Some thoughts on Acer X32 FP (local dimming and screen surface)

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      Glad you’re enjoying it. It’s always nice to find a title that is really enhanced by HDR on a monitor that can put it to good use. 🙂


        New firmware has been released. The changelog is not that clear to me.

        1.fix ADW customer complaint issue
        2.change OD to be adjustable when freesync is on
        3.change HDR behavior
        4. fix customer complaint issue, fuzzy screen of PC game Witcher3

        I am trying to understand what they fixed in point 1,
        point 2, OD was already adjustable when freesync is on, so don’t understand this pount,
        point 3, I see no change in HDR but will try to understand it,
        point 4 is pretty self explanatory even if I had no problem in TW3.


          Ok, I found some photos from the old firmware update in june 2023 and it’s V02.00.015,
          I flashed the firmware that I downloaded today from Acer website that reports a new release date 2024/01/04
          but it’s the same version, V02.00.015.

          I think that they only updated the release date on the website but the firmware is the same. -_-


            Yeah, I thought those release notes sounded extremely familiar.


              The PDF manuals for firmware updates were added to the .015 files, whereas before they were only found in the .010 archive.

            Viewing 5 posts - 481 through 485 (of 485 total)
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