LCD screens causing face irritation and 'burning'

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    Hi Karla 4569, my face burns terribly as well when I am on my laptop. If I stay on too long I actually get red blotched on my face and I get very sickly looking, it also affects my tongue and throat. It takes days of avoiding the computer, cell phone and tv for it to go away. The only thing that helps is avoidance. I have been racking my brain trying to figure this out because it only started a few months ago and it never did this before so why now? Why me and not others…hmm

    I’ve tried grounding myself with earthing sheets and gadgets. I have also been to a naet allergy practitioner, and was tested and treated for sensitivities to fluorescent lights, uv rays, radiation, emf’s, so I am not sensitive to these and I don’t ever recall being sensitive to these types of things before. At the clinic I also had all areas of my nervous system treated because I thought maybe it was just an overactive nervous system making my skin burn. But after all this my face still burns…

    That is why I find it very interesting that you mentioned the benzonite clay because I too take diatomaceous earth which is a cleanse that has pretty much the same concept as the clay. It has a negative charge as well. Interestingly enough and something I had never thought about until I read your post is that I started taking the DE just before my face stated burning. I started around nov. 2013 and I noticed my face started burning a month later. So I am stopping the DE to see if this heps…may take a while but will let you know how it goes.


    Very interesting to hear that you suddenly experienced these sort of issues, TJ. It will be interesting to see whether the DE was indeed a contributing factor (or the main culprit).


    Good luck, TJ. I’ve been tempted to start taking the clay again, just to see if it will turn on the burn again, but I really don’t want to go through that again if it is the culprit. Please let us know how it goes for you!



    This positive vs. negative charge factor has peaked my interest in researching something – how the pH of our bodies affects our overall electrical charge. When I do saliva pH testing, I always have a very low pH. I just did a quick search and found an interesting article that basically says acidic body conditions cause negative charges on the outer surface of cells, launching them into a pre-carcinogenic state. Our diets have everything to do with whether we are pH balanced or lean more acid or alkaline. Ideal is balanced but tipping alkaline. So if the outer surface of my cells is negatively charged and I’m sitting in front of a positive ion producing monitor…? Ohhh, I hope I’m on to something here!


    Hi Karla, I just happen to have ph strips and my ph levels are very good. I have a lot of food sensitivities therefor eat a very strict healthy diet, no processed foods. I am leaning more towards the theory that it could be an electrical sensitivity.

    Although, your clay theory did peak my interest since my “skin burning from the laptop” started just after i began taking the DE cleanse I am real curious to see what happens after I stop taking it for a few weeks. Will it be just a coincidence or the solution to my problem? It has only been 2 days and my skin is burning as I post this, but I will definitely let you know how it goes.


    Turn the brightness to 100 %.

    Hi I had to register in order to share this.

    I recently began to experience burning and stinging sensation in my face while working at my computer. My work require me to have three monitors.

    I have learned that brightness is a big part of the problem. On a standard LCD monitor you should turn it to maximum. For me it turned out that this completely counter intuitive setting for the brightness is much gentler on my face. The backlight on a standard monitor can only be on or off and in order to achieve a gradual change in brightness the light is turned on and off really fast, a technic that is called PWM (pulse width modulation). But if you turn the brightness to maximum the light is on all the time.

    My first thought was to look for a monitor made for people that are sensitive. Turns out that it is pretty hard to find. But there is a company in Sweden that makes completely shielded monitors, they are a bit expensive though. 4200$ for 24″ HD-monitor.

    My problems are not bad enough to warrant that kind of money. At least not yet. But it might be worth it for one of you.

    I have two cheap ideas that I haven’t tried myself but they might help.
    If you can watch TV and work from home maybe you could use your TV as a monitor. I think that the distance from the TV could help ease the pain.
    Maybe a projector could help. Reflected light should be much better. There are small pico projectors that are made to only cast an image of 20-30” and they are also portable if you work on the road.
    These two should be easy to try at least.

    I will try this monitor.

    It will reduce the power output on my desk with 80W and I hope that it will be enough to remove my problems.


    Thanks for chiming in here Morgan.

    At least in some of the cases here, including that of the original poster, PWM doesn’t seem to have been the culprit. Indeed there was mention from the original poster of symptoms being even worse when using a CRT. Of course there is a different type of ‘flickering’ associated with that, so perhaps that could have a similar or perhaps even worse effect on some people. It’s definitely worth trying out a flicker-free monitor or forcing the monitor not to use PWM (full brightness) to see if that helps. And the BenQ BL2710PT is a lovely monitor from a visual comfort as well as performance perspective.

    Distancing yourself from the screen (using a larger screen or perhaps TV) is also a good thing to try as would be trying an alternative technology such as a projector. Of course this can be difficult on a practical level for some people but worth thinking about indeed. It’s really nice to see all of these ideas put out there on this thread. Keep us updated as to how you find the BenQ, Morgan!


