Gigabyte AORUS FI27Q-X vs Dell Alienware AW2721D

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    Yeah, the overshoot on the FI27Q-X at very high refresh rates using the ‘Speed’ setting is only within a narrow band of transitions. And it isn’t ‘extreme’ in the sense of being highly colourful as it is on some models. So I would certainly urge anybody using the monitor at very high refresh rates to give it a try, particularly if gaming competitively.


    Some more positive impressions on the AW2721D shared here by forum user Pronobly.


    Been enjoying this monitor (FI27QX) quite a bit. My positive impressions from my short time with it are still strong and actually I’ve been feeling it is smoother than the G7.

    The G7 still feel overall quicker, snappier, retains detail in fast movements but the FI27Q-X has been a joy to use. I’ve been enjoying the pre calibrated sRGB mode. Never been a fan of ICC profiles and prefer hardware calibration so the actual mode is pretty good with only a few inaccuracies that the naked eye prob won’t see. I stand strong with BGR being a non issue and I certainly think Hardware unboxed needs to take into account that this monitor offers strong and accurate performance.

    One thing I found to hold well was the perceived contrast is a stronger than the AW2721D which I put down to better uniformity. I’ll be hanging on to this monitor and shooting it out with the PG279QM.


    I’m glad you’re enjoying the FI27Q-X, Red_Negan – thanks for sharing these thoughts. It’s a model I keep on coming back to myself, quite literally. As I mentioned in an earlier comment I use it as my own monitor most of the time when not reviewing. It makes a nice reference screen in many respects and it’s just a solid all-round performer.


    I think that’s pretty spot on it just does everything solid rather than exceeding in one or two areas. I think this is why I’ve been enjoying it so much as there’s really anything it does wrong so can just enjoy whatever content I throw at it. There’s also so much satisfaction from the control stick, easily the smoothest I’ve felt haha, it’s the little things, very solidly built.

    The standard mode for a wide gamut is also pretty damn natural looking with boosts in the right areas for a tasteful look. I cannot stand displays with P3 with massive red boosts that give wooden tones that claret colour where as the standard mode here is faithful to skin tones, wooden tones, earth etc. The extension in the greens can be a bit jarring but the sRGB mode here is solid. Gamma by eye seems great in the standard mode while a little lacking in the sRGB mode but can’t have it all I suppose.

Viewing 5 posts - 21 through 25 (of 25 total)
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