The rise of Mini LED and QD-OLED

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      Speak of the devil, the Q27G3XMN/BK just went on a sale at US MSRP (+tax) and I think I am going to grab it. Here are prices in local currency for some of the note-able 1440p monitors:
      27GP850 4000
      Q27G3XMN/BK 3500
      Gigabyte M27Q 3290
      MAG274QRF-QD 7000 (It was often above 5000)


        I’m looking to buy a 1440P monitor, and I’m considering picking up an IPS panel. However, I just recently stumbled upon several AOC Q27G3XMN reviews and it looks to be a monitor with amazing value, assuming the price in my country will be the same as it is in US. It’s not available in my neck of the woods yet. Since it’s a VA panel with true HDR, is it worth picking up over an IPS monitor? Will the colors look as good as IPS?


          As explained in the review and summarised in the LCD panels types article, the colour reproduction is not on part with IPS. It’s vibrant, but there are colour consistency issues to be aware of as described in both the review and article. I’d recommend watching that section of the review or at least reading the section of the article so you’re familiar with what this means. Colours are still vibrant overall on the Q27G3XMN, due to the quite generous gamut. When it comes to the contrast and HDR experience, the competing IPS models don’t come anywhere near the AOC. Completely an apples to oranges experience.

        Viewing 3 posts - 201 through 203 (of 203 total)
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