XF270HUA overdrive confusion

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    Hi PCM,

    I bought this monitor and I am confused about the overdrive settings.
    It appears to be that FreeSync and overdrive is not working simultaneously.

    Acer explains that overdrive is adapting automatically when the monitor is in FreeSync mode although the setting gets greyed out. (http://community.acer.com/t5/Monitors/XF270HU-Overdrive-and-firmware-bugs/td-p/405267)

    I compared all the overdrive settings including FreeSync mode using the UFO test.

    With FreeSync on the ghosting is comparable to the overdrive setting “off”.
    Fruthermore I notice ghosting when scrolling text on a white background really fast.

    When I remove the FreeSync block/capability with CRU the monitor will switch into normal mode.
    In the normale mode overdrive as a setting is selectable and when setting it on normal or extreme, all the ghosting vanishes.

    As far as I understand FreeSync only works in 3D-applications and it does not support browsers (Chrome, Firefox etc.).
    Is this the reason why Overdrive does not work in the UFO test?
    Is there a fail-safe game to test ghosting?
    Maybe overdrive does work, but only if also FreeSync does work.

    Thanks for every help!

    You should review this monitor, because a lot of people are interested and there is not one reliable and professional review out there.


    Sounds like Acer (well, not the whole company, just one poor sap who has to face the community) are just trying to pull the wool over people’s eyes. The pixel overdrive is simply not working at all with FreeSync active, by the sounds of it. This is something I have been made aware of about this monitor previously. It’s also something I’ve seen on some other FreeSync models, particularly earlier ones or those that aren’t officially ‘FreeSync certified’ but do ‘support it’.

    We have more than a sufficient number of models to review so this would only be one we’d consider on the unlikely event we find a gap in the reviewing schedule. It’s also of limited interest to our user base compared to some models we’re still waiting to review.


    Thanks for the answer.
    It’s such a shame.
    I’m looking for a WQHD non TN monitor with FreeSync and every monitor seem to have flaws.

    XF270HUA – Overdrive not working
    MG279Q – odd FreeSync range and high input lag when below 120 Hz
    FS2735 – too expensive (1000€)
    Nixeus EDG 27 – bad availability (if any at all) in Europe, hideous thick bezels, but it seems to have the best FreeSync implementation
    C27HG70 – broken FreeSync2 implementation, idiotic stand (takes way too much space), I don’t need HDR

    Is AMD so unpopular, that no one cares to get the ultimate and best FreeSync monitor on the market?
    There aren’t even revisions announced of the Asus one or new ones from AOC or Viewsonic.

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