Which 4k UHD monitor?

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Buying a monitor? Please refer to this post before purchasing.

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    And what is your opinion about Samsung U28R550UQM VS Philips 288E2E/UAE/A


    The preferred designation for the monitor is simply Samsung U28R550. I’ve covered it in some other threads, but it uses the same panel as the Philips yet isn’t as well-calibrated nor as well tuned in terms of pixel responsiveness. I haven’t received absolute confirmation, but it may use PWM if you set the brightness quite low (below ’30’ in the OSD) so is only flicker-free if set above that. You’ll most likely not set the brightness that low so it probably isn’t something to worry about. It should hopefully still your needs fine, it isn’t a bad monitor by any means.


    Hi everyone, I’m going to buy a 27 ” 4k monitor, obviously not too expensive and IPS not OLED, and among the various proposals I have come to decide between these two:
    Dell S2721QS (369 Euro)
    -Samsung Monitor HRM UR55 (U28R552) (269 euros)
    What would you advise me?
    PS: On amazon (Italian) for the Samsung he gives me two versions 2020 and 2021 and I don’t understand if there are differences with a price increase, in 2020, of about 90 euros. Does the design change?



    I’ve merged your thread with this one as it’s a suitable place. It makes my recommendation clear, as does the dedicated recommendations section. And that would be the Philips 288E2UAE/288E2E/288E2A. I’ve also received some positive but admittedly limited feedback on the Dell S2722QC which seems to offer a nice design and feature-set for the price. It’s one I’d like to review if Dell can provide a sample, but either way it’s another model worth considering.

Viewing 4 posts - 281 through 284 (of 284 total)
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