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      I have a U2417H now with the U2424H on order, so might add my comments here. I commented last fall on owning the G2724D, but overall wasn’t pleased with it, and the size too large for my needs. I like that they finally added 120 hz, silver aesthetics, the gamut coverage is better without going into HDR territory (not for me), plus it uses a low blue light hardware panel.


        I am pretty sure this is the panel used in the U2424H:

        It is the only recent one (Q3 2023) with 120 hz, 1080p, low blue light, and same or better colour coverage.

        Do you know what Reverse I/F means, @ PCM2?


          No idea. 🙂


            After three days, I’m liking this coming from the 2017 model. I didn’t care for the G2724D because the srgb mode & gamma – whatever was going on – looked muted and grey to me; the U2424H, however, is a colourful panel. It doesn’t look like the G series carries a factory calibration. I also noticed in the specs the G2724D is 99% srgb vs 100% srgb on the U2424H (unless it’s a marketing difference – RTings measured 102.5% in srgb mode). I know they are different products, but if you’re looking for the kinds of things an Ultrasharp excels in, just get this 2024 model. The panel uniformity is incredible too, perhaps even better than my old one. I ran ClearType again, and could swear I’m reading it better without my glasses.


              I’m glad you’re enjoying the monitor! Yes indeed the Ultrasharp series is factory calibrated quite tightly whereas the ‘G’ series tends to be a lot more… Variable. For most gamers it’s not a problem, though gaming monitors from various other companies such as Acer, ASUS, AOC and Gigabyte tend to have a bit more focus on their factory calibration even as gaming-oriented models.


                Still very happy with this model! And, as a grown-up, the Ultrasharp stylings are sure easier to live with 😂 Dell even let me delay delivery – their support is great. You’d figure by specs, the G2724D would be the more expensive model, but that is not the case at all. Yeah, the other one I considered was an ASUS Proart 24″, except it seemed to only do 75 hz and came out in early 2021.

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