VA glossy around 40" any suggestions?

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    Been trying to replace my old 32″ panasonic for a while now with no luck. It’s a TV with glossy ips and ZERO ips glow. Basically looks like a plasma or oled minus the deep blacks and color gamut.

    I’ve tried several ips tvs, two were lg and the must recent the x720e that claimed as the best tv as a monitor. IPS glow was awful on all of them. Unusable for any dark or semi dark content. The semi-gloss coatings were also terrible. They diffused reflections by making them blurry, but they were still bright and now took up MORE of the screen. My old Panasonic had a glossy but very dark thick coating that is miles ahead.

    I’ve also tried several VA monitors. BL3200pt I do not like matte coatings at all and the contrast shift was distracting. U3277PWQU same but the contrast shift was even worse. Mx34vq a curved VA had the worst viewing angles I’ve ever seen.

    So the only real upgrade would be oled, except they are far too big and expensive right now.

    The monitor must be glossy and around 40″. I am interested in the BDM4350UC but don’t know if the ips glow is any better than what I’ve seen on the lg and Sony tvs. I am also very interested in the older discontinued BDM4065UC that can still be found refurbished. mentions the VA glow to be barely there and not distracting, but I bought all the VA monitors mentioned above due to their recommendations so don’t know if I will get a diverging experience this time as well.


    No monitor is perfect and everybody has different preferences. If you find the viewing angles on a 34″ UltraWide SVA bad (I assure you, there are worse models out there for that) it is down primarily to the width. And that can be even more extreme with the 40″ models. Nonetheless, you’re between a rock and a hard place. So the BDM4065UC is certainly a possibility to try given what you prioritise, but be aware of its drawbacks as highlighted in the review. Another possibility is the Philips BDM4037UW which you may of already dismissed due to pixel responsiveness. Or the upcoming Philips 436M6VBPAB, which isn’t due until Q2 2018.


    Thanks for the response. I did see the other Philip monitor but didn’t like the design nor the curve. I was wondering if the consumer tvs had better viewing angles or not. I know the shift varied between the three VA panels I tried. The Samsung mu6300 or mu7000 I don’t know if they suffer from the same bad sva angles as the mx34vq or not. The sony x900e seems to be a good option as well.


    TVs would certainly be worth exploring, given your requirements and desires. In terms of viewing angle performance, many TVs that are VA tend to use Samsung VA panels. And they are perhaps a bit better in that respect than TPV panels (used by Philips). In my experience a wider colour gamut also helps reduce the perceived effect of saturation shifts. I know the panel itself is a bit different, but this effect was less pronounced on the CF791 when compared with the MX34VQ and I feel colour gamut was a significant contributing factor. And quite a lot of recent TVs (plus the upcoming Philips model I mentioned) offer quite a generous colour gamut, so that would be in their favour.


    Thanks again for your meticulous response. I’ve decided to get an LG OLED tv. They can be had for the price of a high end dell monitor so might as well. The only issue would be size, but I can always letterbox it.



    Same question for me. I wonder which is one beetween iiyama X4071UHSU-B1 and philips BDM4037UW
    Could you test the iiyama ?

    Thank you.


    No, because;

    A) Iiyama have no interest in providing a review sample.
    B) The X4071HSU-B1 uses exactly the same panel as the Philips BDM4065UC. Including the use of PWM and pronounced interlace pattern artifacts. So you’ve got more than enough information to make an informed decision on that one already.


    So, best to wait for the nextgen to solve those issues ?


    Indeed. 🙂


    Thank for advise. Curious about LG will be able to produce any reliable OLED40 for monitors.. Very boring to wait for… If it’s too long, I think I will stick on a classical 27 1080 VA by the time


    I too patiently await OLED screens that are that sort of size. 😉

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