Any thoughts on the Lenovo Legion y25g-30?

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      It’s on a crazy discount right now, and the 1080p 360hz spec has me intrigued. Lenovo has generally had good panels, although information about the panel or any in-depth testing on the internet is scarce at best. I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with this monitor and whether it’s a good pickup?

      Thanks 🙂


        I don’t have any feedback to share on the Lenovo Legion y25g-30, specifically. But it’s based on the same panel (certainly panel family) as other recent 360Hz G-SYNC models such as the Dell AW2521H and the newer AOC AG254FG we’ve reviewed. If you like what you see in that review, you’ll probably like the Lenovo. The Y25g-30 also features Nvidia’s ‘Reflex Latency Analyser’ as like the AOC it’s one of the more recent 360Hz IPS models. And as it’s a model with G-SYNC module, Nvidia has a hand in its tuning and there’s a certain degree of homogeneity between it and other similar models. Meaning it’s unlikely to have any critical issues that aren’t present on the other models.


          Hey, many thanks for replying.

          How do you happen to know the specific panel family within the y25g-30? Insider knowledge or am I missing a spec page on the internet? I’m happy with the performance of both the AW2521H and the AG254FG so I’m hoping the strengths of both those panels carry over.

          I’ll be sure to update with my thoughts (however much value you want to put on them) when/if I recieve the product.

          Thanks again 🙂


            The only 24.5″ 360Hz IPS-type panels in production belong to the AUO M250HAN03 family. Your thoughts on the monitor if you do get it would be appreciated!


              did you also pick this up in the recent lenovo flash sale? what are you thoughts? Mine has arrived but not had a chance to try it yet.


                hey, sorry for being so late, I only just remembered this post but it goes to show how I’ve had nothing but praise for this screen. I’ve had great performance at many refresh rates and with Gsync enabled. ULMB looks stunning at 144hz and Gsync integration is as expected. I haven’t put much effort into colour calibrating the panel but it looks decent out of the box.

                Possibly the most underrated feature of this monitor is the physical Gsync module. It means that even though the monitor is HDMI 2.0, HDMI Forum VRR is present, and having tested my PS5 with this monitor I can confirm that PS5 VRR is fully supported by this monitor.

                To top it all off I got the display for just £190 from Lenovo themselves. probably the best value purchase I’ve made in my life. Thanks @PCM2 for the information provided earlier in this thread; without it I don’t think I would have chanced this purchase 🙂


                  I’m glad you’re enjoying the monitor and found the information helpful.

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