Best monitor for someone with a visual perception disability

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      Hi everyone,

      I am on the lookout for a good monitor that suits my disability.
      I was reading this article about important factors to consider when buying a monitor ( and though you guys might be able to help me.
      Basically, I suffer from a symptom after images and ‘Palinopsia’ which makes moving objects (including on screens) trail and smear, especially when contrast is high (e.g. white on black, sometimes I say that I just have an enhanced innate motion blur haha).
      I was therefore thinking that a monitor with a customizable (high) refresh rate and black light strobing might be useful to me.

      What are some good recommendations for monitors which offer these kind of settings and are customizable so I can adjust them however I would like?
      I will be mainly using them for coding all day and maybe sometimes gaming.


        Hi Ramanel,

        I haven’t come across palinopsia before, but based on the symptoms I agree with your desirable criteria. It’s rare to find monitors which allow customisation of their strobe backlight, though. And you won’t find any that allow non-standard resolutions to be used with backlight strobing (if it it does happen to work, it won’t work well). The strobing has to be tuned for very specific refresh rates that the monitor may support such as 120Hz, 165Hz and 240Hz. The most customisable option would be the ViewSonic XG2431 as that supports the Blur Busters Strobe Utility to customise the strobe behaviour. BenQ ZOWIE XL models also support this, but they use TN panels which for your uses may not be a huge issue but can still cause inconsistencies from top to bottom of the screen.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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