    Hi, I too have this problem. I’m unable to use a computer – desktop, laptop – aand am struggling to type this post on my Blackberry. Fluorescent lights are also a problem.

    The issue with computer, tablet and cell phone displays is one that comes up a lot on – a forum for people with various types of the skin condition rosacea, which I have. If it weren’t for computer/cell/overhead lights issues, I would have a limited skin issue. It is my primary trigger.

    I’m baffled by this issue. All of your theories and suggestions are very helpful. There is a theory that this is eye related – even when it comes to burning/red skin and the monitor. I’ve been treating myself for “dry eye” over the last few weeks – Restasis, eye drops/gel, fish oil. Early days – not sure if it’s the answer.

    Some of the rosacea folks who’ve overcome this issue say that changing from LCD to LED-backlit monitors helped them a lot. I have a MacBook LED laptop though – and it torches me.

    I’m interested in Morgan’s suggestion to turn up brightness to maximum. Many folks suggest the opposite. I followed their advice and turned brightness down to the lowest setting on all my devices. But I think I’ll see what happens if I move up to the max.

    I’m also taking high-dose beta carotene, as some studies/medical sites suggest this can help with photosensitivity, which can include artificial light as well as sunlight. Sunlight doesn’t bother me.

    Thank you for your suggestions. Will try them. Has anyone had any success yet? If this puzzle could be solved, it would improve a lot of lives!


    ok, i did not read this entire thread. has anyone said you are electromagnetically sensitive? EMFs? they should. what you are describing is a classic symptom. i think the missing piece of the puzzle for people with “eye strain, head aches, etc” that are not due to flicker is EMFs. every screen i’ve tested just hums with pulsing EMFs.

    you said you have issues with florescent light? Also EMF emitters and also other people how are EMF sensitive have issues with them. close your eyes and keep your head where it normally is in from the screen. i bet you have the same issues looking or not.

    Big topic.


    Welcome and thanks for your input!

    This was indeed one of the likely causes I identified early on in this thread and I think you’re spot on with your thoughts. Rather than being something people are reacting to with the visual system (like flicker), EMF sensitivity would cause the sort of skin irritation and other symptoms described in this thread.

    I think it would be great if everyone could report back with how they are doing and anything they’ve managed to do to help remedy the situation. I am particularly interested in if the air ioniser proved useful, if anybody ended up trying that?


    It’s an interesting idea. I wonder though – is it still applicable for someone like me – I get zapped by my Blackberry and trying to use my MacBook laptop stting in bed – away from a desk. I can be out and about using my cell phone and when I turn the screen my way, can feel a blast on my face. Doesn’t happen anywhere else – like neck, chest, hands. Just areas on face where I have rosacea.

    I had the problem at work, in an office – though also had a double whammy with fluorescent lights above me while on the computer.

    Some rosacea folks have told me things went away when their rosacea improved. Also, they were helped by LED over LCD and CRT monitors. I just hooked up an LED monitor and it was a disaster – flushing city and burning.

    If it’s EMF sensitivity, wouldn’t it have been a problem before my rosacea. And/or wouldn’t it give me other symptoms like headaches, etc?

    How would I guard against EMF with my cell phone? Is it dust on the screen or particles in the air?

    I read an article about “screen dermatitis” yesterday. Th drs treated the patient with beta carotene. I’m on that now and have seen no difference so far.

    It’s so debilitating. I can’t work and have had to take time off. Thanks to all for your feedback.


    First of all, the irony of having to sit down in front of a computer to research why sitting down in front of a computer makes your face hurt is hilarious, isn’t it?

    Hi again everyone, I submitted a post a while ago and have not had a chance to provide an update until now…

    To sum up my symptoms again, I get redness and burning around my chin and mouth and for a year or more it is clearly triggered by sitting in front of my computer at work or my iMac at home. When it gets bad I start to feel heat and tingling in and around my ears, and my throat starts to hurt, too. It starts up almost immediately and calms down within a few minutes of moving somewhere else. It is also triggered when I am on my iPad for a while, but isn’t triggered by my iPhone. I have also felt it after about an hour on an Amtrak train, which sounds strange but…

    I think recent posts are right that, at least for me, it’s connected to EMFs. The train thing really solidified this theory. The World Health Organization has some good information on EMF sensitivity, and it specifically includes a discussion of the EMF produced on long-distance trains (as well as video displays, obviously):

    So I purchased a Trifield Meter which has a gaussmeter (to measure magnetic fields), an electric field meter, and radio field strength meter in a single unit.
    It has been fascinating to measure where the hot-spots are at home and work for magnetic fields. For example, electric fans produce very high magnetic field levels, as do the old tube TVs (not flat screen) and modems/routers and new energy-saving lightbulbs. I found that, at home, I had tons of EMF around my iMac, but not actually coming from the screen of the iMac itself. I moved almost everything, including moving my modem/router, and it made a big difference. I can now sit in front of my iMac for much longer without the burning on my face feeling really bad. I also measured the levels at work. The large 23″ Dell monitor I have produced very high EMFs, but the small Dell laptop produces much lower levels, so I just use my laptop now.

