Upcoming AOC AGON gaming monitors (2018)

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    At Gamescom 2017, in Cologne, AOC gave an interesting presentation covering some of their recent models from their AGON gaming lineup. They also revealed details of a number of monitors they have in the pipeline. The models are part of what they are calling their AGON³ series. Further details and likely proper news pieces to come in due course.

    – 27″ curved TN, 2560 x 1440 (WQHD)
    – 144Hz refresh rate
    – FreeSync 2 support with HDR
    – 90% DCI-P3 colour space and 10-bit colour (8-bit + FRC)
    – 0.5ms response time (take this with a good dose of salt)
    April 2018 @ €699 (European ETA and MSRP)

    -As above, with G-SYNC instead of FreeSync 2 and 165Hz support
    – No HDR support listed (G-SYNC HDR would be required – that has more stringent requirements than this panel can provide)
    May 2018 @ €799 (European ETA and MSRP)

    – 27″ IPS-type, 3840 x 2160 (‘4K’ UHD)
    – 144Hz refresh rate
    – G-SYNC HDR (includes Quantum Dot FALD backlight, 1000 cd/m² peak luminance and 384 dimming zones)
    – 100% DCI-P3 colour space and 10-bit colour (8-bit + FRC)
    June 2018 (European ETA, price TBC)

    – 35″ curved VA, 3440 x 1440
    – 200Hz refresh rate
    – G-SYNC HDR (1000 cd/m² peak luminance, Quantum Dot backlight. Possibly FALD with 512 dimming zones)
    – 100% DCI-P3 colour space and 10-bit colour (8-bit + FRC)
    August 2018 (European ETA, price TBC)


    (AG273QCX) This monitor has weird specs. Its tn panel but supports %90+ DCI-P3 color space without quantum dot. 400 nit HDR and 0.5ms response time. What should we expect ? No information about local dimming. Price 600€ which is higher than Samsung CHG70.

    “I saw this TN panel, they were doing a demonstration in Taipei,” Clemente says, “and the picture quality is probably better than IPS. It’s not quantum dot, you can’t put that on TN, but the quality was really reminiscent of quantum dot. The market has never seen a TN panel with this colour quality. Viewing angles are TN viewing angles, but you don’t care about that.”

    Picture quality better than ips ? How about 0.5ms ? Looks like marketing. Feels like little bit improved response time, colors but fake HDR and TN viewing angles. 600€ price is too much.

    CHG70: HDR600, VA contrast, 8 dimming zones, quantum dot. 550$
    AG273QCX: HDR400, TN contrast+Viewing angles, probably 0 dimming zones and no quantum dot. 600€

    Claiming HDR with 900-1000 contrast+ 400nit and adding premium price…


    There you go, there’s already a thread for this… Merged.

    As for what you should expect. Further information when it’s available and hopefully a review if there’s time and enough interest. I don’t see what colour gamut has to do with ‘colour being better than IPS’. No, it’s still a TN model and is bound be exactly the same colour consistency issues as other TN models. It just happens to have a decent colour gamut and will therefore produce a more vibrant palette. For those who value responsiveness above all else and still like their colours to have good saturation overall, it’s an interesting choice. Some will certainly pay that premium for it, although I expect once retailer competition kicks in the price will lower.


    I searched but i didnt see this topic. Better this way thanks. What is the difference between ips and tn if monitor in front of you and both has same color gamut and volume. Both technology has same contrast. Ips has better viewing angles yes but on the paper both looks same. Va different because it has 3000 contrast but i can’t see difference between tn and ips apart from viewing angles. Its matter of preference. Better response time and low price vs better viewing angles. I’m assuming if you calibrate both monitor can show same colors ? Did i understand correct ? I know ips better for color critical work because of viewing angles(no gama shift) but both panel can produce same colors. IPS vivid myth comes from old bad tn panels.


    I’d advise you read up on the idea of ‘colour consistency’, which is summarised in this article and a concept explored in detail in relevant reviews on our website. It’s a key difference between TN and IPS models that has a significant effect on the viewing experience. If you’re aware of this difference then that’s fine, but it is a crucial concept to fully understand. The colour gamut and contrast has nothing whatsoever to do with this difference, although a wider colour gamut can help to offset the perceived saturation loss lower down the screen. By keeping shades looking decently saturated even in such regions. It can’t offset the difference in perceived saturation between a given shade at the top vs. bottom of the screen, however.


    Thanks for link. Looks like perceived saturation loss bound with viewing angle. Do you think perceived saturation loss(gama shifting) still exist with 70-80cm viewing distance and correct viewing angle. I noticed that your camera too close to screen in that video. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bYKUFNSya_Y) My old chg70 shows almost same behavior.

    I hate ips glow and im planning to buy this monitor AOC Agon AG271QX. What do you think ? Is there any upcoming 27inch 144hz 1440p IPS freesync2 monitor like chg70(va) or AG273QCX(tn) ?

    One last question (lol) did you test any 384 dimming zone monitor ?


    The camera was somewhat close to the screen to exaggerate the effect, but actually the camera distance isn’t as close as it looks at all. If you read relevant reviews carefully you’ll see I tend to sit 70-80cm from the screen. So yes, it’s certainly an issue from that distance otherwise I wouldn’t even mention it in reviews. I’d also recommend watching the ‘colour reproduction’ section of the ViewSonic XG2402 video review, because that explains it quite clearly with obvious visible demonstrations. And that’s all with reference to that sort of viewing distance.

    The only HDR-capable models I’ve properly tested are featured on the website as reviews; the C27HG70 and U2518D.


    Perhaps not as exciting as some of the models mentioned in this thread, but AOC have a planned minor revision to the AG352UCG. The AG352UCG6 Black Edition includes a factory overclock to 120Hz and features matte black plastic in place of glossy plastics on the bezel. The stand is also black rather than silver. The monitor itself uses the same AUO panel and should offer similar performance to the original edition (aside from the addition of 120Hz on top of 100Hz). Release expected in some regions (including UK) in May, price and exact release date TBC.

    AOC AG352UCG6 Black Edition front

    AOC AG352UCG6 Black Edition rear

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