LG 32GK850G 2560×1440 165Hz G-SYNC display

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    We’ve seen a number of 31.5″ 2560 x 1440 models with 144Hz refresh rates and support for AMD FreeSync, such as the AOC AG322QCX . The LG 32GK850G offers an alternative for Nvidia users, featuring support for Nvidia G-SYNC. The current information is a bit thin on the ground on this one, but we did get to spend a bit of time with it at IFA.

    – 2560 x 1440 (WQHD) resolution.
    – VA panel
    – Flat screen
    – 144Hz native (165Hz overclock +G-SYNC support).
    – ‘Sphere lighting’ – LEDs of various colours at the rear as shown in images, can be customised.
    – DAS (‘Dynamic Action Sync’) low input lag mode included along with ‘Black Stabilizer’ and on-screen crosshairs.
    – DP 1.2 (supports G-SYNC), HDMI 1.4, 3.5mm headphone jack and 1 USB 3.0 port.
    Available from Amazon US.

    front of LG 32GK850G

    rear of LG 32GK850G


    Any hint of a release date on this product? Or is it vaporware, like all Asus monitors seem to be?


    No release date currently. But no way in heck is it vaporware. There were loads of them on display with interactive demonstrations at IFA. It was practically all that was on display from LG. Which ASUS models are you referring to as vaporware? They have a number of models due for Q4 2017 or H1 2018. Don’t confuse models being shown a while before release with ‘vaporware’.


    XG32VQ, PG35VQ and their 4k high refresh rate to name a few. And they always claim its coming Q something but it always get delayed. And I’m sure the 4k one isn’t done being delayed. And I’m calling it that the UW 200hz will get delayed again aswell.


    It isn’t their fault. It is because they aren’t in control of the panel manufacture and have no control over when mass production begins. They only ever give estimates (and broad ones at that) for such products, as is common amongst all manufacturers for monitors that are several months off production using brand new panels. The issue is some journaliats, sites and users taking release estimates as exact dates. You’ll notice we are very careful to word such dates so it is clear they are estimates that could (and usually do) change. Or we simply don’t include such information, when it is almost certainly vague and subject to change.


    I don’t suppose you got a chance to see the Philips 328m6fjmb (the 32 inch 1440p Freesync screen with ambiglow) at IFA did you? You mentioned previously it should be on display. I can’t find any info online other than the English instruction manual on the Philips support pages.


    Thanks 😉


    and again a classic of big and new monitors: that is, the power adapter is out of the monitor..another unnecessary box under the table..WHY??!..certainly to satisfy hunting for thin foolishness…it’s so stupid


    Keeping a slender profile is one advantage. But secondary advantages (they’re debatable, some people would raise these points) include; lower heat emission from the monitor, keeping a possible source of ‘hum’ or ‘buzzing’ out of earshot and the fact it’s easier to replace a faulty external ‘power brick’ than an internal converter if it goes wrong. I have a nice cable tidy system under my desk, by the way, so ‘power bricks’ are neatly tucked away rather than sitting on the floor – works nicely but not practical for everyone.


    I’m a very demanding user and the temperature problem in the monitor and the buzzing adapter i never had. Perhaps because I always had a more expensive monitor, but I assume that this and similar monitors will also be expensive(but i understand what you think about emissions)

    but I’m very glad that monitor with parameters 32 “, 1440p, IPS, 144Hz and g-sync(maybe I’d like a curved one) will be available . I just hope it will be available by Christmas at the latest


    Yeah, I agree with that. I own and have used plenty of monitors with internal AC-DC converters recently and heat or noise has never been an issue for me. Actually pretty much any modern WLED monitor is nice and cool compared to older CCFL models, with most of the heat localised around the backlight rather than where the power converter would vent its heat.


    The official product page is now up. It confirms it to be a VA panel, most likely the same or similar to the Samsung panel found in the likes of the AOC AG322QCX. Although, curiously, it’s flat. I know many will be disappointed this didn’t turn out to be an IPS model, although at least it offers G-SYNC which some will relish.


    Thanks for the information..but this is sad..now i hope, but I do not believe that at least this monitor will be IPS: asus xg32vq 🙁


    That one is VA as well.

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