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    I know there are many topics here.
    But i would like to centralize the answer to a couple of questions.

    What is the best 27″ VA 1080, 27″ IPS 1080.
    What is the best 32″ VA 1440, 32″ IPS 1440.

    For 1440p : Games will need much more expensive GPU for same FPS, Movies in 1080 will be stretched on the screen, audio,video, image editing will benefit.
    For 1080p : More fps easier on the GPU, movies not stretched, audio, video, image editing may suffer.

    For me 27″ 1440 is too small text, while 24″ 1200 is a dying breed with no new models.

    What about best Bang for the buck ? For example 32″ 1440 is 2.5x price of 27″ 1080 while the 32″1440 having also 4 times more input lag !

    For example is 27″ VA EW2775ZH the best cheap 1080 60 Hz monitor (can it be overclocked at 75Hz) ? Are there any alternatives from Samsung with better motion blur, less black crush, input lag, Adaptive sync etc.

    Is EW3270ZL the best cheap VA 1440 60Hz monitor (can it be overclocked at 75Hz) ? Are there any alternatives from Samsung with better motion blur, less black crush, input lag, Adaptive sync etc.
    For example does Samsung LS32D85KTSR (LS32D85KTSR/EN) use same panel as BL3200PT/EW3270ZL and would it be a better implementation ?

    What about IPS models ?

    Thank you !


    I appreciate what you’re trying to do here, but trying to focus things down to ‘the best’ monitor is an exercise in futility.

    The reason that there are so many threads here and a lot of overlap in topics is that monitors are extremely subjective. People have their own preferences, no monitor is perfect and ‘the best’ monitor for one individual is not going to be the best for another. This forum is also very focussed and in some ways is more of a knowledge base with extensive input from myself and some other dedicated users. I like it this way as it makes it unique and distinctive from other forums out there. But it also means this thread is unlikely to gain traction or generate anything more than a ‘two way debate’. If other users do want to chime in I will let them, but I’m more than likely going to have to end up closing this thread.

    By the way, be careful how you refer to monitors. The Samsung S27D850T is the preferred designation for one of the models you’ve mentioned and your question is answered on our news piece.


    Indeed, it is unique and i like it too.

    Just saw this good value :

    Scroll down click monitors :AMD

    It says : AOC Q3279VWF8 / Q3279VWFD8 / Q3279VWF/ Q3279VWF 48-75Hz via DisplayPort and HDMI DisplayPort™ HDMI® No LFC
    Can this monitor do 75Hz ? The price is very good, it has no flicker (no idea if any blue light reduction) has Free Sync 1, being 31.5 has better PPI, almost same as 24″ 1200, but what about the panel origin and how it behaves ?

    It is the first model we see at such a low price in this category, am i right ?

    In this case when you say matte anti-glare screen surface, do you mean low haze value like BenQ ?


    Yes, 48 – 75Hz as per our news piece. That is a very interesting monitor. Very interesting indeed! I would actually jump at the opportunity to review it ASAP, but I’ve got a huge backlog and in fact I’m already due 4 different models to review. That’ll keep me occupied until next year (at which time I will definitely look to review this AOC!)

    I don’t know the exact panel used and AOC haven’t confirmed yet, so haze value is something that will have to be assessed in a review. Given the uniquely low price, I am wondering if it could be a slightly obscure panel. Could be wrong though.

    Edit: The panel used is the Panda LC320HU1A. So will definitely need testing. 🙂


    Maybe , just maybe, you can take this monitor and do a quick ninja preview of the review where you only state, uniformity, input lag, pixel responsiveness, problems, viewing angle compared to BenQ 32″ VA. Then do a full complete review later, when you have the necessary time !

    What AOC is doing here is going to force BenQ, Samsung, Asus, Viewsonic, Dell, Philips etc. to stop asking a premium for 27″-32″ 2540 x 1440 @ 75Hz MVA !

    This monitor is made 99.99% sure in (TPV Technology) (TP Vision) European factory in Poland, and if it has better input lag and good uniformity with no major MVA defects in responsiveness / slow color transitions / black crush etc. it is going to be a gold mine, mark my words.

    I am interested in this monitor precisely because i can’t justify 2.5x the price that BenQ is asking for 32″ 1440 over a 27″ Full HD VA.

    Edit: Apparently is has a low blue light mode, but it is not advertised.

