LG 32UL750 vs Philips 326M6VJRMB

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    i have read the Review and watched the video of the Philips 326M6VJRMB with great interest.

    The LG 32UL750 looks very similar. I have found a short Review with some measurements that makes me think it maybe uses the same panel as the Philips.

    The Philips looks good but i don’t like the glossy black plastic.

    I wanted to ask if a review of the LG 32UL750 is planned so the 2 models can be compared?

    Yours sincerely


    Hi Daniel194,

    As covered in our news piece on the 32UL750, it uses a variant of the InnoLux M315DJJ AAS (Azimulthal Anchoring Switch) VA-type panel. Exactly the same panel that the Philips 326M6VJRMB is based on. More specifically, the same CELL is used – which is the panel minus backlight arrangement. The LG uses a different backlight to the Philips, in other words.

    This means that there are certainly many similarities between the products, but unfortunately LG dropped the ball with their “custom backlight” as it isn’t flicker-free. It uses PWM to modulate the backlight as confirmed now by multiple users (including in this thread), most likely at a frequency of 240Hz. This provides motion artifiacts, can accelerate eye fatigue and for sensitive individuals causes more immediate visual discomfort. It’s quite poor for a modern monitor to use PWM regulation, the vast majority (including the Philips) are flicker-free and this is a big mark against the LG in my book.

    We don’t have any plans to review it, not least because LG can’t provide a sample of it. I don’t like glossy black plastic either, but I’d take that over the backlight regulation shortcomings of the LG.


    Thanks for the very quick reply!

    240Hz PWM is very bad. I have seen some Samsung TVs in person that are 240hz PWM according to rtings. Such a low frequency PWM for a monitor is not acceptable, i fully agree with you.
    Since the Philips recently dropped in price to 490€ here in germany I will get the Philips.
    Amazon dropped to 490€ as well so i can use your affiliate link 🙂

    Again, Thank you very much


    I appreciate your support. I hope you enjoy the monitor when it arrives, I look forward to your thoughts when you’ve had a bit of a go with it. 🙂


    I can write down some impressions after i used it a bit with different content.
    But i will take some time and it will depend on how good the panel lottery with the chinese innolux panel and the philips backlight is.
    I have a bad experience with panel lottery on AUO IPS and TN panels already.


    People have bad experiences with panels from all manufacturers, including LG and Samsung as well. InnoLux and this particular panel is really no worse than average, but hopefully you get a good unit.


    I have the Philips (came from Poland), and I’m loving it so far, but I have heard from prad.de’s review of it that it uses PWM Flicker. I’m hoping you guys really did a test of it, and can assure me it’s flicker-free. I believe it is from my own use, but I’ve never experienced flicker, so I don’t know for sure.


    We used an oscilloscope to determine that the 326M6VJRMB was free from PWM. We detected some high frequency low amplitude oscillation at reduced brightness, but this should not be confused with typical PWM as it does not have the same effect on the image or visual system. It isn’t something we typically mention in reviews as I feel it can cause unneccessary confusion or worry. It’s not all that uncommon for various monitors to exhibit this sort of behaviour. It appears this is what Prad.de measured – specifically, 200kHz at <140 cd/m². This is absolutely not something I'd worry about and as I said isn't something I felt was even worth mentioning. It's very different to the 240Hz PWM you get across a broad brightness range on the LG!


    Ok, thank you very much for the answer ^-^

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