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    Haven’t had a chance to read this in detail yet, but very exciting. Particularly the suggestion that Nanosys are working on pure QD solutions and not just the use of QD films in existing LCD technologies. I’ve had some good conversations with Jeff Yurek myself and he always suggested that this was the long-term plan. It sounds as if next year it will finally be realised and I really hope to see this filter down to monitors in the near rather than distant future.


    Someone named PaulDenton on,

    ,have got his samsung cfg70 24 inch but it looks bad news either with Quality Control(QC) of samsung or with how overshoot is meant to be on these monitors if later is true than we have very bad compromise to buy, if QC is the issue than lottery will be the concern.


    We’ll have to see what other individuals say. Because to me that looks like typical ‘VA fringing’ or ‘bleeding’ trailing. Although it usually occurs for darker colours than seen on that brickwork, it can also affect medium shades such as that. It is nothing to do with overshoot, I think people are embarking up the wrong tree there. But to me it seems people might have unrealistic expectations of what a VA model can actually achieve in terms of pixel responsiveness. I’m afraid they will never compare to a highly responsive TN model and there will be some weaknesses during certain transitions. I wouldn’t panic about this just yet… And he’s playing CSGO and seems somewhat sensitive to motion imperfections – that scenario is perfect for 144Hz with the strobe backlight mode active, so I wonder why he isn’t using that?


    A side note. It seems from the user manual that the strobe backlight mode is automatically activated at 144Hz under the following conditions:

    1) ‘Response Time’ set to ‘Faster’ or ‘Fastest’
    2) Monitor set to 144Hz
    3) FreeSync disabled (naturally)

    In the video it is evident that the strobe backlight was not active. So either the monitor was set to a lower refresh rate than 144Hz, FreeSync was active or the ‘Response Time’ setting was left at ‘Normal’. The user did mention, if I recall correctly, that this issues persisted regardless of the ‘Response Time’ setting. Unlikely, in that case, that he was running at 144Hz without FreeSync. Because changing the ‘Response Time’ setting at static 144Hz would clearly change the monitor and it would be immediately obvious the strobe backlight mode was active.

    Incidentally we should have our hands on one and indeed the other new Samsung high refresh rate models in a few weeks. Been in contact with their product manager, who is a very helpful chap. ๐Ÿ™‚


    Well then your review will be the thing I am waiting. Also read newer post of it most of them have no clue about 144hz activation of strobing with faster or fastest settings.

    By the way what’s your opinion on 240hz tn which will be coming soon? I guess if 144hz with strobing is good enough for eyes then 240 only provides less lag for interface inputs only because pixels transitions also needs to be within 1/240 otherwise ghosting of pixel will be there. But since I have not seen personally 85~144hz lcds with or without strobe so I don’t know but maybe my eyes may feel better with those 240hz monitors with strobing ofcourse, but I have seen 85hz crt and were perfectly fine and 120hz were like static picture in hand to look at compared to 60hz and 85hz crt’s.


    Well having been fairly impressed with the ‘bump’ up to 180Hz in terms of felt responsiveness in particular, I look forward to testing the 240Hz models is what I’d say. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Oh and having still been following the progression of that thread, I had a little chuckle to myself. The more recent videos and discussion about the ‘purple’ especially on dark colours is exactly what I said this would be. Entirely typical for a VA model, even fast ones like this, for some realtively sluggish ‘high contrast’ transitions. People on that thread clearly have very little experience with VA models and some of them have unrealistic expectations. Others on that thread are clearly very happy with the Samsung, but are making the fatal mistake of trying to get others to ‘talk them out of it’. And others are basing opinion on YouTube videos which can exaggerate effects and give a very poor window on reality. Honestly, you couldn’t discuss any monitor on there without people deciding it’s ‘rubbish’ based on one particular weakness. Once people get over the fact no monitor is perfect, we’ll all be happier for it. It’s all about balance and deciding what’s important to each individual user.


    Didn’t knew you edited the answer. I wasn’t paying attention afterwards the original answer I guess.

    Well if any monitor with 16:9 or 16:10 ratio ever comes with perfect strobing(no cross talk etc and no limit on specific refresh rates, it could be activated using custom refresh rate, I don’t want free/g sync I got fast sync from NVidia), no light glow or back light bleeds, better colours(8bit or 10bit no FRC-dithering this was/is just wrong to begin with for colours in this age of MB’s of cache memory available for good cost for colour storing etc stuff) I would say they would be quantum dot pixel monitors. Even interpolation on them will be better because whole pixel is being shutdown( we DON’T need partial pixels to be active to show letters better of black colour unless we are using coloured texts, same goes for everything else. I hate partial pixel manipulation other than showing just the colour of that pixel) and sharp text will be still there even for lower resolution at least that’s what I believe right now. Unless they ruin it like LG’s OLED which is no longer what OLED was thought up and it is not exactly rightly same thing what it was thought up of pixel being OLED they still have filters.

