New Samsung Gaming Monitor – 32" VA vs. 28" TN

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    I am currently in the market for a new monitor, and have narrowed my search down to two similar unreleased Samsung monitors (linked below). I will be upgrading from a 24″ ASUS monitor, and am will be mainly be using the new monitor for console gaming (Xbox One X), so I won’t need a refresh rate greater than 60 hz.

    Monitor 1 – (28″ TN Panel):

    Monitor 2 – (32″ VA Panel):

    The only major differences I see are size, panel type, contrast ratio, and response time. Any guidance, recommendations, or advice on which monitor would be better for gaming would be greatly appreciated.


    Hi Kid_Righteous,

    I’ve replaced your links to relevant news articles on our website. I have not yet had the pleasure of reviewing either model, as Samsung have not been able to provide review samples. However; I have reviewed models which use very similar panels (but different backlighting) so you can get a good idea about what to expect from each monitor from them.

    The Samsung U28H750 uses a similar panel to the U28D590D. Really it’s a relatively affordable UHD monitor that gives a reasonable experience. It offers typical contrast for its panel type and offers as good colour reproduction as you’ll see from a TN model. However; it lacks the colour consistency (consistent richness) that IPS-type alternatives provide and despite the specifications has some issues with responsiveness. Now whether the U28H750 would share these responsiveness issues or whether revisions made to the panel improves the situation is difficult to say. But based on what I tested on the older model, I’d happily recommend a 27″ IPS-type alternative over that unless price was massively constrained.

    The U32H850, meanwhile, uses a similar panel to the AOC U3277PWQU. The colour gamut is more reasonable (i.e. not untameable wide gamut) on the Samsung, which is certainly a plus. But there are some weakensses in responsiveness that are even more pronounced than on the TN model. And that characteristic is unlikely to be significantly different on the Samsung. Having said that, it isn’t the least responsive monitor I’ve come across by a long way and is actually pretty decent for a VA panel. Subjectively speaking you might find that element absolutely fine. The strengths in colour consistency compared to the TN model and much stronger contrast should certainly come across.

    So my pick from those two would probably be the U32H850. My suggestion to you would be to buy it from somewhere with a good returns policy, preferably supporting our work, or consider an alternative. That would of course depend on your budget, but I’d strongly consider the BenQ PD3200U which I’m currently reviewing at the moment. The responsiveness is solid for a 60Hz monitor with no obvious weaknesses in that respect and the colour consistency is superior to either Samsung model. Contrast is not as strong as the VA model, though, and there’s some ‘AHVA glow’ (IPS glow) to contend with as well. So it depends what you’re after.

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