Looking for a 27 inch VA monitor that’s not horrible

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    How is AG273QCX in terms of ghosting, adaptive-sync and responsiveness? I don’t want something worse in these aspects from my CHG70. BenQ EX2780Q seems to be good choice even it is IPS I think.


    This is covered in detail in the review. Comparing to the C32HG70, it’s quite similar in terms of responsiveness really – although it’s flicker-free which affects how motion is perceived compared to the 240Hz PWM-using Samsung. A bit faster for some transitions, slower for others. It’s somewhat weaker than the C27HG70, with that comparison drawn in the review, although it also exhibits less overshoot as refresh rate decreases. As far as IPS models go the EX2780Q does offer good contrast, especially if you get a ‘good unit’ without troublesome backlight bleed. And it offers vibrant and varied colour output, superior to the VA models – plus stronger pixel responsiveness. Hence the recommendation of that model more generally. Still, you need to weigh that up against the lack of ‘IPS glow’ and stronger contrast of the AG273QCX.


    I have one more question about Benq. Does package contains DP cable or I need buy it?


    That’s covered in the review: “A power cable and HDMI cable is included as standard. Some additional accessories may be included in some regions and by some retailers; a DP cable, DP to MiniDP cable, USB-C cable and 3.5mm audio cable.” So it’s best to buy one to be on the safe side.


    Ok, thank you for info. I probably will go for Benq, because it has acceptable contrast, and has much better pixel responsiveness. In some cases I hated smearing and ghosting on CHG70.


    If you have a gpu with type c port you could use type c cable to connect it to a monitor via DisplayPort Alt Mode. It should work like a regular dp 1.4 cable.


    Unfortunately my GPU don’t have USB-C port. However can I connect USB HUB through USB-C on monitor?


    You’re better off using a straight DisplayPort cable if your GPU lacks USB-C. You can use the USB-C port for data or to provide power even without using it for the display signal. It isn’t like DP cables are expensive and you can get nicer looking or better built ones than the included cables the manufacturer might give you very easily.



    I’m currently looking for a new monitor, preferably not curved. Main uses would be gaming and movie watching with a stronger focus on gaming, what I don’t do is play fast paced twitch games much, hence a strong contrast ratio of a VA monitor is what I prefer, but too much smearing is also not something that I’m keen on. This will be used on a RX5700XT + I5 7600k(@4.5ghz)

    What I currently have is the Asus VN279QLB. Another thing is, that It doesn’t have to be necessarily 144hz, I’d be already set at 95hz.

    I’ve been looking at various models, particularly at the AOC AGON AG273QX. According to the PRAD.de review, it is a decent panel but I’ve been wondering whether IPS would be a good option, the main thing I’m worried about in those panel types is the IPS glow, I very often play at night in a dark room where it should be particularly bad, but it’s hard to tell for me since I never had an IPS panel.



    Hi RonTheLich,

    I’ve merged your thread with a suitable topic where the AOC AG273QX, amongst other models, is discussed. If you’re often going to be playing in a dark room and that’s how you like to game, certainly stick to the VA options discussed here. And amongst them, the AG273QX is certainly a good one if you want to avoid a curved monitor. Have you actually used a curved screen, though? People often have in their minds that the curve of a screen is going to be far more noticeable and much more of a ‘feature’ than it actually is in practice. I’d recommend reading some of the relevant sections of our reviews of curved models, such as the AOC CQ27G2(U).

    The flat version of that screen, the AOC Q27G2U, is worth considering as a cheaper alternative to the AG273QX. If you’re happy with the less powerful backlight (most users will find ~250 cd/m² more than enough), lack of HDR support and slightly lower refresh rate then it could work well.


    Hi PCM2,

    I haven’t used a curved monitor yet, need to see them with my own eyes first before I can consider them. I was planning to visit my local tech shop and check it out before I make any choices.

    I’ll check the AOC Q27G2U out, will see how the curved ones look like in the store and make my decision then.

    Thanks for the pointers.



    Whilst it can be useful checking out curved monitors in person to get a bit of a taste for them, really you need to have the monitor at your desk and use it for a few hours to days before you can judge it. Standing over it in a shop is no way to judge and even if you manage to sit down with it at a store you won’t really have time to adapt to it. It honestly becomes so natural once you’re used to it that if you then go back to a flat monitor it appears convex (bending away from you). You may well find you really like the curve even in store, but if you really dislike it be aware of the limitations of this type of assessment.

    Adrien Sourdot

    Hello. Did you get more information regarding Gsync compatibility and this monitor (AOC CQ27G2U)? I have a RTX2070S here. Have you gathered any more info since the review was done? Did Nvidia improve their drivers since then? I am not a competitive gamer so I probably shouldn’t worry too much about that but you know, I hate annoying details that get in the way of immersion, so I just needed another opinion before I buy.

    thanks for your reply,
    and congrats on your website, the reviews are really badass, impressive work.


    Hi Adrien,

    Glad you enjoy the reviews! I’ve received further positive feedback on the CQ27G2(U) since reviewing it and that includes users with RTX 20 series GPUs running it without issues. This cements the thoughts shared on this thread and in the review that the issues there are really just isolated to the GTX 10 series GPUs. As an aside, I’m likely to get an RTX 3080 (possibly RTX 3090) when I can get hold of one, so in the future there won’t be these possible uncertainties caused by my dated GPU. 😉

    Adrien Sourdot

    Thanks for your quick reply. Good news then. Good luck on your journey and the best of days to you.
    You guys rock!


