Samsung C32HG70 First Impressions

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    Was that with ‘Ultimate Engine’ selected?


    From that youtube review:

    Ultimate Engine is from 80-120 Hz, Normal Engine from 90-120 Hz

    This seems massivly hard to fathom that a monitor that costs 800 euro has that range? I mean that alone would be a dealbreaker if you looking for a freesync monitor.


    Yeah that’s really rather poor, but it’s anybody’s guess whether it’s a driver issue or hardware related. I would assume it’s hardware related as I would have thought it’s something that would have been ironed out already otherwise. In summary it would seem that anybody buying the C32HG70 for HDR capability or FreeSync capability would be left disappointed.


    I would agree. Even if priced similar it seems people are better off with the AOC.

    But it makes me wonder why there are no news or info regarding the philips or the ASUS as they were revealed the same time as the samsung.


    Another concern has arisen:

    PWM confirmed PWM 350-360 Hz in the range of brightness 0-95% – Now I remember really old CRT’s that used to mess your eyes up , would your eyes notice/fatigue/hurt with that 350-360hz?


    Yes, I’m aware of this and it’s definitely important to bring up. Whether it causes fatigue, pain or anything else depends on the individual’s own eyes and general visual system and physiology. There’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach to PWM usage. Personally I would be able to pick up PWM artifacts during motion (which I dislike) at such frequencies and I do feel some users would experience accelerated eye fatigue.

    It’s another point knocked off for the Samsung. It sounds like they’ve gone for an overly complex but seemingly quite ineffective backlight dimming solution that has lead to some compromises along the way. But some users would find the PWM usage at 360Hz absolutely fine anyway, so it isn’t worth automatically avoiding the monitor for.

Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)

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