radiation’. Try to understand exactly what it means in this context. To be absolutely clear, on a modern monitor it is only EMF radiation in the form of visible light and IR that is emitted. Just as you would be exposed to in higher doses outside. In addition, you will be explosed to electrostatic charge as covered earlier in this thread. You wouldn’t find a geiger counter (measures radioactivity) going crazy near a monitor. There is therefore nothing to ‘address’ other than sensitivities towards electrostatic radiation and reduction of anything else a user might be sensitive to on a monitor. But that does not include any ‘dangerous radiation’ – they don’t spew out X-Rays and gamma radiation.



    I have a similar problem.
    This is the first time I found something on the subject.
    I have been having this problem for 15-20 years.
    I’m very pleased to see I’m not alone.

    I will write more in detail of my experience a bit later.
    Thanks for trying to solve this strange allergy.
    Together we should be able to understand the root problem
    And solve it!



    Hey new user here! So glad to know I’m not crazy! I too have been getting this, face burning feeling while on the computer. I just started feeling this today. I indicated of wonder if it’s because of the humidity and the heat, today was the hottest this summer, July 2017 in Minnesota. But it could also be my desktop computer, there was a burnt toast smell last week, then the computer shut down by itself. But I’m very grateful this was documented. Now I don’t feel so alone in this situation.

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