Looking for a 27″ 1440p monitor while waiting for the upcoming OLED generation

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      first of all, I would like to thank you for the hard work and very detailed reviews that helped me narrow down my monitor options a lot and wish everbody a happy new year. It’s time for my first post here to finally bring my monitor research to an end soon. The monitor market is so full of attractive products that I don’t know where my money is best spent and what will provide the best overall experience.

      I really wanted to buy an OLED but i was and I still am worried of issues with image retention, burn in and also text clarity since i not only play all sorts of games and watch content but also browse a lot, read stuff, do research and all that kind of stuff. Mostly gaming and watching content though. I spend most time of the day in front of my monitor. That is why i am hesitant to buy one. But I decided to adapt my behavior and buy one regardless and i also want to take a step up and finally experience a higher refresh rate since i am gaming a lot and also have capable hardware (my current monitor is a Dell U2515H 25″ 1440p60 ). However, yesterday i read about a new 27″ 1440p 480Hz OLED with improved sub pixel layout from LG and that it might release in the first half of 2024 so i decided to wait for the next generation before i get an OLED. Now i need a cheaper alternative. Since i am using at least 2 monitors anyways i can still make use of the one i buy now later, but I dont want to go all in on OLED now and wait a few months and see what happens.

      So i ended up with a few options:

      XV271UM3 i can get for 250€
      G2724D i can get for 320€
      M27Q X i can get for 399€
      HP 27qs i can get for 399€

      This is euro and not usd. Before you mention it, the VX2728J-2K you highly recommend and also the LG 27GR83Q-B are both not available in my country. That is why i had to take this one off my list unfortunately. The price of the XV271UM3 looks very attractive but i am not able to find a single review with in-depth data and information about its performance so im not convinced at all. The other 3 look like solid options too. I was able to find a lot of good reviews for the Dell and Gigabyte but only one for the HP which is from RTINGS. Nevertheless, the decision is more than difficult for me

      I would appreciate your thoughts about my options above, my decision to wait for the next generation of OLED, also if there are better alternatives and how they compare. I am also not sure if it is worth to get a 240HZ instead of the 165-180Hz options that are a little bit cheaper. The price difference is not huge so i am considering them at the moment.

      Kind regards,


        Hi Computerjul and welcome,

        The Dell G2724D is generally well-received as you can see based on user feedback in its dedicated thread on the forum. As I noted in other threads (such as this one) a common issue with Acer models is that they lock overdrive off when using Adaptive-Sync. It’s an annoying restriction really as the overdrive is usually basically stuck in the ‘Normal’ mode under VRR which is optimised well for higher but not lower refresh rates.

        Whether a 240Hz option is going to be of much benefit is very subjective and really depends on your sensitivity to motion performance, how much competitive gaming you do and whether you can run your favourite titles at suitably high frame rates. The M27Q X is discussed in various other threads (such as this one) and it’s a pretty good monitor overall, though quality control seems a bit below par. The HP 27qs isn’t a model I’ve received any feedback on and I don’t have any strong thoughts on it really.

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