    There is a lot of information on the web about electro-magnetic sensitivity (or electro-magnetic hypersensitivity, or screen dermatitis as someone mentioned in an earlier post). It’s even on Wikipedia:

    It seems like some European countries are way ahead of the US in terms of public awareness and organizations for people who have this problem. For example, in Sweden electrohypersensitivity (EHS) is apparently officially recognized as an impairment.

    So, I think for all of us, not having clear solutions, and being in a country where most people don’t know what we’re talking about and think we’re imagining things, is obviously very frustrating.

    Anyway, nothing else has really worked for me (including creams, pills or supplements, etc). But I recommend buying one of these meters (about $100) and identifying the sources of high EMFs in your home and workplace and trying to eliminate them or at least move them far away from where you are positioned.

    Jud Dean
    Philadelphia, PA


    wow jud. congratulations. i’m with you on every point although i’m not 100% sure i have an emf issue.

    you are very correct (imo) about europe. they are always ahead of us in safety. shame. i suspect many people that think they are having eye issues are really having EMF issues. headaches, feeling sick, fast heartbeats, fatigue… look into emf. but for you it was easier. you were getting an EMF sunburn. : ) which is also a known thing inside that community.

    good thinking on the train. i’m sure they run wifi and everyone has a phone running. who knows what else. airports and stores (alarm systems) can also be bad for sensitive people.

    if you haven’t tried it yet… try wiring your home. turn off the wireless on the laptop and plug in. get rid of cordless phones. dimmer switches are terrible. measure those! look up the inverse square law.

    that meter you have probably won’t get everything. and some signals are intermittent. there is a theory that the random, jarring (digital pulse modulated) signals are more disruptive to biology.

    i’m not sure your screen is as emf free as you think. perhaps the meter can’t measure those freq? every screen i’ve tested has significant emf. but i could be wrong. : )

    anyway, nice sleuthing and reporting back. i’m searching for a low emf screen right now.


    (Techie stuff is like math for me 🙂

    I’m not sure my issue is EMF related either. But maybe. This issue has caused all my doctors/derms to stare at me blankly. So I’m on my own. As are the other rosacea folks who are dealing with this. My only solace is that some have said they got past the problem once their rosacea improved.

    I have an old TV in my home where I’m typing now on my LCD phone. There is an electric fan nearby. And a desktop and laptop housed in a nearby room with a wifi set up. Hmm.

    My only health issue/symptom is my face – redness/burning when in front of computer screens/phone screens and under bright fluorescent lights (which all offices/my drs’ offices have!). No headaches, nausea, joint aches, etc. But as someone said, maybe it’s just my rosacea skin that’s sensitive to the EMF.

    I’m interested now in getting this meter. Thanks again for this input!


    Jud, Is the meter straightforward to use? How dp you know what is low and what’s high in terms of measurements? Does the meter indicate?


    You all seem to have electromagnetic hyper sensitivities and some not even know it, most doctors won’t help you cause most don’t know what it is. Check out NAET allergy treatments or the Gupta Retraining Program as these are recognized forms of treatment for electromagnetic sensitivities. Reiki practitioners may work as well but I haven’t tried Reiki myself. I have the Gupta program and go to a allergy clinic that focuses on naet treatments and it has worked for me.

    If you are chemically sensitive you are at a higher risk of becoming electro sensitive. It can be caused by simple stress but whatever the reason there is treatment for it. Whether it’s an overactive subconscious or energy blockages that no longer protect from emf’s it usually can get better. good luck


    I have a burning sensation when I use my computer , and it seems that it comes from the screen . I have and LG screen of 19 inches I asked my friend who also have an LG screen and he says that he’s been experiencing the same thing , I’m scared . Also I feel vey thirsty after one hour of sitting at the computer


    Hi carlitos28,

    I’m really sorry to hear of yet another person with this sort of issue. I’ve added your post to this thread which contains some advice and discussion. You can at least be reassured that you and your friend are not alone in feeling this burning sensation when using monitors.

    The thinking here is that it is a form of electromagnetic hypersensitivity. There are some interesting suggestions on this thread to try to tackle the issue. It would be great to hear back from some of the guys and gals here about whether they’ve had any longer term success with some of the measures they’ve taken.


    @ PCM2 How can i get in touch with users of this forum , does this forum have like a message system?. Thanks


    Everybody who has posted here is subscribed to this thread by default, which means that they are notified when something is posted and can reply if they have time or are requested to. If you have a question then feel free to post it here, alternatively some of the others who have contributed to this thread might offer some updates of their own shortly.

    If you wanted to say something privately to one of them then I could get in touch with them by email and request that you can contact them directly.

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