Ultrawide: 100hz vs upcoming 200hz

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    Was hoping for some other opinions aswell 🙂


    Yes of course. Although bear in mind my opinion comes from somebody who actually owns a 16:9 144Hz model, but is still just an opinion.


    Allow me to expand a bit on what I said yesterday. I certainly don’t have a strong preference for 100Hz UltraWides, or the Samsung C34F791 in this case. I do enjoy and appreciate having a higher refresh rate and frame rate, but I also enjoy the 21:9 3440 x 1440 experience. The latter I simply enjoy more. I even say this with respect to the more extreme comparison not of the C32HG70 with its usual VA responsiveness issues, but the Dell S2716DG that I use as a reference for responsiveness.

    If somebody were to offer me the Samsung CF791 as a direct replacement for the Dell (glossing over the fact I use this as a reference model for responsiveness), I would take it. But if I were a particularly competitive gamer, I would not. I like doing well in some games I play, but feel I can do sufficiently well on the likes of BF1 on the CF791 and rather like the FOV advantage. So what sort of gamer are you? How competitively do you play?


    The more I think about it, 100 hz seems fine – since not even the 1080 TI can hit 144hz on 2560×1440 in demanding games. According to this: https://www.hardocp.com/article/2017/03/09/nvidia_geforce_gtx_1080_ti_video_card_review/9 it averages 115 FPS. (i know this is with everything maxed out) and im not the type of person to buy the highest end graphics card since they are way way way overpriced (but thats a whole other story).

    So even if I did get the PG35VQ my cheapness would not allow me to pay 800-900 pounds for the volta TI or what ever its gonna be called. So its kinda pointless to buy a monitor with the highest refreshrate when as a person I can’t justify the graphic card prices and at the rate you would need to upgrade them – to keep up with the 144-200hz refreshrate. Its just, it would be nice to not have to buy the utter top end of ultrawides, PG35VQ, but simply get a 3440×1440 with only 120-144hz so the pricetag wont be so astronomical. But sadly like you already wrote, there hasnt been announced anything remotely close to this from anyone (UW with 144hz without HDR etc)

    And I play mostly battlefield and OW when it comes to shooters, i dont play CS and i certainly dont play OW competitively – and on this subject im pretty sure a pro OW or CS go player could demolish me with a 60 hz monitor and me on a 240 hz one.

    So its basicly a question of UW 100hz vs 16:9 144hz – its just an annoying time to be buying a monitor since potentially in 6months something cool could pop up – but I guess this is always the case with hardware.

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