    And I am definitely waiting for them to come, and that wait is roughly 3~6 years. Unless they are still thinking of making filters for light using QD’s and using only blue QDLED’s instead of RGB QDLED’s for pixel matrix, if it is going blue QDLED and filters I am already enraged at them because current filters could never stop light leakages only diminishes them while RGB QDLED’s are perfect combination of everything like CRT used to be except no resolution restriction on CRT’s.


    I’m very happy that you will get review copies for FG70. If anyone on internet that deserves it, it’s you. I look forward to you examining ins and outs of the monitors!
    If all goes well (circumstances) I may be able to upgrade to said monitor.


    Following overclock’s forum i saw people saying using blue light reducing feature stops the purple colouring artifact but destroys the image colour. My guess would be to reduce red or blue colours in the monitor settings to see which single colour or combination of both reduces the purple colour artifact and still maintains certain image quality to it. Also increasing green colour in settings could help. My guess would be to reduce red or blue a little and/or increase green a bit would help resolve purple colour and still have good picture quality with strobe enabled. If that doesn’t happen then i am waiting for QDLED’s otherwise i might think of buying this monitor if it ever comes to my market of Pakistan.


    Yes, I was thinking the same. Essentially the ‘Eye Saver Mode’ massively reduces contrast as well as reducing the blue colour channel. So the transitions the monitor was struggling with are now completely different (not such ‘high contrast’) transitions.


    Another independent company bought by big Samsung corporation.

    Samsung Acquires Quantum Dot Tech Company QD Vision ($70 Million)

    I have to agree that CRT is a better technology in every way compared to LCD/OLED. (except thickness)

    Cheap, response time less than 1 ยตs, contrast 15:000:1, extremely long life, no crazy aberrations, perfect viewing angle, perfect uniformity, multiple resolutions, 200 fps etc.,_LCD,_plasma,_and_OLED

    My hope is that QLED will replace CRT for good in terms of the ultimate display, and will come next year for both TVs and monitors.

    I just can’t stand anymore all the negative aspects of LCD. (VA/IPS/TN).
    LCDs are probably on the way out and will be considered a transitional display technology.


    I read that yesterday, but they bought the assets not everything so the company might go on with new startup or something similar.

    BTW QDLED’s and OLED i think are future, but QDLED’s have more life and brightness compared to OLED and have uniform quality of product as it ages thus it is better on paper. So who knows which one is the winner but both have place in my books for future perfect TV and monitors.

    EDIT: Same here tired of seeing the new lcd’s which are lacking in things.


    Let’s not be under any illusion. Samsung are fully committed to QLED and this acquisition really just reaffirms this. The patented technologies that QD Vision are developing are going to be fully incorporated into future Samsung displays. A company like Samsung doesn’t acquire such a firm to allow for $70m USD unless they have serious commitment to employ the technologies in their own products. That will be a good things for both TV and monitors, I have no doubt.

    Re CRTs… It would have been interesting to see what could happen with CRTs if development was continued. But let’s not get carried away and look at them with rose-tinted glasses. Even the best CRTs were limited in their appeal due to pixel density and sharpness issues, inferior in that respect to many LCDs. Again it is difficult to say how much this could have been improved had development of the tecnnology continued. The perceived contrast was also poor in brightly lit rooms due in part to the screen layering and surfacing processes used. And not everybody liked the screen surfaces used there on a practical level. And let’s not get started on the fact many users dislike impulse-type displays due to flickering and much prefer sample and hold flicker-free displays. With OLED/QLED you have the choice of both.

    Personally I don’t miss CRTs that much – some aspects of them, yes, but I feel manufacturers probably went about as far as they could with the technology. And in many respects they just wouldn’t provide the sort of experience modern consumers are after. QLED is most certainly an exciting technology as I completely agree that the shortcomings of LCDs are annoying to say the least.


    I am not doubting about Samsung and QDLED’s cause if they don’t do it they are doomed by Chinese manufacturers as they have better prices for same quality so Samsung have to up the quality.
    On a side note did you get cfg70’s? When you do get it try to create osd settings by adjusting contrast and colours and create better scenario than eye saver mode do it. So we can have no purple colour on motion but still better than eye saver mode contrast and colours, just like stopping where the purple stops but not going all the way to eye saver mode.

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