Samsung C32HG70 First Impressions

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    So i got the Samsung C32HG70 this morning.
    Quick unboxing, plug and set-up, and my first reaction is “this stand is huge, really takes alot of space on my desk. First was standing on my mousepad, so i rotated stand to max left then countered by monitor angle. Seems ok, but if u concider this monitor i prefer to have HUGE desk or mount on wall (Vesa mount is included).
    Ok first switch On and… Colors are so vivid!
    Previously i was using Big Panasonic 50” 4K VA Panel as my main monitor and before that many NEC professional IPS’s for my workflow (Photography). Screen connected via Display Port automatically set to native QHD and 144hz. Zero changes needed.
    Quick Jump to Overwatch game to see responsiveness as my main reason to upgrade from Laggy TV. Again colors so vivid, really fast response, game is so smooth.
    Ok so let’s get some more important stuff:
    Out of a box i got:
    Color calibration Report

    Some quick ufo TEST:
    Normal setting
    Fastest setting

    Overall image quality picture from DSLR causing weird artifcats visible because high mpix sensor see whole Pixels, not visible by human eye at all.
    Image Quality
    Defocused to show actuall image without artifacts
    IQ defocused

    Backlight Leakage:
    Backlight Leakage

    On white background is really slightly visible that on Top color tint going to a bit pinkish and yellow on bottom
    White background

    Pixels Closeup
    Pixel Zoom

    Viewing angles:
    Youtube C32HG70 Viewing Angles

    Im really amazed how good are viewing angles.

    Overall i have really good impression. Size is exactly what i wanted and expected. Pixels are not visible if u dont put nose to your screen. I like IQ, responsiveness and viewing angles. This color tint TOP/BoTTOm can be issue for someone but it’s not much visible. I need to see how i will feel with this after few days so i will update this thread.
    Btw. Sorry for my english, i’m not native english speaker.


    Do you agree with this guy in his review of the monitor?:

    He says it has:

    -Bad text inversion
    -HDR is crap and doesnt work
    -Local dimming is 8 huge zones that will never work with gaming
    -Vertical scanlines
    -crap freesync range of 80-120hz
    -Contrast is 2000:1, you can only do some trickery and get 3000:1 but you wont ever get that in games.


    I’m using nvidia card so on half of that i can’t confirm (HDR,Freesync)
    For me text is clear, vertical scanlines are not visible, only by camera.
    And i can’t judge Local dimming and Contrast yet.


    Good! im hoping this is gonna be the monitor i will buy and that review he gave made me very sad.

    Please keep us updated once you used it some more 🙂


    I’m sure that Freesync 80-120Hz is just a Driver issue. Anyway i found that Monitor is overclockable to 154Hz without any issue.


    Can you check freesync? Ive seen some post somewhere that it doesnt work properly. Ie it doesnt support LFC and the range is very small (something like 80-120). Its a freesync 2 monitor so it should support LFC.

    Another thing. Is HDR working? This fake HDR seems to be the only thing that acg322qcx doesnt have so im interested if its worth spending more money for this monitor.


    Thanks for sharing your impressions lukiv3, it is very useful indeed for users wishing to compare this to the likes of the AOC AG322QCX in the absence of a Samsung review from ourselves (their fault, not ours). It sounds like you’re very happy with the monitor overall, which is excellent.

    It’s nice to see plenty of engagement on this thread from other users already and that you have offset some of the negative comments made by other users. As an experienced reviewer I know all too well that no monitor is perfect and that if you don’t word things correctly or make points too forcefully you can unecessarily put users off even testing a product for themselves. Monitors are extremely subjective things and there are things that some would see as ‘game-breaking issues’ that others wouldn’t even notice.

    I can already confirm from my testing of the AOC that uses exactly the same CELL (i.e. panel, without backlight) that there will indeed be interlace pattern artifacts and also some text clarity issues. But I am keen to stress again, as per the review, that these aren’t things that everybody would notice or be bothered by.

    Are you also able to confirm that, as an Nvidia user, you can’t use any form of HDR on the monitor? If so it would suggest the HDR capabilities are indeed tied to ‘FreeSync 2’ as I suspected. I would also expect to see a similar thing once G-SYNC HDR models launch (i.e. HDR capability tied to G-SYNC and not accessible by AMD users). But I could be wrong.


    I completely agree. Maybe im not so sensitive to see textr clarity issues, for me is looking fine.

    and YES. I can confirm that on Nvidia card there is no 10bit color available, so no HDR at all or just yet.


    Im just curious if the image quality is better on the samsung compared to the AOC – since the contrast is the same, same text clarity etc


    No reason why it would be. It uses the same CELL (panel without backlight, as above). Only the backlight is changed – this has already been discussed.


    PCM, could you in your more informed opinion, give an estimate if this “HDR” that is on the Samsung is 100% gimmick or could it be useful? Im only taking gaming here. I know you cant say for sure, since you dont have a review sample, but a theoretical estimate would also be very helpful.

    IF its 100% useless, then there is litterally 0 reason to buy the samsung over the AOC.


    In my opinion, unless it has hundreds of dimming zones (which the Samsung doesn’t) then it is more gimmick than useful feature. It sounds just like a souped up Dynamic Contrast setting. I mean I could be totally wrong about this, I haven’t seen it in action myself, but that is my feeling towards this.


    Thank you. I thought as much, its pretty appalling they want 300 euro / 250 pounds more for what is essentially the same monitor.

    Guess its time to wait for the XG32VQ and Philips 328M6FJMB to figure out which is the best VA monitor.

    Too bad the XG32VQ has a stand designed by a 12 year old and the philips is looking to use glossy black plastic which looks bad. I will never understand why gaming monitors cant look professional instead of shitty 12 year old design elements thrown at them at a premium price.


    Yeah I agree on the design element(s). Why manufacturers feel the need to distinguish some of their gaming monitors from others in their range by making them look attractive only to kids (who can’t afford them) is beyond me. The Dell S2716DG, which is one of the models I own, is more along the lines of what I like to see. Simple and unfussy. I’m not too fond of the dust magnet glossy back, although it just faces the wall so it’s not too bad.


    Oh lastly, per youtube review the freesync range is 80-120hz and i can understand the CFG had similair problems with 70-120/140hz range.

    IS it possible that an 800 euro monitor only has 80-120hz freesync range, or is that a driver issue atm? RAther it be a software issue than a hardware issue.

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