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    Very interesting discussions !

    New BenQ lineup (the GW & GL line seems to bring only IPS and TN now) :
    GL2580H / GL2580HM


    BenQ EW277HDR :

    VA with 93% of cinematic DCI-P3
    Probably Brightness Intelligence Plus Technology (B.I.+) like
    (no free sync 2 apparently)

    Still no sign of 32″ (2560 x 1440) HDR VA version coming in Q3 2017 or the 27″ curved panel VA 1920 x 1080 @ 165Hz M270HVR01.0

    What do you make of these new monitors PCM2 ?


    I’m largely unexcited, to be honest, hence the lack of news articles. The EW277HDR is perhaps the most interesting and probably does deserve a little news piece. I’ll get on that. Although even then it is ‘fake’ HDR. It simply doesn’t have the backlight design or capabilities for ‘true HDR’, but if they can price it right it’s nice to see this sort of thing. The extended colour space could prove a mixed blessing at the moment, unless sRGB support is also good or an alternative gamut-restricted mode is offered. I suppose 93% DCI-P3 isn’t too far off what some of Samsung’s QD implementations will do and that tends to give a vibrant but not garishly oversaturated image. So it could be an interesting product if they don’t go mad with pricing.


    Here you go, more detailed analysis – So yeah, it’s certainly an interesting monitor and it raises quite a few questions for me as a reviewer. The models which arouse my curiosity like that are usually the ones I’m most likely to review as well. 😉


    Great 🙂
    EW277HDR in going to replace EW2775ZH altogether it seems, in price too, as there is no longer proper differentiation in 27″ 1080p 60 Hz and they had to do something.

    They are doing the same with BenQ EW3270ZL -> EW327HDR (proof of this is Tft central AUO Roadmap

    I am changing this autumn the main computer at home when Intel coffee lake comes.
    This computer is mostly going to be used for music production and maybe video editing, later with a good GPU (next generation) can be used for gaming.

    Any good 27″ 2540 x 1440 VA that you know for the next month ?
    Although when working with small knobs and small text in DAW ( digital work station ) it is useful to have the low resolution screen. (low PPI), because tiny text over long hours can be tiring.

    So i have to chose from : 32″ 2540 x 1440 VA or 27″ 1920 x 1080 VA or 24″ 1920 x 1200 (for more vertical resolution!).
    The only thing is that 32″ is 2 times more expensive at least than the 27″ 1080p.

    What would you chose if you were me ?
    Thank you as always.

    Here is 1080p :
    4K :
    1080p VS 4K :

    Don’t have 1440p


    The only 27″ WQHD currently announced and that I’m even aware of are the Samsung models (Samsung C27H711 and C27HG70). Plus the Acer XZ271U using the same panel, release date TBC. Certainly not expecting anything else ‘for the next month’ or in fact for several months.

    You know your workflow, eyesight and preferences better than me. But given what you’ve said it may be economical and practical to simply consider a 27″ FHD model.


    Dell AW3418DW is new 3440×1440 100Hz ips panel?


    I found from Samsung S24E650DW / S24E650BW / S24H650GDN series to be the latest 24″ 1200p monitors.

    I don’t know if the H or the E is the newer version and what are the actual differences between them. Are these true 8 bit ?

    Any LG / DELL / BenQ (IPS true 8 bit) new models or updated 1920 x 1200 monitors that you know of PCM2 ?

    Thank you.


    I’m not aware of any newer 1920 x 1200 models. And I can’t add anything more than what is said on our news piece relevant to those – It’s likely that they are ‘true 8-bit’, but not certain. There haven’t really been any significant panel advances since the Dell U2415, which is probably why that is one of their longest-running UltraSharps that has yet to see a replacement.


    If you need 1200 or more vertical resolution and a nice 8bit screen, why not get a 1440p monitor? If you need 16:10 ratio, be prepared to spend ALOT of money. The cheapest one I know of from a major brand is the Dell up3017. MSRP is around 1300, you can get it on Amazon for around 1000.


    any chance for p2418d and u3277fwq reviews ? those seem to be good value options


    Nope, no plans I’m afraid. Be aware that the AOC U3277FWQ is just a stripped down version of the U3277PWQU which we’ve already reviewed, with fewer ports.

    TN Film down from the current 5ms typical to 3ms, and for AHVA the G2G response times down from 14ms to 10ms.


    If that is a genuine reflection of improvements that can be expected for pixel responses ‘across the board’, it’s good to see. More so if it means less aggressive overdrive impulses can be used for higher refresh rate displays in particular. Then again specified pixel response times have and always will be misleading, so it isn’t clear what real world improvement, if any, will be yielded.


    HDMI 2.1 is out !

    So we could benefit from this only using a next generation video card with HDMI 2.1 + a monitor with HDMI 2.1 ?

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