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    OK, currently I have 13″ laptop (I have a good IPS monitor at other country, but at the moment I cannot bring it here), and as I want to edit some photos (as hobby), it is bit too small and bland for me. I started looking in Amazon portable IPS (or similar) monitor, as I do not have a computer table to put one with the stand.
    I had an idea about a 15″ one (ASUS MB169B+ or GeChic 1503H). However, I was also caught up by IPS-like 22inch screen (ViewSonic TD2230 -so far this one sounds the best).

    So, I am looking for portable or semi-portable (without stand) screen 15+ – 22 inches, preferably up to 500 USD, suitable for photo editing, preferably matte (editing dark, astro photos) .

    I even had an eye on the Huion GT-190 or the XP-Pen Artist16, but now I am going crazy, as most reviews on Artist16 is great on amazon uk, and not so good on us amazon. I even had an idea to buy the Acer R221Q and use an angled stand instead of attached…

    So, I am totally lost, any recommendations?


    Hi emi,

    I’m afraid my only experience with ‘portable’ monitors comes from portable devices such as tablets and laptops. Everything I have recent experience with has been ~24″+ with a few 21.5″ models that I wouldn’t consider particularly portable or friendly for the sort of tasks you require.

    I removed your links and replaced them with models (refer to this thread) but I did take a look at all of the products you linked to. The ViewSonic TD2230 is a model I’m familiar with, at least, as some of those are used at my work for design work. I haven’t used them myself but there seem to be plenty of positive vibes around them. It also seems highly rated on Amazon, so it would be the most solid solution in my view.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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