Absolutely low tier 27 inch monitor

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      I am looking for a monitor for my mom – she’s using an old 22″ and with her age and eyes everything’s too small. As she’s a very casual user – only Web browser and e-mails, I guess a basic 27″ FHD screen is more than enough. I am looking at the absolute bottom price-wise. Summing it up:
      a/ cheapest possible
      b/ 27″
      c/ 1920 x 1080 or 1920 x 1200 (ain’t gonna happen at this price point 🙂 ), 1440p fine if dirt cheap
      d/ IPS rather (definitely not TN)
      e/ height adjustment welcome

      After filtering with whatever filters are available in the Polish price tracker (height adjustment is missing and displayspecifications.com have no pricing), so size, resolution and panel type and price I got like 21 to choose from, will there by anything outstanding at this level or I can choose whatever comes cheapest? This would currently would be the LG 27MR400-B, that sells on Amazon for 139,99 USD and is even 75 Hz…


        It really would be a case of just deciding on a panel type (which you’ve done), the level of ergonomics required and then going for something that suits the budget. Pricing of such models varies significantly regionally and based on what’s on sale at the time. Some people have personal brand preferences and some are better built than others, which generally comes across from user reviews on Amazon etc. Your mother may also have specific viewing comfort preferences, but there’s a lot to consider there and things like minimum brightness (if that’s a consideration for her) will require specific review data to verify. Generally LCD monitors advertised as ‘flicker free’ are truly DC dimming only these days, even budget options, and will include easily accessible Low Blue Light (LBL) settings. Though if not, GPU-level alternatives can be used for LBL as explored in that thread.


          OK, I picked up iiyama G-Master G2755HSU-B1 Black Hawk as it was the cheapest one I could find that meets the input criteria (it turns out the lowest tier monitors often don’t have DisplayPort, which was quite a shock for me and the computer has no HDMI port).
          1. It has no height adjustment – let’s see how it works.
          2. That’s a 27″ FHD screen.
          3. VA panel – I did some reading and supposedly contrast is more important that the perceived sharpness of the picture (PPI) or colour accuracy for people with poor eyesight.
          The 116 USD price was too tempting :).

          It seems like a decent panel from the reviews – more gamer oriented by that should not be an issue at all and 100 Hz is welcome. I’m picking it up today and we’ll see how it turns out.


            I think that’s a good choice, assuming it doesn’t have additional subpixel related issues that could affect text clarity. Generally recent VA models (and being 100Hz, that should be the case here) have fairly standard RGB subpixel layouts so it’s less of a concern than it used to be. The stronger contrast and ‘inkier’ look to text can certainly help give a more distinctive and bold look to text as well, so this can indeed help those with weaker eyesight.


              Thanks a lot, as usual, we’ll let know if it’s any good.

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