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    The weird thing is it also feel sluggish / lagging at those moments and only in the dark. The video does not capture it 100%, it looks a lot less worse than it is on the eyes. Still, if you look good enough you see it is sluggish and blurry when I move my mouse in those dark areas.


    What is your frame rate when the issue occurs?


    Stable 75 fps like outside.

    Walking that place for too long hurt my eyes xd


    Then VSync is active and you’re not using FreeSync. So nothing to do with that.


    Wait freesync is not in use when vsync is enabled? Did not know this.

    I thought it was good idea to cap the frames at 75hz.


    No, FreeSync is not in use when the frame rate matches or exceeds the refresh rate ceiling of the monitor. Refer to the relevant section of the review –


    Then I have no idea what would be causing the laggy / dizzy weird motion blur at dark places with no light. :/


    Slow pixel responses, as covered in the review and mentioned to you earlier. When some users see such an extent of smeary trailing, it can certainly give affect how people feel as well. It can even make some users nauseous and generally uncomfortable.


    It’s such a great monitor, I really love it but battlefield 1 is unplayable which makes me kind of sad. RB6, Battlefront 2 don’t have this or not as noticeable and in Witcher I only get this crap in a small bar for some reason so no issues there, no other areas… =(

    Do you think the AOC AG322QCX is suffering from the same issues?


    Yes, but to a lesser extent. It’s covered in detail in the review. In fact the comparison is drawn in the responsiveness section of the Q3279VWF review which I’ve pointed towards a few times now. 🙂


    What would you recommend as a good gaming monitor @32 inch without slow pixel transition.


    Nothing currently.


    Any upcoming monitors that might be interesting?


    Check out the main section of the website and the recent CES thread…


    I suppose you can try capping fps with Rivatuner at 72-74 Hz, it will force freesync to become an active.

Viewing 15 posts - 46 through 60 (of 70 total)

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