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    Hi all at PCM. Thanks in advance for your time!
    I need a new monitor to place on a dual monitor arm with VESA mounting. The monitor i need to replace is the main one so i thought that a 21″ to 25″ should fit, but surely not more than that.

    The things I’m planning to do with it are (in order of importance):
    – do a lot of programming (maybe a flicker free with blue light filters may help);
    – use it for unity and for UI design (so a good color reproduction is really appreciated);
    – gaming (not hardcore like csgo but mainly MOBAs and single player titles with good graphics).

    About the resolution i think that with my budget I can’t go over the 2560×1440 and i don’t think to benefit so much of a 4K monitor with my 1060 6GB.

    I know that with all these things in mind the budget should be really high, but i plan to spend 250€ (only more if it’s really worth it).
    I have also the need to buy on Amazon Italy (domain is “it”).

    For now my only strong pick is the AOC Q2577PWQ that now stands at 265€. sometimes gives really good prices on items that are not so popular and tend to remain in stock for long times, so if you have some suggestions, even if the price is higher than my budget, I will gladly check for a possible really good deal.


    Hi slahit and welcome,

    At that price the AOC Q2577PWQ is really difficult to ignore. And for your uses, I feel a 2560 x 1440 model makes sense. Although everybody’s eyes are different, I found the monitor very comfortable to use for extended periods of time. I also found it provided a good amount of useful real-estate (without needing to use scaling) for the desktop and a nice pixel density for games. Your GTX 1060 should cope fine at 2560 x 1440 @ 60Hz as well – and if you appreciate good graphics, you’ll find the resolution far more rewarding than 1920 x 1080.

    In terms of things I’d like to see added to the Q2577PWQ that some competing (but more expensive) models have, the only thing that really comes to mind from your list of wants is the ‘blue light filter’. The monitor doesn’t have an integrated Low Blue Light (LBL) mode, but as per the review it’s easy to create one (‘Relaxing Evening Viewing’ as I called it). This was easy to do on our unit and quite easy to switch between it and our normal ‘Test Settings’, but if you had a unit where you needed to adjust the colour channels manually for your normal daytime viewing settings, it would be a bit trickier. I’d overlook this inconvenience given the price of competing models like the U2515H or U2518D, however.


    The blue light filter is not a deal breaker for me so the AOC Q2577PWQ really seems perfect. The only problem is that for now it is not available, so i tried to find something similar but the only alternative I found is the BenQ BL2420PT (24″ is also fine for me) at 250€. I haven’t found a review on the this site so I’m really cautious for now and if you guys have some information it will be greatly appreciated!


    The BL2420PT is similar to the Dell P2416D that we’ve reviewed. In short, it’s let down primarily by its grainy screen surface. The AOC is much better in that respect. There are some other advantages to the AOC (such as ‘true 8-bit colour’ without dithering), but the screen surface alone makes a huge difference. Just a personal thing as well, but I find 25″ a nicer size in general. I prefer larger screens though, everybody is different.


    At work we recently bought our programmers the Philips BDM3270QP2. It is a 32″ 2560x1440p monitor. In the USA it is $350. It is flat (not curved) and rotates. They are using the monitor in the vertical as it allows them to see much more of their code. Based on feedback they gave this monitor their highest possible praise, calling it perfect for the task. I use one as well and find it very easy to read on. Extremely easy on the eyes. Reduced eyestrain and headaches.


    In Italy it costs ~€450. And its colour reproduction characteristics (in particular colour consistency and accuracy) are not on par with the 25″ IPS models. So I don’t think that would be as suitable for slahit.


    It has a 10bit panel and comes with a series of detailed calibration sheets which shows it to be decent. I have not tested it since my spyder is MIA. But €450 is a lot more then $350. I see you also have not tested this model, have you tested the M320DVN01.2 panel in others and found it with color issues?

    Another hidden plus is that we found this to be the coolest running 30″+ monitor we have tried. Besting a couple of Dells, Samsungs and an Asus.


    I’m talking about perceived colour accuracy, hence why I mentioned colour consistency. I’m not talking about measured colour accuracy, which is completely different and tells you nothing more than how a device measures a shade right in the middle of the screen from a perfectly perpendicular angle. Your eyes subtend various angles when viewing a monitor, especially one as large as ~32″. All VA panels suffer from viewing angle related gamma and colour shifts, with shades losing saturation towards the bottom and flanks of the screen. There are further inconsistencies associated with even minor head movement. These weaknesses are highlighted in all of our recent reviews of VA models and summarised in our panel types article (this section and the conclusion).

    There is also extensive discussion about this on forum threads such as this one. There’s nothing magical about the M320DVN01.2, it is characteristically extremely similar to the M320DVN01.0 and suffers from exactly the same pitfalls associated with even the best VA panels. There are sound reasons why those who require absolute colour accuracy (perceived, not measured) choose IPS over VA panel technologies.


    Sadly I can’t possibly fit a screen so large in my desk and it’s price is 445€, out of my budget by a long shot.

    I’m getting a reservation for the AOC Q2577PWQ because it is at the lowest historical price for now (265€) on, but the suggested wait time is 2 to 4 weeks.
    In the meantime any other suggestion is appreciated and thanks again for the previous contributions!


    I really don’t think you’ll beat the AOC for the price and given your uses and preferences, even if you have to wait. Just be sure to go via our link when you order.


    Any update on this?


    Ordered trough your link!


    Interesting. When did you place the order, as I haven’t had any orders through for the Q2577PWQ recently.


    Ordered on 7 October, shipped(and payed) on 10 October. Hope nothing glitched!


    Unfortunately it did. But never mind, it happens. I hope you enjoy the monitor. 🙂

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