Samsung C32HG70 First Impressions

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    Was that with ‘Ultimate Engine’ selected?


    From that youtube review:

    Ultimate Engine is from 80-120 Hz, Normal Engine from 90-120 Hz

    This seems massivly hard to fathom that a monitor that costs 800 euro has that range? I mean that alone would be a dealbreaker if you looking for a freesync monitor.


    Yeah that’s really rather poor, but it’s anybody’s guess whether it’s a driver issue or hardware related. I would assume it’s hardware related as I would have thought it’s something that would have been ironed out already otherwise. In summary it would seem that anybody buying the C32HG70 for HDR capability or FreeSync capability would be left disappointed.


    I would agree. Even if priced similar it seems people are better off with the AOC.

    But it makes me wonder why there are no news or info regarding the philips or the ASUS as they were revealed the same time as the samsung.


    Another concern has arisen:

    PWM confirmed PWM 350-360 Hz in the range of brightness 0-95% – Now I remember really old CRT’s that used to mess your eyes up , would your eyes notice/fatigue/hurt with that 350-360hz?


    Yes, I’m aware of this and it’s definitely important to bring up. Whether it causes fatigue, pain or anything else depends on the individual’s own eyes and general visual system and physiology. There’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach to PWM usage. Personally I would be able to pick up PWM artifacts during motion (which I dislike) at such frequencies and I do feel some users would experience accelerated eye fatigue.

    It’s another point knocked off for the Samsung. It sounds like they’ve gone for an overly complex but seemingly quite ineffective backlight dimming solution that has lead to some compromises along the way. But some users would find the PWM usage at 360Hz absolutely fine anyway, so it isn’t worth automatically avoiding the monitor for.


    To quote a guy from, this seems interesthing and I hope you can maybe ask some people who might be more knowledgeable, or something like that:

    “There are speculations that the CHG70 released in EU is inferior to the one released in US.

    German site:

    Now there is suddenly no freesync capabilities.

    While US site:–chg70-gaming-monitor-with-quantum-dot-lc32hg70qqnxza/

    Freesync 2.0 capabilties

    So it seems like either the freesync 2.0 certification is either harder to get in EU or else the products are different in each region.”

    It really seems like something is happening or something shady is going on?


    The German product page was created first, before the monitor was even available and possibly before it received FreeSync certification. The product itself is the same and the press information available at the time that our news piece was first written confirmed “FreeSync 2” support.


    “Support of samsung said so. I called them to have them double check it. QQUXEN does not have FreeSync2 while QQNXZA does have it.”


    So a support agent checked a ‘spec sheet’ or product page that we already know makes no explicit mention of FreeSync. And?? Put faith in such folk at your peril.


    Any chance you are doing a review of this? Since the NDA have been lifted and everything? Would really be an interesting monitor to get reviewed so we can finally get several hot buttons issues confirmed


    It’s unlikely I’m afraid. The NDA isn’t an issue. Samsung have just switched over their PR team in the UK and they are now currently unable to provide any samples for ‘H’ series models. It’s a complete mess, but fortunately I have more than enough to keep me busy from other manufacturers.


    I know you posted pics of the Philips 328 to twitter from the IFA but any early impressions? Did they say when it might be released? Their PR department leave a lot to be desired…

    Otherwise on the strength of your review and all feedback so far I would go for the AOC over the Samsung I think.


    This won’t be what you want to hear, but a release date wasn’t given and in fact it wasn’t confirmed that it would definitely be released at all in Europe. Don’t shoot the messenger.

    I couldn’t really gauge much from the rather inflexible demonstrations at IFA, aside from a bit about the build and exterior features. The stand base is fairly thin metal, which I think looked nice but wasn’t as solid as some stands. It was steady enough, although it was tied down with so many cables and other things (plus it was flanked by 2 identical screens) so it was difficult to say in that respect. The Ambiglow LEDs were nice and bright and could be useful as a bias light, but they were fixed in a daylight colour temperature. I didn’t get to see them react to content, but I haven’t been sold on it in the past for ‘gaming immersion’ and found it more distracting than anything –


    well, I do appreciate the feedback – both on the monitor itself and the ambiglow reference link.

    I’m going to go see the AOC in the flesh tomorrow, will then have a think whether its worth hanging on any longer or just going for that (via your affiliate if I can).
    If the AOC’s stand was black and you could lower it closer to the desk (I don’t understand the PR photos with the screen ridiculously high) I probably would have gone for it already. I know, I know – I should pay more lip service to the actual panel quality itself…!


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