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    Perfect answer. Thank you. I guess we know one another for some time now 🙂
    If the VA shifts are more pronounced on the AOC than on BenQ like the you-tube video-opinion said, it might be bothering.

    I will order the BenQ.
    AOC strengths are probably related to input lag / response time / blur – gaming.
    I will read your review when it is up.


    Just wondering if you got my email? I see you messaged me twice, but the second time was after I had sent a reply. If you didn’t get it, maybe check your junk/spam filter. Hopefully you did get it, but just in case as some spam filters can be a bit overzealous.


    You are right the message went to spam. Now i will read it.


    Thinking between VA panel, Samsung C27F591 and AOC Q3279VWF. Never used 32″ as a monitor before, I don`t know will distance from 90cm (eyes to monitor be enough).

    Does AOC have slow color transition like this:


    I feel this is addressed in our review of the AOC Q3279VWF. It quite clearly does have some pronounced weaknesses in pixel responsiveness, which are shown and explained in some detail. These weaknesses would almost certainly would cause scenes such as those demonstrated in that video to lose some detail. The Samsung C27F591 is more responsive by comparison, but does still have some weaknesses as addressed in the review. It tends not to lose detail due to ‘break-up’ trailing in the same way as seen on the Q3279VWF or as demonstrated in the videos. But it depends on the specific shades involved in the transition.

    90cm is more than enough, our preferred viewing distance is provided at various points of the review and that’s generally 70 – 80cm. It’s a subjective thing, I don’t have a problem sitting that close to a 43″ monitor, either.


    Thanks. What about eye strain, many users reported that Samsung C27F591 is very good for eyes. How is AOC on eye strain when compared to Samsung?


    That depends on your eyes and the factors you’re sensitive to. I found it absolutely fine, but I’m not very fussy with monitors in terms of viewing comfort. Some users do prefer curved screens and relatively low pixel densities. Some are spectrally sensitive to certain backlights. And, depending on lighting conditions, a matte screen surface could be preferable. By the same token, some find glossy screens more comfortable visually due to more direct light emission. So there isn’t a clear-cut answer to that.


    First thanks for the great review and effort you put in it.

    Now what was not 100% clear to me.
    With the ICC profile did you change the osd from gamma 1 to gamma 3 or not?

    And did you install the driver in windows from the manufacturer cd or are you using the generic windows plug and play drivers for the monitor? As after installing the driver with cd, I have this feeling colours got more saturated. :S

    Thanks in advance.


    I’m glad you liked the review. Your second question is answered in the calibration section:

    “The monitor was left in its ‘Plug and Play’ state without any additional drivers or ICC profiles specifically loaded.”

    Like all modern monitors, it does not need a special driver. It is entirely ‘Plug and Play’. All a driver may do for some models is (in rare cases) alter FreeSync behaviour by adjusting refresh rate range. I’m aware some users claim to not have been able to access 75Hz without the AOC driver installed, but that wasn’t the case for me on either GPU I tested.

    As for your other question. The review has now been corrected, that was supposed to be listed under ‘Optimal OSD Settings’ as we did indeed change the setting to ‘Gamma3’.


    Thank you for the clarification.

    So you say I should just leave the Aoc driver on my pc as it has no influence on colors? I didn’t have any trouble with changing refresh rate to 75 without the driver.


    Yup, it won’t do any harm. 🙂


    Mm really thought orange / yellow colors looked a bit more saturated after those drivers. But might be my thought then. xD

    I really do like this monitor a lot, sharp picture, nice colors, very good contrast. I do have one thing that annoyes me at times I think it might have something to do with freesync.

    In more than one game battlefield 1 and witcher I do have weird smearing in very dark areas, sometimes it get as worse as my picture looks like aquapaint. This is only when I move my mouse fast or slow.

    Here is an example:

    Check arround 18 seconds my picture almost get’s 1 blurry spot. It’s always gone when I see lighted area’s or at daylight.

    Maybe you might know what’s causing this?


    Yes, it doesn’t change anything like that.

    If you’re talking about ‘smearing’ for dark shades, surely that shouldn’t come as a surprise if you’d read the correct section of our review. It is explored in quite some detail.


    But how is it I can capture it internal on video, shouldn’t that only display on the monitor itself? I have a feeling it’s freesync.


    You’re not capturing anything problematic on the video as far as I can see. What do you expect to happen if you watch transitions (at 60fps) on a monitor that is known to have weaknesses for said transitions at around that frame rate? 😉 Try viewing the video on a different device. Unless you’re talking about something else, in which case you’ll have to explain what you mean.

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