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    Turned out I’ve got the PD3220U sooner than expected :), it’s already with me for 2 days.
    Overall I’m impressed. Picture quality seems to be on different level with comparison to anything I have seen so far (including the MacBook Pro 16 and older iMac 27” I have at home).

    I like the clean setup with minimum of cables around and the KVM. The built in HUB is something I will use for sure. The build quality of both monitor and stand looks great – with small exception of the bottom edge of the screen where the bezel between the screen itself and the plastic cover is not even over the full width of the screen – at some places the bezel is about 1mm wider or so.. When inspecting in details this can be seen, m but otherwise from normal distance it is not noticeable and particularly in my setup the botton of the screen is further darkened in shadow so I don’t notice it at all – for sure quality issue but nothing I would be worried about. I can imagine the EW3280U will not have this issue at all due to the fact how the bottom of the screen is resolved there.

    I tried Shadow of Tomb Raider in 4k and I would say for games like this the 60Hz is really sufficient (not to speak about my graphic card 2070 Super, which is probably on the edge for this). The game looks beautiful and I didn’t notice lag that would distract me. Maybe very occasionally I see something like picture is cut for very short moment (I’m not sure what is the official name for that) but it is very rare and at least for me this does not represents a problem. I don’t play too often and for what I plan to game, this is totally fine. In fact, I really like to colours of the game and the resolution. This is fantastic, also the ability to change the colour profiles during the game and to immediately see the difference, and there is plenty options to choose from. I like this really a lot. The visual experience is great. The immersive ness likewise – I’m really happy I did not opt for ultra wide 34”, because I don’t know what I would do with such wide monitor :), already this one is so wide for me that I have to get used to this wideness.

    I also like the extras I think only Benq currently provides – and that is the hotkey puck and Display Pilot software. The hotkey puck is build from quality materials, I expected this to be just some additional low quality accessory used for marketing purposes mainly, but it is not and this is great idea how to control the monitor in very convenient way. Again EW3280U has something very similar, but the puck looks kind of more professional, I like it more (also the fact I don’t need to put there batteries 🙂 ).
    And as for the Display Pilot – this is again nice unique feature, also the fact it is available for both Mac and Windows, it has many features I will definitely use for productivity. This increases the compatibility level with Mac, alongside with the M-Book colour mode (at least for intel Macs for sure).

    The factory calibration report provided with the monitor states the delta E to be 1.0115, which I believe can be considered as excellent.

    I still ned to dig deeper with this, but I hope this monitor will stay like this for long time. I was considering still the EW3280U, waiting if it will become available eventually, mainly because it was 500 Euro cheaper and I guess for me most of the display quality parameters would suffice. I would just need to find suitable monitor arm and solution for KVM between my personal PC and working Mac. Maybe the monitor would be better suited for gaming, but I think for me the productivity advantages of PD3220U are more important and whether it is worth extra 500 Euro- really don’t know, but if this monitor will stay with me for 8+ years, then it is not really something to talk about too long. The photos of family here looks absolutely stunning and who knows, over time as a hobby I might start to profit from the colour modes the monitor provides for photo editing (once my kids get bigger and I will get more time for it, that is).

    I was performing also various monitor tests I found on web (although I don’t have much info here and don’t know which one is to be trusted more) and seems like the display copes well with it – uniformity seems to be for me totally great – I didn’t spot any differences really, backlight bleed I don’t see as well, which surprised me, I was expecting at least something in some corners, some light spots, but it is really good – if there is something I’m not able to recognise it.

    However, there is one thing, or better say two 🙂 – I noticed 2 dead pixels. Or I’m not sure if they are stuck pixels, or there is just some piece of dirty object, but I guest it will be dead pixels. They are still black – so they are dark pixels. And as I just learned from the Benq warranty for dead pixels – this warranty does not cover black pixels, only white (which lights always in some colour) and there must be at least 5 of them or it must be located in very centre of the display. Mine are located one in upper left corner and the other in lower left corner. I’m now trying to decide if it is problem for me or not. I lean towards the later.. It will probably irritate me somewhere on the background, but during the work I don’t really notice it unless I totally concentrate on that. Also I work mostly in dark theme so 2 black pixels in the corners shall be ok. But still, it is a bit disappointed that this happens – especially if the monitor is even calibrated in factory, people in Benq definitely had to spot this. Seems like they consider this to be fine.

    I could return the monitor, but I’m deciding if this is worth the effort. Now I finally have the monitor I like, uniformity is great, backlight bleed unnoticeable for me, and the 2 dead pixels no big issue for my usage. Probably this is compromise I can accept, even if it still is a pain and I can just hope over time I will get over it 100% 🙂 – but probably I will, just like with new car first hit by a stone, after some time I don’t really care anymore.
    If I would return it, there is no guarantee when I will get another one and if that one will be actually better. This one was at least never opened and I can see I was the first one who started to generate running time on that monitor from the OSD. So it is truly brand new.
    On the other side, nobody knows if over time there will be developed more dead pixels, and then it could start to be a problem.

    Maybe just a question – do you experience often during your testing that provided monitors have 1-2 dead pixels? Is this a normal state of today’s displays production or those 2 dead pixels are something that is actually very rare for new monitors? Are the black pixels really considered as acceptable for new monitors of this 1000+ euro category? I will probably still keep it, I’m just not sure if I’m too benevolent here 🙂 or I should ask for more.



    I’m glad you’re enjoying the PD3220U overall, including some of its unique featured like the OSD control system. I’m afraid that even paying that much (or more) for a monitor will not guarantee it is free from pixel defects, including outright dead pixels. There are ~8.3 million pixels so unfortunately the chance of some of those being defective is reasonably high. BenQ and other manufacturers receive volume shipments of panels and it isn’t economical or environmentally conscious of them or the panel manufacturers to reject a large portion of them due to pixel defects. Unless there are large enough number of such defects, particularly clustered centrally, that the chance of rejection by the consumer is extremely high. Or that they fail specific ISO standards set out for such things. A few dead pixels here and there is normal and something most users will simply accept – as you say, any replacement is not guaranteed to be free from them. And a replacement unit could potentially have issues with uniformity that your current unit doesn’t suffer from, so it’s not always worth the gamble.

    I like your analogy with having your first damage done to your shiny new car. I’m kind of obsessive about my cars and guilty of having strong emotional feelings when that sort of thing happens to them for the first time. After some time and perhaps a few further small imperfections later, you’re quite right that it becomes much less of an issue. It stops catching the eye and occupying ‘brain space’. 😉


    Thanks for the quick answer. This is exactly that objective professional view I needed to hear 🙂 . This just reassures me the monitor unit I have is good enough and I will keep it as I like it a lot.

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