AW3423DW vs MEG 342C QD-OLED and others

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      Bad news. 7 weeks and already have line burn in from split screen.

      I was using 42″ C2 with WBE panel for 1 year 2000h and zero issues like that.😦


        Argh no. It’s definitely burn-in and not image retention? It doesn’t improve after running the ‘Panel Refresh’ cycle? It’s odd how variable this is as I’ve used my AW3423DW including for a fair bit of productivity and often have side by side windows. In the ~20 months I’ve owned it (albeit not always using it) I haven’t experienced this. What brightness level do you use under SDR? Hopefully this is a ‘bad unit’ issue and Dell will replace it with a better one under warranty as I’m quite surprised to see this after such a short period of time!


          I did panel refresh(1h) and it’s slightly better. Before I could see that line on 5,10,15% grey. After refresh I checked more precisely, and I can see very faint line on 9,10,11,12% grey. 5,6,7,8,13,14,15% is clean.
          I’m running very low brightness. First month it was 40/100(100nits) but last few weeks i lowered to 20/100(60nits).
          I’m gonna keep that monitor for now and will check grey uniformity every month. Still have 2 years and 10 months warranty left.πŸ˜‰


            Ah well that’s something! And yeah, observing and making use of the warranty later on sounds like a good plan. πŸ˜€


              I’ve published a quick video showcasing ‘ColorControl’ and how it can be used for ‘HDR calibration’ (tweaking, really). It isn’t a technical deep dive and doesn’t run through many of the features of the application, but it’s really to raise awareness of the program and encourage people to check it out for themselves.


                Just to note that the AW3423DW has been replaced by an Adaptive-Sync only alternative in the recommendations section(s); the Philips Evnia 34M2C8600. The Philips model is very attractively priced in multiple regions, I’ve used it myself (though not enough for a full review) and I’ve received some very positive direct feedback about it. It also carries over the stand and design elements I commented on positively in our review of the now largely discontinued Mini LED version. Including generous height adjustment, a ‘clean’ look which I find quite refreshing and RGB LED lighting that’s actually useful.

                In various posts in this thread I’ve commented on a few nuances between AW3423DW and various other ‘non G-SYNC module’ versions, but the underlying experience on all of these monitors is really very enjoyable and if you like the price and design I would people to give any of them a go. πŸ™‚


                  Small update about my AW3423DWF.
                  Yesterday I again tested 5-15% grey and line in the middle is gone.
                  I’m not using split screen anymore, instead I’m just manually move windows, but I think that line probably wasn’t image retention/burn-in. Maybe it was DSE line from new, but I didn’t notice thatπŸ€”
                  Also in last 4 weeks I play a lot of Tekken 8(120h!) in 16:9 aspect ratio, and there’s absolutely no sign of burn in from it.


                    Glad to see that – thanks for the update!

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