27/28″ Affordable 4K monitor suggestions

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      So after a long time lurking and following various reviews I finally made the jump created an account and decided to ask a question!

      A bit of background, may current main monitors are a pair of Dell U2518D‘s, these have served me really well over the last 6-7 years, however I’ve got the feeling of I want something new lurking over me. I recently got a new work laptop (a Thinkpad T14s Gen 4 with the low power IPS screen) and im finding myself increasingly drawn to it as a screen, the extra sharpness of the higher DPI is appealing, and I’m not sure if its the low blue light rating but it feels easier on the eyes too. Still potentially regretting not getting the OLED option though I certainly value the extra battery life when out and about. Anyway even without the OLED the screen generally feels a bit punchier in its colour, though perhaps with a tad warmer feel out of the box vs the Dells.

      Right that out of the way its sort of tickled my itch to consider getting a new monitor, I do love the Dell’s but to be I actually find myself principally using just one of them along with the laptop display most of the time. Connectivity wise I’m all sorted having a Thunderbolt 4/USB 4 Lenovo dock that works great.

      In Terms of use, day to day its programming so nothing too fancy needed, I also do some photo and video work on the side so I appreciate colour accuracy but i’m not after perfect, but I do value it over refresh rates etc. I do some gaming, mostly casual stuff and certainly not chasing hight refresh rates. Budget is a consideration, while I’m happy to spend the money on something I’ll appreciate I’d prefer not to spend a huge amount of extra accuracy or features I probably don’t need. Anything new will be going on a monitor arm regardless and connectivity wise the dock will cover it, though any suggestions are pricier I’d prefer more functionality to boot for the future, powersupply wise I’d have a preference for internal, ideally I’d want at least a few years warranty included.

      I’ve got two trains of thought, a UHD 27-28″ 4k monitor that seems about right in terms of not too big with a higher DPI or a a wild card a ultrawide probably at QHDish levels.

      So far my main two contenders are:
      ThinkVision E28u-20, can get a healthy work discount on this, appears to have decent(ish) colour coverage from specs, Innolux panel.
      Asus ProArt PA279CV, seems to possibly be the best in the price range?
      A Dell S or Ultrasharp, I’d lean towards a Ultrasharp though these are more costly and unsure if worth the premium over the Asus.
      Lenovo L28u-30, super affordable but cant find out much about it.

      Anyway so the question is any general recommendations in this area? Currently I’m a bit torn between what on paper is not quite as good but is good enought Thinkvision vs the Asus which generally seems to be pretty good all around?


        Hi jamescutts,

        Our recommendation in the segment is actually the BenQ PD2705U, which offers excellent build quality and I’ve received a good deal of positive user feedback on. With it seeming consistently well-calibrated. It surpasses the ASUS ProArt PA279CV on both metrics and is actually a cheaper option in the UK. I consider both good monitors which I’m sure would serve you well, however. I don’t have any particular thoughts on the Lenovo models, no experience with them or user feedback to share.

        As for Ultrasharp alternatives, the only advantage would be that they offer some IPS Black options with enhanced contrast, such as the U2723QE. I personally find them hard to recommend given the bump in price and if you’ve illuminated your room appropriately the difference in contrast will be far from clear. You may actually notice the inferior pixel responsiveness even on the desktop, however.

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