AOC Q27G2U vs AOC CQ27G2U (best 1440p 144hz budget monitor?)

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      Hello, I really appreciate your work especially your youtube reviews they really help a lot, my friend recommended me the channel and forum and it’s really detailed and amazing overall!

      I want to buy a monitor for gaming and a bit of photo and video editing purposes (mostly for social media and freelance work). I have a budget of around 350e and I thought that AOC CQ27G2U would fit me the best. Only problem I have with it is it’s curve, because I want to mount tow of my older monitors I have next to it and the curve would limit my placement and ergonomics. So I saw the AOC Q27G2U which has no curve and even some websites state that it has better color gamut, but that could be wrong.

      My question is are there any differences as far as your testing goes and are there maybe better options for productivity (color work too) and gaming that are 1440p and would fit in my budget. I would prefer IPS-type panel, but I think that even the editing and Adobe programs would benefit with the higher refresh rate and logically gaming as well.


        Hi roronoazoro and welcome,

        The AOC CQ27G2(U) and Q27G2(U) are extremely similar aside from the physical attribute of the curve to the screen. There is no difference in colour gamut, any website suggesting there is a difference is mistaken – exactly the same BLU (backlight unit) is used. As I’ve mentioned in this post (the thread in general is well worth a read as it covers these two models and others), I’ve used the two side by side and they are characteristically very similar. As explored in some detail in the review, there are some colour consistency issues and perceived gamma shifts that affect colour accuracy. A shade will be perceived differently depending on where it’s displayed on the screen. This is shown in a very clear and graphical way in the section of the review titled “Shade representation using SpyderCHECKR 24” at the end of the colour reproduction section of the review. And explored with subjective examples elsewhere in the review.

        If you really like the sound of the monitor but would feel more comfortable with a flat monitor, or feel it would be more practical with your setup, then by all means go for the Q27G2(U). You can expect a very similar performance to the AOC CQ27G2(U) overall. But you need to be aware of those colour consistency issues I’ve highlighted, you’re much better off with an IPS-type panel for colour critical work. There are really no two ways about it, if you need to stretch your budget or wait until you can then do that. Something like the BenQ EX2780Q, which is quite affordable in many regions. The colour consistency and hence accuracy potential is much better than the AOC models, plus it offers superior DCI-P3 coverage if you want to work within that colour space. The pixel responsiveness is also better, but of course contrast isn’t as strong. If you do decide to go for the AOC instead, at least be mindful of the colour consistency issues and try to do your final check of shades for accuracy in the central region of the screen and sitting as centrally as you can.


          Thanks, I’ve seen those problems about color accuracy in your review, at first I thought they wouldn’t mean too much, but than again I do work as freelancer so I think that I would need quite decent colors. And one more thing, because in my region for some reason I only can find the Benq EX2780Q monitor for like €500 and the AOCs are like €300, so I’m not sure if it’s worth extra 200e. What do you think?


            I’ve made my thoughts on this pretty clear already. It’s your money and your work, so it depends how much you value that extra colour consistency and accuracy potential.


              Thanks I think I’ll go with Benq one, I’ll let you know how it is when it arrives.


                I’m not sure if you’re still following this thread, but if you are I’d appreciate any thoughts you have on the BenQ if you did buy it. And have now presumably been using it for several months. I’ve received a lot of positive feedback on it since you posted but every piece of feedback and experiences being shared are beneficial to this thread and the forum more broadly.

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