    Thank you ! 🙂


    The problem is I can’t just keep hold of a review sample for months on end and deny others the sample. And there’s no way I would want to ship a monitor back to them only to have it shipped back again. They wouldn’t like that, either, it is costly. Anything short of a full review is pointless on my end, and if I don’t have time to do a full review (or at the very least a video review) then I don’t have time to test the monitor. Because I’ve got other things to be getting on with. 🙂


    I may have spotted a mistake :

    sRGB coverage for european model Q3279VWF is only 98% so almost 72% NTSC not 88% NTSC.

    The Asia Pacific region model Q3279VWF8 is “marketed” as 88% NTSC which seems misleading.
    Does Q3279VWF8 uses a different panel ?

    When this arrives in my country i am going to buy 1 piece.
    I use it for music production and i need exactly this kind of monitor be it 32″ or 31.5″
    How bad can it be if it has Free Sync for games/movies and regarding motion blur/input lag/refresh rate/viewing angle/black crush/uniformity etc. ?

    On other sites they confirmed it can do 75Hz, by calculation some say it can reach 90Hz, but if free sync is only to 75Hz it would be pointless.

    AOC stated that they want 1440 to become mainstream (the new Full HD) when they launched this particular model.
    AOC aims to bring “1440p to everybody” with the new Q3279VWF. As AOC says, FHD has been a standard for years but seems rather pixelated on larger monitors.


    A monitor can only cover 98% sRGB yet still provide a significantly wider colour gamut than sRGB in some regions of the gamut. That’s the case here, it’s not an error.

    And there’s no point in changing the images in the article at this stage. Because as it happens, AOC have a sample available. And it seems Samsung are being horrendously slow providing the units they’ve promised for review. It means the AOC might get a bump up in the queue after all, but I can’t promise anything. 😉


    PCM2 i appreciate your effort !
    Samsung has become too big to care.

    Let’s hope for the best with this monitor.
    I see what you are saying about NTSC, thank you for the information.


    Managed to contact AOC through a local importer.
    Will get more information soon when this monitor comes to my country and at what price.


    Answer :
    “The monitor arrives in AOC / Philips deposits in December, but the first quantity is very limited.”

    I will probably buy at least one when they have them in stock.
    Going to look for reviews.
    The Asia – Pacific model uses different panel ?

    The European model AOC Q3279VWF panel wasn’t used in other models until now right ?

    Thank you !


    Sounds like it’s not too far away for you then, I just hope it lives up to expectations.

    I don’t think the AP model does use a different panel, but the panel has not been used in any other product aside from this AOC.


    I saw the update here :
    You are basically going to be the first professional reviewer that tests this model.

    Here two videos of AP variant : (some video games at the end)

    It is definitely a panel made in China, relatively new.
    The company name is CEC-PANDA LCD Technology Co., Ltd.
    You once said if i remember right, that the panel alone is not enough, AOC tuning and implementation can also influence the final product performance.

    About CEC Panda
    Based in Nanjing, China, Nanjing CEC Panda LCD Technology Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of China Electronics Corporation (CEC), the largest state-owned IT enterprise in China. CEC-Panda is engaged in research and development, manufacture and sales of telecommunications equipment, computers and electronic equipment, as well as provision of technical services. The company possesses solid research and development capabilities and owns three state-level engineering technology development centers.

    Nanjing CEC-PANDA LCD Technology Co., Ltd. engages in the manufacture of LCD panels and displays. The company is based in Nanjing, China. Nanjing CEC-PANDA LCD Technology Co., Ltd. operates as a subsidiary of Nanjing China Electronics Panda Group Corp.

    They had collaborations with Sharp, so this MVA could be some sort of Sharp panel copy, we will see how good or bad the monitor behaves !


    Yes indeed. And some good background information there. There is indeed more to a monitor than just the panel, but it will be very interesting to see how this one turns out. I do wonder how it will cope with regards to responsiveness (AOC’s tuning can only help so much if the panel itself is limited in that regard) and also screen surface. Possibly viewing angle constraints as well, although Sharp certainly make some good VA panels for TVs so if they do use similar technology that aspect should be decent. It’ll certainly be an exciting model to look at. 🙂


    Are you testing at the moment the : AOC Q3279VWF ?

    When do you think the review will come out and what are your review plans right now.

    Thank you.

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