LG 32GK850G 2560×1440 165Hz G-SYNC display

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    “super” .. hmm.. 27″ panels have IPS and 144Hz(+ freesync or g-sync)) and they are here for a long time .. but on the market is not years neither single 32 “panel about these parameters .. i hate VA panels .. I already prefer TN panel .. still just waiting for something decent .. all the time


    Updated first post to include ETA, which is currently March 2018. In the UK, at least.


    Some retailers show 20th November 2017 release date, so US customers get their hand on this really soon.


    Indeed it seems so. I’ll update the ETAs on this post to reflect that. Although we’ll see if that ‘deadline’ is met or if it slips back.


    Will you be reviewing this?


    Hopefully (eventually). But LG don’t expect samples here in the UK until March. There may be some pre-release ones before then but I wouldn’t hold your breath.


    Really waiting for this to be reviewed. From user experiences so far it looks like LG is doing some proper QC with no major uniformity/BLB quirks – and it would offer better contrast ratio than the CHG70 panels. Lots of potential for this monitor.


    Yeah, I’ve been following the user reports and initial reviews and it seems like a solid monitor. Although contrast is perhaps a little lower than that (but still strong by the looks of things). It will be a nice one to review, eventually. 😉


    Just a quick update on this. It seems this model should be available between now and end of Feb in the UK. I’d expect better retail availability in the US around that time as well.

    For those who were disappointed that this wasn’t IPS, it seems LG do have an IPS model in the pipeline (~32″, 2560 x 1440 and 144Hz – but no G-SYNC).


    Any more info on when 32GK850G comes out in Europe? This monitor looks very interesting to me.

    There is also 34GK950G monitor coming. How much it willl be different? I know it will have bigger size (34-inch), 2560×1440 and Nano IPS. What is Nano IPS?



    Re. Nano IPS and other models refer to https://forum.pcmonitors.info/topic/monitors-of-ces-2018/. It is 3440 x 1440.


    We’ll be reviewing this model shortly, just waiting for LG to get a sample over to us.


    Can’t wait for review!

    My store has added this monitor to the listing, so it’s probably coming to Europe very soon.


    Yup, I’m looking forward to reviewing it as well.

    I should also mention that it is listed as a pre-order on Amazon US, so should arrive there shortly for users able to order through them.


    And still we’re waiting for the review sample… Nothing is happening quickly with this monitor here in the UK.

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