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    With respect, you should follow us on Twitter or at least take a look at our profile. Or take a look at the front page of the website. That will answer your question, although it might not be the answer you wanted. 🙁

    I know it goes against what was planned even at the start of this month, but plans are often disrupted by reality. And I can’t control when we receive monitors and have to re-prioritise appropriately.

    Edit: The AOC has just been dispatched. So it will be next on the list, I hope it’s worth the wait. And sorry that there will be more of a wait than initially anticipated.


    I decided to wait until the reviews, seeing as how the HP 32″ 1440p Freesync models have some kinks.
    But it became available for 200€ on preorder here in Scandinavia, which is a ridiculous price for a 32″ 1440p 75hz VA Freesync monitor, so I had to decide otherwise 🙂

    Seems like AOC have started to do discounted preorders for their monitors at a slight loss for some reason. Happened with the AG322QCX as well.


    The monitor costs 100 euro to produce, so there is no loss.


    What AOC have done with pricing is extremely smart. It may be a relatively low margin product, as far as monitors go, but it is designed to sell in volumes. And judging from how many (pre)orders are going through via our website, it is selling like hotcakes.

    P.S. No linking to competitors, thank you.


    Heh, sorry, didn’t realize he was having links to it.
    Waiting for the real review and only PCM2 will provide it.

    Maybe this topic had something to do with the (pre)orders and of course AOC smart move with pricing.

    Finally 31.5″ 2560 x 1440 at good prices.
    Probably we can expect next year a drop in price from all manufacturers if it succeeds in taking market share.


    Indeed. 🙂 It is certainly going to be an interesting model to review and I hope it is a successful product that sends a clear message to other manufacturers.


    In the meantime, at this moment, what is your recommendation for 27″ 1080p [IPS and VA ~75Hz] + [flicker free/low blue light/8 bit/light mate]
    Thank you.


    While for AOC Q3279VWF we need to see if there are any problems with shifting / viewing angles, and how it behaves with text.
    From what i remember EW2775ZH has ok viewing angles while the more expensive EW3270ZL has superior viewing angles compared to EW2775ZH (no idea by how much ?)

    I am torn between the EW2775ZH and this AOC (not too much space on desk but theoretically could use any of them, just want to get the best)


    Yes, the EW2775ZH would be my recommendation for a flat 27″ model as you describe.


    It’s happening :

    AOC implementation to blue light, looks similar to BenQ Blue Light Plus, meaning no use of filters but removes the problematic blue from the LED altogether.

    But you have to test and see if this model really uses that.

    BenQ removes 422-455 nm
    While AOC anti-blue “shifts” the shortwave blue light peak from 444nm to 460nm. This results in over 90% reduction in eye-damaging blue light with little to no effect on display brightness and color versus other solutions which dim or yellow the screen.

    Theoretically BenQ is 5 nm lower than 460 nm while the AOC is 22 nm higher than 422 nm.
    Now we have to see which implementation is better and if Q3279VWF actually uses the better low blue light implementation or if BenQ does.


    No, this model does not use what Philips/MMD refer to as ‘Soft Blue’ as far as I’m aware. There are clear shifts in colour temperature when the ‘Low Blue Light’ settings are activated, as will be explored in the review. The real reason most users would (or should) be interested in LBL is to cut out HEVL before bedtime, where it is stimulating to the body and affects sleep. Simply shifting the wavelength of blue light does not help in that respect, so it is important that manufacturers don’t opt for that method alone. Quite a few models actually shift their blue energy peak slightly without specifically mentioning it. Where it is mentioned explicitly, it’s simply for marketing purposes in my educated opinion – and any model that uses that method of LBL alone without an easily accessible alternative with lower colour temperature is flawed. I’m not saying it’s not a nice thing to have a shifted blue peak as well, but it’s not the be all and end all when it comes to LBL and should not be considered superior to other alternatives. Which happen to be more useful in the real world.


    Are you saying it is better for the low blue light mode to actually also change the color temperature ? Or are you saying it is better to simply have an alternative and be able to manually change the color temperature yourself.

    I am not sure at all which LBL variant is better, the BenQ LBL+ or AOC or other method that you saw on different monitors ?

    Is the softblue similar to BenQ LBL+


    I am saying that the most practical advantage for an LBL setting, in the real world, is to keep the body in a relaxed state. To prevent disruption to melatonin and other sleep hormones and any messing up of the body clock. To achieve this, the LBL mode needs to actually reduce blue light output, not just shift the wavelength. And any LBL mode that avoids changing colour temperature is just shifting the wavelength of blue light, not reducing it.

    Soft Blue and LBL+ are similar principles and, as above, involve shifting the wavelength of blue light. Fortunately BenQ (and perhaps AOC) combine these with more conventional LBL settings that also shift colour temperature. It simply isn’t sufficient to shift wavelength alone. It can be useful, it’s a nice bonus, but it doesn’t fill the same role as an actual blue light reduction from the monitor.


    Last information i got from importer is that the product may come end of December, which is a lot to wait, considering my new PC will be ready in about 4 days. So i might order Monday the EW2775ZH and call it a day.

    Do you think that by Monday you would get any proper information from the ongoing review, if the AOC Q3279VWF is a fine model, or has terrible results in viewing angles, uniformity, lag/blur/overdrive, blue tint, artifacts, text etc ?

    Thank you.

    I can get the EW2775ZH with 177 euros, so i think it is a good deal.
    Still waiting for price info for the AOC here in my country and an actual date when the product will be ready.

    P.S: Things are never how you want them to be and are never ready when you want them to be ready 🙂
    For example i wished the AOC was in shops already so i just had to check your review and buy it.


    I don’t want to give too much away before the review. But I’m aware of the areas you’re particular about and would say that you are going to be happier with the BenQ than this AOC. There are definite strengths to this AOC, but some of the weaknesses cover the areas you were most interested in.

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