27″ monitor for video editing

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Buying a monitor? Please refer to this post before purchasing.

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      I consider to buy a new monitor for my video editing work and found multiple models.
      I’ve checked the Monitor Reviews and YouTube channel, but still it’s hard to decide.

      My short list consists of the following:
      DELL U2722DE – recommended by most as a good overall monitor for photo/video edit with many connections.
      ASUS PA278CV – same as above but the connection’s are fewer. I like that it comes with a color calibration certificate.
      Philips 279P1 – found the review for this one on YouTube and add it to my list. I like that it’s 4k but at 27″ I presume I can live with 2560 X 1440 considering I’m coming from 1920 x 1080 on same size.

      I need the USB-C with power delivery (at least 65W) to use it as a hub to my DELL laptop.
      But my main wish is to have accurate color reproduction.

      What do you think? Any advice?

      Thank you 🙂


        Hi JKW,

        We’ve got a dedicated section of the website with recommendations specifically for photo and video editing (or colour-critical work more generally, really). The ASUS PA278CV is one of the models listed there, based on our positive experiences with the PA278QV and positive user feedback, with the ‘CV’ adding the USB-C port you were after and a few aesthetic and design changes. If you don’t own a colorimeter and factory calibration is important to you, based on my experiences and this feedback then I agree that this is a good option. The pixel responsiveness is also superior to the other options you’re considering, which can be useful for video editing as you’ll get a more ‘true to life’ representation of the videos you’re creating during playback without the additional trailing that the other models will produce. The other models are not exactly “slow” for 60Hz models, but this is still a difference I’d bear in mind.

        A few other things to bear in mind with both the Philips 279P1 and Dell U2722DE is that is that they are wide gamut monitors with restrictive sRGB emulation settings, so it’s really not as good as having a monitor with a better sRGB calibration (like the ASUS) with all controls including colour channels available. TFTCentral’s review sample was well calibrated with its sRGB emulation setting, though the gamma calibration was a bit off. It was closer to ‘sRGB gamma’ which most video editors and for that matter many consumers dislike compared to standard ‘2.2’ because it gives what can be considered an artificially raised look to darker shades and can reveal excessive dark detail. But it deviated elsewhere in a way that would make some other shades darker than intended and some brighter. The ‘sRGB’ vs ‘2.2’ gamma tracking target is a contentious issue and people have their own preferences on that one, but in my experience ‘2.2’ is a more appropriate choice and closer to what most monitors will display natively. Unless you specifically require the wide gamut for your work I feel the ASUS is a more appropriate option.


          I have an older Ultrasharp, and I’m surprised that newer ones are still 8 ms. Not unwatchable, but certainly there’s trailing in motion.


            Thank you 🙂

            I’ve ordered the ASUS PA278CV .

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