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    Hi all,

    First of all, I’d like to thank the pcmonitors moderators and community – I’ve learned a lot from browsing through the discussions and reading your reviews and recommendations.

    I use my PC mostly for single player (RPG & Strategy, occasionally MMOs, MOBA and some non-competitive FPS) gaming, but I also occasionally work on it. I’ve started the monitor picking journey with multiple monitor options, but I think that I’ve narrowed them down to two (different) monitors that have the same price point. I currently use a GTX 970 GPU, but may upgrade it in the near future as well.

    1. ViewSonic XG2401 – While having a TN panel, potentially decreasing image quality compared to IPS, I’ve heard that it’s a strong all around monitor (also featured in your recommendations), and I guess that I could enjoy the 144hz feature in single player games. The downsides of buying it would be not utilizing the FreeSync with an Nvidia GPU (potentially causing tearing), and a lesser image quality than IPS monitors.

    2. Dell U2417H – Although it is not featured in your recommendations, I heard good things about the image quality of this affordable IPS screen. I wonder, however, whether an IPS 60hz screen would be worth buying considering that most of my PC time is spent on gaming.

    I would really appreciate your advice, since I’m stuck in a state of indecision with a burnt screen for quite a while now. Other directions are welcome as well! (my budget is flexible, so if a raise of ±200 USDs would significantly improve the quality of the monitor, it’s not outside the realm of possibility).

    Thanks again,


    Hi BenB and welcome,

    It’s a good point about the Dell U2417H not being featured as a recommendation, because it is a model I recommend. Frequently. Models sometimes feature on the recommendations section but get taken off depending on price and availability, which is primarily dictated by price and availaiblity in the US (where most of our audience are based). The section was recently revamped so that all users see the same recommendations regardless of their location and I can see that the price and availability of the Dell is fine now, so I’ve added it back on.

    This comparison isn’t straightforward. I hate to use this phrase, but you’re comparing apples and oranges. And which a user would prefer is highly subjective. The Dell certainly has nicer image quality than the ViewSonic, with superior colour consistency and a less grainy matte screen surface. It just gives an all-round richer image. But the ViewSonic is significantly more responsive. In terms of contrast they both have their strengths and weaknesses, as explored alongside other factors in their respective reviews.

    What I would say, though, is that if you have a GTX 970 and are considering upgrading (to something more powerful, I would assume) then you’re going to find a 60Hz Full HD monitor rather limiting. You should consider a higher resolution model, such as the Dell U2518D, which provides superior image quality in many respects to the others and is entirely worth its premium in my view. Or alternatively go all in for the 144Hz model, with the ViewSonic being a good choice in that respect. Some users (*holds up hand*) abosolutely love gaming at high frame rates on high refresh rate displays and find it very painful to game on 60Hz models. Others don’t find the difference so dramatic and are happier to game at 60Hz. It’s a tough call…


    Don’t think that I could have asked for a better overview. I’m leaning towards going with the 144hz ViewSonic since from what I’ve seen the image quality was decent enough. The U2518D wasn’t on my radar at all and it does seem very impressive, but it’s on very low stock where I live (and I need a screen ASAP) + 144hz has its advantages anyway.

    Really appreciate the valuable input.


    A quick follow up – I decided to double my budget (+/- 500-600 USD) and go for a 144hz monitor. Again – what’s important for me is image quality in games, and I’ll most likely buy a new Nvidia GPU when the new series comes out. Is there any general recommendation for a monitor under these circumstances? Cheers.


    You could consider something like the Dell S2417DG or S2716DG. You were (understandably) trying to pick between the superior colour quality of an IPS model and the speed of a fast 144Hz TN model. Your budget does allow you to experience a bit of both with something like the ASUS MG279Q. We actually feature the XB271HU in the recommendations section, but that’s just because most people have Nvidia GPUs and are willing to spend a bit extra for a model with G-SYNC. Some don’t really care so much for the feature and are on tighter budgets, so the MG279Q fills that gap nicely. The only area of real disappointment in comparison to the G-SYNC models comes from users who have AMD GPUs and wish to use FreeSync, as the range for that is limited. As an Nvidia user just using the monitor at 144Hz, it works fine.


    Thank you. You’ve made me seriously look at the Dell S2716DG now, while still considering your previous IPS, lower hz Dell U2518D advice as well. My primary concern with the S2716DG is the color banding issues. While I’m curious about 144hz monitors performance (since I’ve never experienced one), I can’t get over the TN lower image quality and color accuracy issues, especially at the relatively high premium of the S2716DG. However, I am thinking about the long run here, considering i’ll acquire future Nvidia GPUs…

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