    I thought I’d already posted this here but apparently not…

    We’ve now got a review up of the ViewSonic XG270QC. It’s compared with the AOC CQ27G2(U) in the conclusion of the review. A key point to stress about the ViewSonic is that it’s quite a bit more expensive, but I did like the overall build quality. It has a nice powerful backlight and the HDR is one of the best VESA DisplayHDR 400 level experiences I’ve had. I’d rate it above the AOC AG273QCX in that respect. Not a true HDR experience by any means, but quite decent for that ‘level’.



    Stumbled across this very useful thread while researching my next monitor. I’m in the market for a VA, 144+hz, 27″ monitor and I’m struggling! These are my key factors:

    – I can’t stand IPS glow and low static contrast so that’s out
    – I’d prefer flat but I’m not opposed to a curve
    – I use the monitor for work 80% of the time, but I care more about the gaming experience
    – I understand response times and smearing etc. but I’ve never seen it in person so I don’t know how sensitive I am to it. I would like to avoid it as much as possible but accept it’s part of the VA experience
    – I will mostly be playing single player FPS, RPG or racing games at 60-100FPS as I’m on an old rig for now (i7 [email protected], GTX Titan X (Maxwell 900 series))
    – Eventually I will be targeting max refresh on a new build within the next 12 months, but would like to not buy another monitor – this one needs to last
    – Apparently my graphics card from 2015 does support G-Sync, but the window may be a consideration given my FPS target
    – Under £500
    – I game in a small bedroom that does not get direct sunlight, with the main room light turned on at night

    I’ve been considering the AOC (C)Q27G2(U) or AOC AG273Q(C)X but I’m struggling the split the difference apart from the obvious higher refresh, HDR etc. Your written review of the CQ27G2U suggest that response times at 60hz are stronger on the CQ27G2U than the AG273QCX, but then the roles swap at the top 144hz. Is that a fair conclusion?

    Are you aware of any significant differences between the flat variants of CQ27G2U or the AG273QCX. I’m not sure how much difference there will be with smearing etc. – they must be using a completely different panel on the flat models so it’s hard to take technical reviews of the curved models at face value when considering the flat versions. I have read elsewhere that VA glow is worse on curved monitors. Have you observed this? I wouldn’t want to opt for VA to benefit from better contrast to just be distracted by glow.

    I have noted MSI and Gigabyte’s offerings in the VA range, but reviews seem to suggest the AOCs are the better all-rounders.

    Thanks in advance for any input.


    Hi Pete.D,

    Some of these questions and comparisons are already addressed in this thread.

    – The AG273QCX and CQ27G2U are compared here.

    – The CQ27G2(U) and Q27G2(U) are compared on the first page of this thread.

    In summary, the flat versions of these models are very similar aside from the physical attributes of the curve. I’m not convinced the curved models are any more prone to uniformity issues (including clouding) that would exacerbate ‘VA glow’ compared to the flat variants of the panels. Some people have drawn unfair comparisons with completely different models that use flat panels. Some of these were generally quite good for dark uniformity and ‘VA glow’, but quite a few of these older VA models focused on stronger contrast rather than improved pixel responsiveness. There were some high refresh rate models using VA panels from AU Optronics that were generally pretty good for dark uniformity, such as the LG 32GK850G and 32GK850F. But you’re comparing a completely different panel there. The flat and curved versions of Samsung’s SVA panels as used in these 27″ models are really quite similar to one another.

    The advantages of the the AG273QCX (and ‘QX‘) compared to the (C)Q27G2(U) include the more solid (powder coated metal) stand base, higher peak luminance and HDR capabilities. For their respective 144Hz pixel responsiveness I will just quote the CQ review: “The dark background of the AG273QCX shows somewhat more extended ‘smeary’ trailing here, whereas the medium background shows less bold ‘powdery’ trailing. In practice we noticed the ‘smeary’ trailing on dark transitions (explored shortly) more readily on the AG273QCX so slightly preferred the pixel response behaviour of the CQ27G2U (CQ27G2).” Also be aware of the subpixel differences highlighted, which means the ‘CQ’ offers superior text and fine-edge clarity. But I wouldn’t say this is a huge difference and not everyone would notice it. The steeper curve is not something to fear, as covered in the review.

    My recommendation is the CQ27G2(U) and that’s perhaps worth trying. It offers its pros and cons compared to the more expensive AG273QCX, as highlighted earlier. If you really fancy the (limited but not terrible) HDR capability of the AGON model or are somebody who likes setting monitors to high brightness levels – or using them in bright (potentially uncontrolled) lighting environment – then the ‘AG’ may be worth trying. Or perhaps you just love metal stands, which the AGON also offers. I wouldn’t be put off the curve and have nothing more to add to that than what I’ve already said in this thread or the reviews. But if you really prefer a flat model then the flat alternatives to these ones will offer you a similar performance without the curve. The AG273QX also offers a slight bump in refresh rate, a nice little bonus if you’re able to drive sufficiently high frame rates but not something I’d suggest weighting your decision on too heavily.


    Thank you so much for the response. I’ve just purchased the CQ27G2U.


    I look forward to your impressions when you’ve had a chance to use it.

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