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    @ MuttZeppi

    My personal opinion is that OLED is prohibitively expensive and will continue to be for the next 5 years.

    I would say LCD 1440p for 27″ is more than enough.
    UHD on 27″ or 32″ is too much. (you need to use scaling thus you lose real estate for only a tiny bit of extra clarity)

    Quantum dot is worth it only if whole production is made on DCI P3 or Rec 2020.
    Probably next year we will see REC 2020 compatible TV/monitors.
    2017 is the year of 99% DCI P3 only, across the industry.

    What to look for next year is crystal LED – meaning individual pixel control.


    I agree with Umbral in that the UP3017Q represents an expensive taste of the technology, and you shouldn’t expect anything substantially cheaper for some years yet.

    When further information is available on the U32H850, the news piece will be updated – In the meantime, have a read of the AOC review linked to in the news piece, as it uses a very similar panel and highlights some potential issues to be aware of. Most pressing of which is the screen surface.


    I have to disagree, the UP3017Q replaces the UP3216Q, Dell’s last flagship monitor which still costs 1200+$. Not to mention the notorious “Dell Tax” AND the premium of this being the only OLED on the market. (This is a photo production monitor with 100% Adobe RGB as well…)

    I’m not saying OLED won’t be expensive, but I don’t see it staying anywhere near 3000$ as soon as other companies release competition.

    And thanks!


    There is clearly quite a gulf between a $1200 and $3000 model, but you’re correct that the intended market position is the same. Manufacturers can’t ‘release competition’ until the panels actually exist. So they’re constrained in that respect. I wasn’t suggesting that there won’t be any other models released or that the prices won’t be below $3000, but as long as you have realistic expectations set (i.e. a gradual introduction of other models, but still at a premium) then you’ll avoid disappointment.


    Exactly what I was thinking, thank you.
    I was just hoping that Benq or Dell would release one by the time I go back to college because I won’t be able to spend the much money while taking classes haha.


    Micro LED arrives soon

    Second half of 2017 with products in 2018

    Despite shedloads of delays and technological bottlenecks micro LED products will start to arrive in the second half of the year with full production ready for 2018.

    Micro LED consists of arrays of microscopic LEDs forming the individual pixel elements. It has not been commercialised until now and OLED has been attracting all the headlines. It is targeted for smartphones but also AR and AI gear.

    According to Digitimes, Apple has been keen on the development of micro LED technology following its acquisition of LuxVue in 2014. Jobs’ Mob will churn out a small number of micro LED display products from its plant in Taiwan at the end of the year.

    Startup PlayNitride, which was reportedly targeted by Samsung Electronics for possible acquisition, is expected to install a production line for trial production of micro LED products in the second half of 2017.

    It uses a mass transfer process that mounts micro LED chips on TFT (thin film transistor) substrates. PlayNitride has been trying to , improve the yield rate and said that it will o team up with terminal device makers to engage in product design and development using its micro LED technoloy in 2018.

    This means that mature products for applications including VR/AR, smartphone and TV devices should arrive in 2019.

    Taiwan’s government-sponsored Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), has been funding micro LED technology for a long time, is also expected to tie up with local businesses to begin trial production of micro LED displays in 2018

    Foxconn announced that it plans to acquire display startup eLux for $27.03 million in cash via four subsidiaries, including Sharp, for development of next-generation micro-LED display technology. Sharp will invest $7 million to take a 31.82 per cent stake in eLux.

    The acquisition could provide a fast track for Foxconn to commercialize micro-LED technology, Digitimes said.


    Nice to see some good progress in this area! Exciting times ahead. 🙂


    Happy that one day it will become a reality.

    While Philips says about LED : “Unlike discharge lamps, LEDs are semiconductors and their life span is not affected by the number of times they are turned on and off.”

    I see many on and off lifespan numbers on LED bulbs/spots.

    Some say that really when the ~40 000 on and off cycles are done the bulb dies.

    If this is real, how will they make LED TVs/Monitors have a long life, when one of Micro LED main benefit is turning individual pixels/sub-pixels on and off ?


    Actually when they say turn on and off cycles they mean complete system usage of the bulb/tubelight not individual LED’s. This include the drivers which run them and all the other circuitries also heatsinks matter here as well. Because they can make good LED last longer or less depending upon how efficient heat is dissipated from LED to heatsink and heatsink gets rid of it. Same goes for monitors and TV’s how well overall system is overall not just LED’s life. And mounted unit’s life is sometimes lesser than on stand units. Because heat accumulation on the wall which is not dissipating heat around the room well and life of product goes down along with it. And turn on and off actually affect life cycles due to surge of current -> heat generation and it’s accumulation of it in and around LED.


    There’s also another 27″ curved panel planned, this time in VA technology and with a 1920 x 1080 resolution @ 165Hz refresh rate (M270HVR01.0). That is due to go in to production in July 2017.

    In your opinion this panel would replace BenQ EW2775ZH as budget VA 27″ full HD BenQ proposal ? ( maybe with freesync 2 included )

    Besides the fact that curved screen VA limits even more the viewing angles, what other differences regarding your experience with curved vs flat on 27″ can you notice ?

    I don’t remember if i mentioned this before :
    Slow color transitions on current budget model ?

    Would the new panel be of higher quality regarding transitions, if we take into account that BenQ makes the panel to work at 165Hz refresh ?

    It can’t be a simple overclocking of old 60Hz right ? (since that one reaches ~75Hz maximum)


    That video looks entirely typical for most 60Hz VA models. Quite similar to the EW2750ZL in fact. I’ve already explored what curves bring to the experience on many models, including 27″ ones. I suggest reading the relevant section of the C27F591FD review for example. It’s a subtle difference, especially on a 27″ model. And it’s incorrect that it ‘limits the viewng angles’, if you meant that in a negative way (ambiguous wording). It curves towards you and brings the edges closer to your eyes than they otherwise would be. That generally reduces the extent of saturation loss and gamma shift. But on a 27″ model, the difference is nothing to write home about.


    Thank you.

    If you stay in the center, yes, you get a better viewing angle compared to a flat monitor.

    But if you have 2 more friends left and right of the center they will get a worse viewing angle than on a flat monitor.

    Is this correct ?


    It depends where exactly they are relative to the screen. The edges could still be closer to them than a flat screen, but it’s not really about distance in that case. The image would undoubtedly look ‘odd’ when you view a curved screen from a non-central position.


    If i may ask, what is the ideal curve (R) in your opinion, or do you prefer flat ?


    It should be quite clear from our reviews that I do not prefer flat screens. The optimal curvature depends on screen size. The “most curved” I’ve seen is 1500R on a 34″ UltraWide, that worked nicely.

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