Samsung C24FG70 Vs Dell S2716DG

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    Hello All,

    I have been following this forum, and page for some time now. Mainly because I wanted to replace my old Samsung SyncMaster 2233Rz, but most important because reviews are balanced and detailed (pro-cons very well explained).

    After going over the recommendation section, I arrived do a deadlock: Samsung C24FG70 Vs Dell S2716DG.

    One is a VA with the amazing new QD technology, the other one is well known as a TN panel, which properly set can be close to newly IPS panels from Acer.

    I know both were reviewed, and are both nice monitor, but I also have read some issues on the Samsung.

    Ignoring the $, what would be the best choice?

    The monitor target would be mainly 50% gaming, 35% web browsing, and 15% programming (but I am assuming a good panel for web is also good for programming).

    I enjoy rich and saturated colors, but dislike the grainy in gaming IPS panels from Acer and Asus. However, I dislike the oversaturated colors that we see in the TV sections on shopping centers

    Despite I have an nvidia, I never tried G-Sync, so I am not sure what to lose with that, and if that should be a requirement.

    I was almost sure on the ViewSonic XG2703-GS, but the AUO panels are a lottery, as well as for twice the price I would expect twice the guaranties, which is not the case.

    What do you think?

    Thank you in advance for your opinions and suggestions.

    Best regards,


    Hi ziza,

    That’s a very interesting question and quite appropriate given that I have just, in the past hour, packed the Samsung away and returned to my main gaming monitor; the Dell S2716DG. The fact that I had the Dell switched off but sitting beside the Samsung and that the Samsung review was published 6 days ago suggests that I wasn’t in a rush to get rid of the Samsung and return to the Dell. The overall depth and saturation to the image is something I found very appealing and I really did enjoy high frame rate gaming on the Samsung.

    Having said that, I have immediately begun appreciating the extra resolution of the Dell; both when gaming and for productivity purposes. For me, this alone is of pivotal importance. I’ve grown quite used to models with higher resolutions and pixel densities than the C24FG70 and for me it’s a massive plus. Whether or not it would be such an advantage in your case, though, would depend on your system and the games you play. What GPU do you use and what games do you play?

    I also wonder, was there any particular reason you were not considering the Dell S2417DG instead? I appreciate we don’t have a review of that model currently, but user feedback is very positive. Oh and it’s next on the review list so there will be a review published in the next few weeks. In the meantime, there’s a nice thread comparing the two Dell models here –


    Hello ,

    Thanks for your fast response. My gaming setup is composed by an overclocked nvidia EVGA 980Ti. Gaming at 120 refresh rate, I din’t faced any issues with my system.
    I mainly play fast paced FPS like Doom and Deathmatch CS:GO, as well as some beat’ em up games, like Mortal Kombat.
    From time to lime I enjoy some tranquility playing adventure games like Life is Strange and Tomb Raider 🙂

    However to keep it simple, fast paced FPS games is the core.

    Quick question, the QD technology was slowing your gaming experience? Or while gaming the Samsung was fine? I have never tried a 27′ as well so it is still easy, but I imagine going back to tiny ones it is not easy.

    Best regards,


    Did you see my edit re. the S2417DG? And I wouldn’t really call ~24″ tiny. Smaller relative to 27″, but not tiny – it’s personal preference regarding size though, if you fancy trying 27″ then that’s fine. Regarding Quantum Dots, they’re just a backlight source and have no influence on responsiveness. As you have an Nvidia GPU, and a powerful one at that, I really feel the Dell options would make better use of the horsepower power available to you with G-SYNC as an added benefit.


    Hello PCM2,

    Thank you for the update. I read in some gaming forums, that inches matter as well as resolution. Therefore, not sure if the pixels get too small in 27′. Going over the shared forum post on Dell S2417DG, it got me thinking, as my desk’s height is not that considerable.

    Attending also to your upcoming review, I will wait for the same, read both, and make a decision.
    Also on that same post, it is highlighted that a monitor calibrator is needed. Any user friendly recommendations?
    Regarding Samsung vs Dell, the last looks a more reasonable choice.

    Thank you in advance.

    Best regards,


    The gamma handling, although ‘wrong’, is actually predictably wrong on the S2716DG and likely S2417DG. So many users find the ICC profile we provide (and will do for the S2417DG) corrects gamma quite nicely. You’re quite right, though, that individual units differ and it would be best to calibrate using your own colorimeter. Even something basic like the Datacolor Spyder5EXPRESS would be suitable for the purposes of calibrating the Dell.


    Just to update this thread with a link to our review of the Dell S2417DG.


    Hello PCM2,

    After reading the review, I believe I am giving a shot to the 24′. Thus, the initial constraints found in the 27′ were addressed in the 24′. I have been reading owners threads in some forums, and no significant issues were found, and my desk is not too big, so this will give me some extra room.

    You are keeping the 24′ due to pixel density, or still keeping the 27′?

    Best regards,


    I am keeping the S2716DG, because although I prefer the responsiveness and pixel density of the smaller model, I simply prefer larger models. Larger in fact than 27″ where possible. That is just a personal preference, though, I would still more highly recommend the S2417DG to users unless they also have a love of larger screens.



    I want to replace my asus vg248qe by s2417dg or new Samsung 24 Curved 144hz, i want to have a best image quality vs my asus. My graphic Card is gtx 1080
    Can you help me ?



    I’ve added your post to this thread as the specific comparison between the Dell S2417DG and Samsung C24FG70 is drawn here. Both models provide superior image quality to the VG248QE, but provide a significant upgrade for different reasons.

    – On the Dell you can enjoy better ‘out of the box’ colour reproduction compared to the ASUS as well as richer colours post-calibration. The screen surface is much lighter (less grainy), aiding vibrancy potential and clarity as well.

    – The Samsung offers another step up in terms of being nicely calibrated ‘out of the box’ and the richness of colours. It offers a superior colour gamut to the ASUS or Dell, a lighter (less grainy) screen surface than the ASUS and significantly stronger contrast than the ASUS or Samsung.

    – The Dell has an advantage in terms of resolution and pixel density; a significant advantage as discussed above.

    – Both the Samsung and Dell have flicker-free backlights, unlike the ASUS. This not only has potential viewing comfort advantages, it also offers benefits in terms of motion clarity.The Dell has superior pixel responsiveness to the Samsung; refer to the Samsung review as this is explained in detail.



    Thank’s you for your help and sorry for my bad langage, i m french…
    I m test the clone acer of the dell s2417dg and the sreen surface was more grainy between my asus and luminosity was stronger .


    The Acer XB241YU doesn’t use the same panel as the Dell, it uses the same panel as the AOC AG241QX. Note the criticism of the screen surface throughout the AOC review. So it’s completely different.


    Ok , i m order a s2417dg , i hope the luminosity a 0% is less than the acer.

    Best regard’s



    i’m return this screen, contrast so bad and light uniformity very bad , colors washed i think to test the samsung with a vesa support.

    Best regard’s

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