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      I’m looking to buy two monitors – one “main” monitor and one “support” monitor (vertical).
      I work as a software developer, but i also love to game in my free time, so those are my main focuses.

      What i’m looking for in main:
      – 27-32 inch (i’m thinking about 32 inch?)
      – 4k
      – 144hz+
      – low reaction time / input lag
      – probably can’t get anything better then ips in this price range
      – “good enough” colors – i like good looking stuff, but by no means am i a proffesional designer
      – flat screen, nothing rounded since i’m going to hang both of the screens

      What i’m looking for in support:
      – 27 inch? (32 seems like an overkill for vertical monitor)
      – pivot/vertical mode (i will mount the monitor, so i’m not sure if montior actually needs to support pivot?)
      – uqhd/4k (i’m torn here. Not sure if taking uqhd + 4k main will not bring issues?)
      – 144hz+
      – again, ips with “good enough” colors; would be great if the colors would be similar (so probably same range of products?)

      After checking this site and some others, I was considering one of the following setups:
      LG UltraGear 32GR93U-B + LG UltraGear 27GR93U-B (couldn’t find a review in here; but i base off other sites and reviews of previous lg’s here)
      Gigabyte M32U + Gigabyte M28U
      Samsung Odyssey G7 LS32BG700EUXEN + Odyssey G7 LS28BG700EPXEN

      Which one would be overall the best?
      All of those 3 options seem to be roughly the same in terms of cost locally (within about 50$ of each other).
      Total budget would be arround 1400$, if anyone got any better options.


        There’s no point splitting hairs here as you’re likely to be quite satisfied with any of these combinations in terms of performance, though Samsung has the quirkiest firmware with some users having odd flickering and screen blanking issues seemingly unrelated to their GPU or cable. Aand in my view they have the most aggressive ‘gamery’ and potentially least appealing design (personal preferences). You may want to separate them out based on aesthetics, even. My own recommendations are clear here and that would be for the Gigabyte M28U and M32U. Or for that matter the M27U and M32U – we’re currently reviewing the M27U and I feel it’s a strong all-round performer and good package. There isn’t a particular issue using mixed monitors with different resolutions or indeed refresh rates, aside from getting used to different pixel densities and things not looking ‘uniform’ between monitors for that reason.


          Thank you for recommendation here, i have similar feelings as you towards the samsung (this huge bottom bar just feels too much :)).

          Just one more question. I’ve noticed that even though gigabyte has the same product line (MxxU) the displays seem to vary (at least the advertised values).
          For example:

          • 160hz (i assume i can just tune it down to 144hz)
          • 10-bit color, 95% DCI-P3
          • hbr3
          • HDR600


          • 144hz
          • 8-bit color, 94% DCI-P3
          • hbr3
          • HDR400


          • 144hz
          • 10-bit color, 90% DCI-P3
          • no hbr3?
          • HDR400

          Is there going to be any noticable display difference between M27U (HDR600 & 95% DCI-P3) and M32U (HDR400 & 90% DCI-P3) or M28U (8 bit color) and M32U (10 bit color)?


            The extra HDR brightness on the M27U does make a bit of a difference, but it’s hardly dramatic. The experience will be covered in detail in the review, as usual. I wouldn’t buy any of these monitors for their HDR performance. It’s going to be something you may use from time to time for a bit of variety rather than your ‘go to’ experience for gaming. For the full capabilities you’ll need to use DSC and as far as I’m aware DP 1.4 will usually ‘feature’ HBR3 anyway regardless of whether it’s advertised or not. This is pure marketing though I don’t know why Gigabyte are being inconsistent and not mentioning that for the M32U. It makes no difference whatsoever to the experience, though, you’ll be using the same DSC-aided signal for high refresh rates at the native resolution either way.

            All of those models support 10-bit colour, it’s just a technicality as to whether that’s supported by the panel itself or by the scaler. It makes no difference to you or anybody else using the monitor, as I said just a technicality. Related reading. And yes, you can run the M27U at 144Hz as well.


              Thanks a lot for your help. All clear now. 🙂

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